2018 All Stars and Award Winners


Crane Electric Win - 2018 Champions


2018 Award Winners- See below


Barrens: Matt Bear, DJ Brown,  JJ Stump

Cannons: Jimmy Miller, Christian Stephan, Justin Lucas

Crane: Bobby Murry, Keith Calhoun, Anthony Morgan

Farmers: Anthony Miller, Eric Cultry, Amish Abe


Gold Gloves:

Jimmy Miller (Cannons), Mike Stepek (Barrens),  Justin Daley (Farmers), DJ Brown (Barrens), Ryan Clark (Crane Electric)


Cy Young                     Rookie of the Year

Jim Cooper (Crane)     Jon Curl (Pine Barrons)

Home Run Derby Winner- No time this year, 

 MVP Jim Miller

Jim Cooper (MVP 2018)


Jon Curl (Rookie of the Year 2018)

Jim Cooper (Cy Young 2018)