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OK, now you have, hopefully built your pond, just as you wanted and made all the "adjustments"  to the rocks and plants and landscaping around...maybe even put a bench seat to relax after all that hard work.  Now you have decided you want some fish.  BEFORE...you decide to go and get your fish, buy a well rounded water test kit and test your water.  Remember, that if the water looks crystal clear, it does not... mean it is good for any fish.  Make sure you have read a few "threads"  at www.Koivet.com  before your know what "good"  starting water should be.  You will need this kit because the introduction of fish to your pond is going to change the water quality quickly and you want to keep a close eye on it especially when it is "cycling up"...be sure you understand the basics of "cycling"  and what it will do to the pond in the beginning, before you introduce any fish to your pond....

OK.. Depending on your interests, there are a wide range of fish you can put in your pond.  Your best bet is to ask people who have purchased fish before, where the best place is locally for you to buy them.  don't buy them at a road side garden center...most of the time they are not in the best of health.  A Koi or pond center will have these kinds of pond fish and knowledgeable people to guide you.  Fortunately I have one here in NJ..."Aquatic Koi and Gardens"  in Jobestown NJ.

Next is that fish grow fast, especially Koi.  They will nearly double in size for the first couple years and reach over 2 ft long if well kept and fed, within 5-6 years.  As for me and my family, we got "sticker shock"  on how much the larger Koi cost...so we bought the 4-5 inch ones and have watched them grow...now nearly 16 inches long.  I also would recommend that if you are just starting out, to not buy the most expensive or the "high end"  fish of any type, until you balance your pond and really understand how it will work through a full year of seasons.  If a poor fish dies, outside of feeling depressed about the fishes life...your wallet won't hurt so much either.  You can't really tell boys from the girls when that small, so don't try and giggle if someone tells you a 4 inch fish is either one or the other.  My kids and I picked by color.  A little of this and that.  We also, picked all Koi, so that if there were any natural breeding, the fish would all be the same kind.  lastly, be sure that your water is an acceptable temperature, before you order or pick out any Koi.  Better to have them not be stressed and wait a little longer than toss them in to a cold surprise if they are not ready.

Hope that has helps and remember pick the Koi that are what you like and by all means, ones that do not have any marks on them and look healthy.

Best place to learn about ponds and all that comes with maintaining one is... www.koivet.com   Read everything you can.  Search for any topic and ask questions.  Many people are there to help.


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