Chiller Antifreeze-DowTherm SR1 & DowFrost & DowFrost HD

Chiller Antifreeze- The life-blood of your chilled water loop

Dowtherm SR1- Pink

An industrial inhibited glycol-based heat transfer fluid is manufactured with 100% virgin ethylene glycol. DOWTHERM SR1 is specially formulated with a heavy-duty industrial inhibitor package that prevents corrosion when operated even at temperatures up to 250 F. 

DowFrost (clear) & DowFrost HD (yellow)

A great way to prolong fluid lifetime and to lower your cost of ownership, is to use DOWFROST heat transfer fluid because it is made with the highest industry purity propylene glycol combined with long lasting, food safe, corrosion inhibitors.

Contact our office for pricing of sizes between 5 gallon pails & 55 gallon drums.  30, 40 and 50% pre-mixed orders are also available. Chiller refractometers for ethylene & propylene glycol are in stock.  Phone: 856-235-2120 email 

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