John C. Schaub, Inc.,       “A pioneer in the refrigeration industry”

John C. Schaub Inc. is located in Mount Laurel, NJ & covers chiller service in the Northeast area including New Jersey, Delaware & Eastern Pennsylvania.  We also travel internationally for chiller manufacturers with higher profile service jobs.  We are a chiller sales broker for many of the chiller manufacturers that provide chilled water systems throughout the US. Over the last 60 years, we have become a “word of mouth” chiller service agent for 14 select chiller manufacturers throughout the United States. We specialize in Startup, Training and Warranty service for the Plastics, Printing, Laser, Manufacturing, Industrial, Medical & Brewery chiller industries; to name a few.  

Company History

Back in the early 1960’s John Schaub Sr., took a chance and learned a trade with only a high school education.  He then took another chance and built the first all glass refrigeration system in the world. From there his talent was sought after by many of the chiller manufacturers as a chiller service agent. The plastics industry exploded at the same time and John C. Schaub, Inc. was started.

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