Medford Lakes Softball Playoff Schedule 2017

First weekend of the playoffs were Sunday July 23rd The final weekend will be Sunday July 30th 

   Sunday, July 23         Sunday, July 30th- Family Party
  Time     Brooks   Wilson Field   Time


9:00 Game 1:  #4 Mob vs #5 Cannons        
 10:30 Game 2: #2 Pine Barrons vs #3 Farmers        
  12:00 Game 3:  W1 Cannon vs #1 Crane     11:00 Game 7: L5 Crane-W vs W6 Pine Barrons
   1:30 Game 4: L1 Mob vs L2 Pine Barrons     12:30 Finals: Game 8: W7 Carne vs W5 Farmers
    3:00 Game 5: W2 Farmers vs W3 Crane        
 4:30 Game 6: W4 Pine Barrons vs L3 Cannons        


      2017 Champs-



Home team is the team with the better seed
NO back-door rule will apply.  The "Mercy rule" is not in effect during the playoffs.



The 2017 Commissioners is  Van Kapeghian

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