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Doggz will it all !!!!

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   2014 Standings- Season, final  playoff standings  updated 7/21

 Overall Standings Team record Record   Playoff Record Overall record  
        1 Doggz 9-3   4-0 13-3  
        2 Farmers 9-3   3-2 12-5  
        3 Pine Barrons 3-9   2-1 5-10  
        4 Cane Electric 10-2   1-2 11-4  
        5 RoadKill 3-9    1-2 3-11  
        6 Blazing Cannons 3-9   0-2 3-11  
        7 Vandelay Industries 2-10   0-2 2-12  



2014 Player Stats-Season -playoffs not included

  Players Avg.AB min of 24   Player - Doubles Player - Triples


Player - HR's The "K" List- incl. foul outs
  Brent Blanchard .733   Jason Braatz-5 Doc Emery-4 1 Eric Brady-13 Ryan Del Campo-1
  Ralph Vanaman .700   Jack Schaub-5 Jay Dwornich-2-R 2 Mike Collins-2 Tom Healy-1
  Jason Braatz .690   Ross Stern-4 Frank Fiorelli-2 3 Van Kapegian-2 Lou Stephan-1
  Mike Collins .690   Justin Lucas -4 Van Kapegian-2 4 Jason Braatz-1 Eric Brady-1
  Jack Schaub .684   Joe Sorino-4 Tim Maddaloni-R-1 5 Jay Dwornich-1-R Bill Fields-1
Doc Emery .649 Brent Blanchard-4 Mike Cresong-1 6 Ralph Vanaman-1 Scott Morrow-1
  Graham Healy-R .632   Bret Baumbach-3-R Rob Countess-1 7 Rob Countess-1 Ernie Ley-1
Bret Baumbach-R .621 Jay Dwornich-3-R   8   Rich Farr-1
  Joe Sorino .577   Mike Collins 3   9   Jared Coughlin-1
  Tim Maddaloni-R .563   Ralph Vanaman-2   10   Shawn Oneil-1
        Rob Countess-2   11   Jim Sullivan-1
        Mike Cresong-2   12    
    Tom Healy-2   13    
              The top 10-12 will be eligible to participate in the Home Run Derby Sunday July  --. Click here for details.....

Please do not bring or drink alcohol at the fields or Colony property


2014 All-Stars and Award Winners

2014 Golden Glove  Cy Young and Rookie of the year, MVP & Home Run Derby........

2014 Award Winners:

2014 Cy Young- Best Pitchers (left):  Tom Healy & Scott Kentrus   

2014 Gold Glove winners: (right)  Joey lutricuso (Farmers), Jason Braatz (Doggz) DJ brown (RoadKill, Jared Coughlin (Pine Barrons) & Mike Collins (Doggz)

   HR Derby Winner:  Ryan Del Campo            2014 MVP  Dan Schaeffer (Doggz)


2014 Rookie of the Year:  Mike Stepek  (Pine Barrons)


Pine Barrons

Crane Electric 




Blazing Cannons:



Medford Lakes Softball Playoff Schedule 2014    chillerdad50@gmail.com 

First weekend of the playoffs is Sunday July 13 The final weekend will be Sunday July 20 Playoffs based on a 7 team schedule

   Sunday, July 13         Sunday, July 13
  Time     Brooks   Wilson Field   Time


9:00 G1  (2 vs 7)

Farmers-W vs Vandelay

 10:30 G2 (3 vs 6)

Doggz-W vs RoadKill

G3 (4 vs 5)

Pine Barrons-W Vs Cannons

  12:00 G4  (W1 Farmers  vs W2 Doggz-W)


G5   (L1 Vandelay vs L2 RoadKill-W)


  11:00 G11 (W10 Farmers-W vs L8 Pine Barrons)
   1:30 G6   (#1 Crane vs W3- Pine Barrons-W)


G7 (L3 Cannons vs L4 Farmers-W)


  12:30 G12 (W8 Doggz vs W11Farmers)
    3:00 G8  (W4 Doggz-W vs W6 Pine Barrons)


G9 (W5 RoadKill vs L6 Crane-W)


 4:30 G10 (W7 Farmers-W vs W9 Crane)


      Doggz are 2014 Champs
Home team is the team with the better seed
NO back-door rule will apply.  The "Mercy rule" is not in effect during the playoffs.





 2014 Playoff Weekend Activity Schedule     

Final Softball year end party will be held on Sunday July 20

Games and party starting at 12:00

This year the Medford Lakes Men's Softball League will through a party for


200 estimated people (players and families)


*  D.J. music starting at 1:00

* Home Run Derby- if time

*  3-4 tents- same as last year

*  Rita's Water ice

  Food and Drink for 150 people-

* Trophies and Awards

*  MLAA donation presentation to youth sports program of MLAA

*  HR Derby, and Awards presentations.

   Awards presentations given by:
**  Commissioner -1st and 2nd place trophies.
**  (past MVP - winners from 2013)  to give this years MVP trophy for 2014
** -Home Run Derby trophy- Given by Mike Collins last HR derby winner- to give to this years winner for 2014