Chiller Service Advice: A monthly video log where Troubleshooting techniques & Service tips are explained for anyone from the curious observer to the seasoned HVAC professional.

Every few weeks I will briefly discuss a service situation that will describe the troubleshooting and “how to” advice when it comes to the Chiller and the HVAC industry.  These Vlogs are short and to the point, explaining details that can help everyone from production maintenance personnel to the HVAC mechanic out in the field.  Most of the topics will be about chillers or HVAC and their applications.  Click on the below topics discussed.  Click on the video link on the right to hear about these Video Logs.  New ones will be posted nearly once a week.

Weekly Topics are below. Click on the icon above title to view

Episode 1

What is a chiller and how is it used in the world

Episode 2

Refrigeration Gauges 4
How to locate a refrigerant leak without tools

Episode 3

Water quality piping image
Water Quality-Why So Important?

Episode 4

Refrigeration logo
What is a Refrigeration cycle & How does it work?

Episode 5

How to determine what refrigerant is in your unit without a nameplate
How to determine what refrigerant is in your unit without a nameplate

Episode 6

Refrigeration icon- subcooling
What is Subcooling and how is it measured?

Episode 7

What is superheat and how is it measured?
What is Superheat and how is it measured?

Episode 8

Chiller Service Advice Relief Valve
What is a relief valve and why is it used in all systems

Episode 9

Glycol in test tubes
Why use glycol in a chiller?

Episode 10

Glycol in test tubes
How to choose between ethylene & propylene glycol?

Episode 11

P66 Condenser fan control low ambient control image
What is a low ambient control and how is is used on your chiller

Episode 12

Copeland Compressor good
What is compressor short cycling and how does it happen

Episode 13

chiller brewery glasses
Brewery Chiller Basics

Episode 14

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