2017 All Stars and Award Winners


Farmers Win - 2017 Champions

Pictures, details and videos to follow

2017 Award Winners- See below


Barrens: DJ Brown, Jared Coughlin, Mike Sloan

Cannons: Jimmy Miller, Christian Stephan, Rich Ross


Farmers: Dennis Morrone, Jeff Marchitello, Ryan Del Campo

Lynch Mob: Ryan Clark, Kirk Frazier, Bob Nixon


Gold Gloves:

Jimmy Miller (Cannons), Mike Stepek (Barrens), Keith Calhoun (Crane), DJ Brown (Barrens), Ryan Clark (Lynch Mob)


Cy Young                     Rookie of the Year

Tom Healy, Cannons     Eric Cutry- Farmers

Home Run Derby Winner- Frankie Wozniak--------  Co MVPs Bill Heddendorf and Jeff Marchitello