Medford Lakes Men's Softball History -89 years and going strong...

Men's softball in Medford Lakes goes back as far as the 1929.  Most of the playing occurred at Brooks field and was comprised of the Medford Lakes Athletic Association ( MLAA) supporters.  The games played are not like the organized league of today.  In the 1930's through the  60's the games played were mainly comprised of the Dads of the MLAA and the organizations in Medford Lakes.  These games were played during the Memorial Day and Fourth of July weekend events that Medford Lakes put together. 

Softball began to grow in popularity in the late 1960's and into the mid 70's .  The Jaycees and the Tennis Club had a ongoing rivalry and often challenged each other to a weekend afternoon of softball.  In the early 70's the Lions Club became very active with softball, challenging other towns like Oakwood in 1974-which the Lions won.   

A popular fad in the mid 1970's was "Donkey softball", whereby players would have to ride a donkey when fielding and running the bases.  This was a great fund raiser as about 300 people came out to see the Lions Club beat the Jaycees in a shut out at Brooks field in 1976.  

The exposure of Donkey Softball and the addition of other organizations created in Medford Lakes, began the "softball league"  that is continuing today.  Round Robin tournaments were organized not only on the Memorial Day and July 4th weekends but throughout the year.  The first teams were:  87 club, Shawnee sophomores, Lions Club, Knights of Columbus, Odd Couples, Jaycees and MLAA.

The season would begin usually in late April or early May and continue through August.  The late 70's saw additions to the league of independently created teams such as "Schefhausers", "The Teens"- turned to the Operators, Flakes, and Pedro's. The early 1980's saw a league dominated by the "younger generation". Donations became a "norm" to give back to the MLAA for the children's sports financing.  The league from the 1980's through 2015 has been between 5 and 12 teams.  The solid interest in the league has generated a year end party for Medford Lakes people of all generations, family and friends along with awards for the Champions.  Nearly $50,000. has been donated over the years from teams and individuals -to the MLAA, which has gone towards the youth sports programs since 1977.  35 plus years of  "Donations"  and still going strong.  This league has grown because of its devotion.  Even those who have moved from the Lakes for many reasons continue to come back to play and give back to the community that allowed them to play the sports when they were kids growing up in Medford Lakes.  That tradition is strong and will continue to thrive for the Medford Lakes people and the community.

As the Millennium seasons continue the interaction with Medford Lakes and the Men's Softball League has become only a "click" away.  Keep the interest going.....

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