Crain Electric are 2015 Champions-details below

Standing left to right: Justin Daley, Jared Coughlin, Al Anton, Zack Crane, Joel Wheaton, Zach Magulick, Brian Anton, Pete Loreaux, Keith Calhoun, and Frank Wozniak  

Bottom left to right.....Anthony Morgan, Jimmy Cooper & Dominic Calhoun

Year End Party Picks-click here Blazing Cannons vs Pine Barrons-click here for pics Pine Barrons vs Crain Electric-Finals-click here for pics 2015 Award Winners-click here

 Medford Lakes Men's Softball Family party

 This year we combed forces with the Colony and MLAA to host a fundraiser for the new craft shop.  I'm sure you're all aware that the Craft Shop is already demolished and all that's left right now is the concrete slab.  The new craft shop will be built this fall. We are going to host a beer garden fundraiser right on the concrete pad.  Tickets were sold for $20 which will included beer/wine and food, all of which was donated to the event.  Tickets for kids are $10 and that will get them food and beverage as well.  We'll have water ice, a clown, bouncy slides, Music, etc., so this is a family friendly event. Everyone is welcome to come out starting at 11:00 am for thee first playoff game and festivities !!! Playoffs start this weekend (July 12th (click here ) Finals and year end Family party will be Sunday July 19th at Brooks Field. Make memories to last a lifetime.


HR Derby Rules for 2015- if there is time


   2015 Standings- Season done- Playoffs begin July 12th updated 7/19/15

 Overall Standings Team record Season Record Playoff Record Overall record  
        1 Crane Electric 10-2 4-1 14-3
        2 Pine Barrons 5-7 3-2 8-9  
        3 Blazing Cannons 1-11 2-2 3-13  


Doggz 8-4 0-2 8-6  
5 Farmers 6-6 0-2 6-8

2015 Player Stats-Season -playoffs not included

  Players Avg. AB min of 20   Player - Doubles Player - Triples


Player - HR's The "K" List- incl. foul outs
Frank Fiorelli .733   Shawn Oneil-5 Van Kapegian-2 1 Eric Brady-5 Jim Sullivan-2
Ralph Vannaman .707   Jason Braatz-4 Rich Ross-1 2 Jim Miller-3 Aaron Harty-1
Mike Cresong .600   Dan Schaeffer-4 Mike Cresong-1 3 Dan Schaeffer-2 Shawn Oneil-1
Brett Baumbach .591   Jim Miller-3 Jim Miller-1 4 R-Josh Watkins-2 Rich Ross-1
Jason Braatz .571   Kirk Frasier-3 Ross Stearn-1 5 Kirk Frazier-1 Eric Brady-1
Dan Schaeffer .567 Tim Maddaloni-3 R-Josh Watkins-1 6 Mike Cresong-1 Bill Fields-1
Van Kapegian .545   Brent Blanchard-3 Brent Blanchard-1 7 Bill Fields-1 Van Kapegian-1
Ross Stearn .538 R-Josh Watkins-2 Jason Braatz-1 8 Karl Baumbach-1 Lou Stephan-1
Mike Collins .523   Mike Collins-2 Tim Maddaloni-1 9    
Bob Nixon .500   Jack Schaub-2 Frank Fiorelli-1 10    
      The top 10-12 will be eligible to participate in the Home Run Derby Sunday July  --. Click here for details.....

Please do not bring or drink alcohol at the fields or Colony property


Medford Lakes Softball Playoff Schedule 2015 

First weekend of the playoffs is Sunday July 12 The final weekend will be Sunday July 19 Playoffs based on a 5 team schedule 

   Sunday, July 12         Sunday, July 19- Family Party
  Time     Brooks   Wilson Field   Time


9:00 G1 5 Blazing Cannons-W vs 4 Farmers        
 10:30 G2 3 Pine Barrons-W vs 2 Doggz        
  12:00 G3 W1 Cannons vs 1 Crain Electric-W     11:00 G7 W6 Blazing Cannons vs L5 Pine Barrons-W
   1:30 G4 L1 Farmers-W vs L2 Doggz     12:30 G8 W7 Pie Barrons-W vs W5 Crain Electric
    3:00 G5 W2 Pine Barrons vs W3 Crain Electric-W     3:00 G9 W8 Pine Barrons vs L8 Crain Electric-W
 4:30 G6 L3 Cannons-W vs W4 Farmers        
          2015 Champs-

Crain Electric

Home team is the team with the better seed
NO back-door rule will apply.  The "Mercy rule" is not in effect during the playoffs.