Ground Rules and Eligibility 2018   


Eligibility for Adult Sports 2018 Seasons:

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In order to participate in an Adult Sports Program during the 2018 Season supported by the MLAA, the athlete must meet two criteria: Same since 2009

  1. Be eighteen years of age by start of the season (1st game)
  1. One of the following Colony Resident Standards:

         Current Colony Members in good standing

         Medford Lakes borough employee

          Volunteer Fire & Police personnel

         Son or daughter of current Colony Members in good standing

         Please note: Case-by-case exceptions MUST be presented to the MLAA and Medford Lakes Colony for approval. Such exceptions are limited too

         Prior Colonists of Medford Lakes with a 5 year residency history that left in good standing

         Kids who grew up in Medford Lakes (Child of prior Colonist of Medford Lakes) with a 5 year residency history that left in good standing

 Proof of eligibility will be required at time of sports program registration. Case-by-case exceptions will be scheduled for review through the MLAA Adult Sports Commissioner.

Please do not bring or drink alcohol at the fields or Colony property


Common ASA softball rules will apply, with the following exceptions- updated June 1, 2015

1. Catch & Carry rule:  If a player making a catch 'in play' continues out of bounds due to his momentum, it is a still a 'live' ball.  the ball is still in play and runners can advance. "In Play" Home run type-refers to a player that has made a definitive catch while both feet are in play or when they come down. The reason for this is that there is no fence at Brooks Field. "In play" for anything other than a HR type catch, has to do with the ball itself being in play, when caught, and is the call of the home plate umpire.

2. Home Run Rule revised 6-17-04


The tree is considered a wall and is in play. A ball that hits the tree on the fly is in play if it lands on the grass and a home run if it lands in the street. Under no circumstances will a fly ball that is caught after it hits any part of the tree be considered an out. If a fly ball that hits the tree is caught by a fielder on the fly in the street, it is considered a home run.


If a fly ball is hit into the woods or is caught by a fielder in the woods, it is considered a home run.  If a ball goes to the left of the "drug free sign" then it is all you can get.  To the right of the sign it is a ground rule double. Note:  If it hits a branch or leaf on a right field tree and lands on the grass of the field, it is considered " off the wall" the same way as in left field.

3. "Bob Roth"  Home Run/foul out of play Rule- revised 6-17-04

If a player catches a fly ball both feet must touch the "in-play" field before going into the street.  If this occurs then the play is an out.  If the player only has one foot at time of catch and travels into the street the play is a Home run.    If the ball in any way directly touches the street the hit is also a home run.  It does not matter where the ball is caught but where the fielder's feet are when the catch is being made. NOTE:  Ball is still "in play"  and runners can advance as they choose.  If the catch is made and the players goes into the street or the is NOT an out of play situation.

Note:  New orange snow fence rule-left center:  If ball goes over the fence in the air it is a home run,  if it bounces over or under the fence, it is a ground rule double.  This fence is in place due to a temporary drainage trench has been put in place.

4. Overthrow/ "Out-of-Play" Rule.-

If a thrown ball that is in play breaks the plane of the field, any runner that is in the process of advancing will receive the base that he is going to plus one. If the runner, for whatever reason, is not advancing, he will receive only the next base. This will be solely the interpretation of the home plate umpire.

5. Ground rule double rule:

If a ball is hit and goes between the telephone pole guide wire in left field and the drug free school sign in right field, the ball is considered "all you can get"-unless the orange snow fence comes into play.  If the ball is hit on the ground to the right of the drug free school sign and to the left of the telephone pole, whether it is hit off of a glove or not, is considered a ground rule double.  This is a safety rule for the cards on the road and the heavy brush in right field.

6. 15-Run Mercy Rule

The game is over if the visiting team is ahead by at least 15 runs after five innings or if the home team is ahead by at least 15 runs after four and a half innings. This is only for season play not for the playoffs.

7.. " Slide or Veer" Rule

A base runner must avoid collision and potential injury at all bases by sliding, veering or otherwise avoiding the fielder. There must be a play on the base runner for the rule to be invoked, except for intentional collisions (i.e., any ball thrown to a base, whether the ball is thrown accurately or not, constitutes a play at that base). Any intentional collision, regardless of whether the base was involved in the play or not, will result in the runner being called out and ejected from the game. Any unintentional violent collision ( in the umpire's judgment) will result in the base runner being called out. A tag resulting in a dropped ball is not considered a collision.

8.  Banned bats list: Current to 4/20/13



BANNED BATS message as of 4/20/13

Only wood ASA-approved bats are allowed for use in our league. 


9.  Speed up the game foul ball rule:  

If a batter has two strikes he is allowed only one foul ball.  On the batters second foul ball after the second strike the batter is out.

10.  Speed up the game additional count rule:  All batters will start with a 1 ball and 1 strike count.- new 2003 season

11.  Need a base runner because I'm hurt...rule:  If a runner is injured prior to the "at bat"  and needs a runner, he can get a runner if:
       A.  He safely makes it at least to first base
       B.  If he injures himself running to any base during "that at bat".
NOTES:  1.  A batter can get a runner if he makes it to second base or further and is not injured during that "at bat."
            2.  The new runner must be the last batter making an out. revised 7-26-04
**  This is an honest game and it would be "best"  if there that players do what is right.  Be honest...if your just slow or hung-over...suck it up and puke at your next stop....

12.  Ejection Rule:  Any player that is ejected from a game will be suspended for that game and possibly the subsequent game based upon a coachís vote.  Although many thought that ASA rules stipulated that the playerís spot in the lineup is considered an out each time they are supposed to bat, our league will not follow that "created" rule  I donít believe the team should be penalized for one playerís irresponsibility or stupidity for getting ejected from a softball game.  The player will simply be ejected from the game and must leave the area where his team is located during that and the following game.  There will be no out in the batting order when the ejected player is supposed to bat.  New 7-26-04




Sunday June 1 is the last day anyone can be added to the roster line-up of any team.

The 2018 Commissioner is Zach Crane


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