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2018 Meeting was held March 20.  details below

In 2018 the league will now use ASA approved wood bats only and allow 5 non Medford Lakes players per team to play; as posted on the MLAA registration website.
  • Sign-ups - Coaches get your players to register ASAP, please at
  • Recruitment - ad has been sent to Millie. Please try to get the word out. I have attached a poster that I made up, feel free to post this everywhere and anywhere. I’ll repost this on the Medford Lakes Log (Facebook page) again too.
  • Field Condition - looks pretty good. Infield is in decent shape (new dirt from about a week ago). Bases, plugs, home plate mat all are good. Left field is a mess again this year, we need to re-do that fence for sure. Can anyone volunteer to take that on for the April 2nd clean-up day with MLAA (details on that below).
  • Bringing back the Cannonball Classic - all the present coaches agreed that bringing back the one pitch tourney might be a cool idea, perhaps over Father’s Day Weekend. Since Jeanie Cannon is doing well, we will discuss doing the event (in Mark’s honor) to benefit a new charity of the league’s choosing.
  • Bats and Balls - I have the league’s bats and balls now (thanks, Kent for dropping them off).
  • MLAA Spring Clean-up is April 2nd details are below… PLEASE encourage teammates to attend. 






NOTE:  Banned bats list will be:

Only non-composite ASA-approved bats are allowed for use in our league.  For a full list of ASA approved bats, go to the following link:

Under "ASA Testing & Certification Program", select "Bats" and click on GO. Scroll down to "2004 and Beyond Approved Bats", select "Bats" and Display All" and click on GO.  It will then open a file displaying a list of all ASA approved bats, with each bat labeled according to the material it's made from. All bats on this list are legal for use in our league, with the exceptions being any bat labeled with a "c" for composite, or any other bat that contains composite material.  There are several bats on the list, particularly ones made by DeMarini, that are not labeled "c" but yet they do have a composite handle which makes them illegal for use.  Bats cannot contain any composite material whatsoever.  So that is the basic rule:  the bat must be approved by ASA and contain no composite material whatsoever.  It is suggested that before you purchase or use a bat you are unsure about, to please check with Scott Kentrus or Brian Anton to get approval for use.  They are also available to answer any other questions or even offer suggestions of good bats to use. 

NOTE:  New guidelines have been put into place since the 2008 season...see below hand out.


Eligibility for Adult Sports 2013 Season:

In order to participate in an Adult Sports Program during the 2013 Season supported by the MLAA, the athlete must meet two criteria:

  1. Be eighteen years of age by start of the season (1st game)
  1. One of the following Colony Resident Standards:

·         Current Colony Members in good standing

·         Medford Lakes borough employee

·          Volunteer Fire & Police personnel

·         Son or daughter of current Colony Members in good standing

·         Please note: Case-by-case exceptions MUST be presented to the MLAA and Medford Lakes Colony for approval. Such exceptions are limited too

·         Prior Colonists of Medford Lakes

·         Adults who grew up in Medford Lakes (Child of prior Colonist of Medford Lakes)

 Proof of eligibility will be required at time of sports program registration. Case-by-case exceptions will be scheduled for review through the MLAA Adult Sports Commissioner.


NOTE:  All of this information in located on the website where you must register before playing.

Please do not bring or drink alcohol at the fields or Colony property



All-Star Ballot- please print and coaches fill out

2018 Medford Lakes Men’s Softball League-All-Star and Awards Ballot

Coaches fill out

3 All-Stars  from your team only



3. ________________________________________

Please indicate next to each player’s name what their primary position.

Awards Ballot- Nominate players from every team not only yours

Cy Young ____________________________________________(any team not just your own)

Rookie of the Year __________________________( any team)

Gold Glove (Choose 5 players from "ALL" teams...not just your own.

1. _________________________________________

2. _________________________________________

3. _________________________________________

4. _________________________________________

5. _________________________________________

All ballots are to be returned via E-mail or given to the commissioner

NO LATER THAN 2nd Sunday in July  !










Past years discussions:

Items that were discussed and approved for this coming season:

  • Balls?  Last year ball? Bats,  PST legal? Brian Anton from the Stew Doggz will be in control of  legal bats.  He will post it on the web page.  Each Coach should make a copy and carry with them.  Brian will be the FINAL SAY on legal bats.
  • Teams,  and available players. 11 teams,  April 15th start
  • $600 per team entrance fee last year.  Do to improve in Brooks field my change to $50 per head if living in Medford Lakes $65 if non-resident.   Please have this to Joe Urban before the second week of the season or sooner.  New league fees!  $50 per Medford Lakes Resident,  $65 for Non-Medford Lakes Resident.  When money is handed in to Commissioner at team roster will be handed in with player status.
    • League Budget starting this year with $803.12
  • Waiver Forms MUST be filled out by each player on each team and submitted to Joe Urban by April 1st. Form is attached on this email. Team Roster at first meeting,  any additional player must be made by email to Joe Urban with eligibility to play in Medford Lakes. No player can take the field if they have not filled out waiver form.
    • Existing rosters?  Discussion of eligible players on teams.
    • Each player must fill out this form correctly; the Medford Lakes Colony Club will review it.
  • Schedule,  length of it # of games?  Number of teams,  New teams?  Loss of Teams?.
    • Schedule will be on web site in a few weeks,  along with Playoffs.
  • Cannonball Classic?  When? Scott Morrow and Rachael Urban will be handling the Classic this year.  Details will be on Softball Web page.
  • Neeta School Field issue with Lacrosse.  Wilson will be used Check Schedule
  • Makeup games will be re-scheduled on the back end of games at Wilson or Neeta at end of season or on the last two Saturday’s of the season.
  • Two Friday Night games may be scheduled at end of season.  Teams and time will be discussed earlier in regular season. Check Schedule
  • Rule: Ground Rule Double-Brooks Field Left field cone will fall in line with post and guide wire.  Will stay the same.  Player that is umpire in the field will make the final call.
  • Rules of Conduct must be reviewed and adhered to by every player in this league. 
    • If an issue does evolve, coaches will review it and action will be taken.
  • Players on Waiver wire, if not picked up by an existing team, will remain until April 5th, if a full team is not formed players will then assigned to a team. 
  • Hall of Fame Inductees 2007?:
  • Language and such will be an issue that will be dealt with.  A warning will be served and if an issue happens again he will no longer be able to play in this league.
  • Teams that are playing first at each field need to get to field early and prepare field. Please Keep this in mind
  • Coaches must make sure their players and fans are using cups for their beverages.
  • Teams MUST clean up after each game! Please Keep this in mind.

Action Items

  • Commissioner?  Year End Party Committee will be set up to handle year end party
  • Strike mats will be at both Brooks and Neeta fields
  • Team Results to Web site Please get these to Jack on the web site everyweek
  • Trash Bags, both recyclable and regular will be in the boxes at both fields. Please use them.
  • Extra trash cans will be placed at both fields.

We will try to make sure Brooks and Wilson field is cut each week.  We cannot control Neeta field.



2006 Messages

Coaches meeting was held on Wednesday March 1, 2006.  Several items were discussed.  All teams were represented.

*  Same balls as last year.

* 12 teams and 11 games.  Two double headers, with the season ending 1 week early, just in case of the need of the following weekend due to weather.

* Two Friday night games to be scheduled this year

* June 4th is the last day to sign anyone to any team.

* Last teams, of final game at Brooks, are responsible for bringing the recycle cans up to the front of the craft shop, near the road for pick up.

* Home team of the first game on any field is responsible for lining and setting out the field read to play at least 10 minutes before the game is scheduled to begin.

* Cannonball Classic is to be tentatively scheduled for Saturday June 17th (Saturday before Father's day)

*  Illegal bats will be listed on the website.  If any questions please contact the commissioner.

* Opening day will be on Sunday April 23rd.





Past meeting discussions

2004 meeting discussions

First Coaches meeting was on:

DATE OF MEETING: Thursday 2/2/04
  1. Nicklebee's - Cavanaugh
  2. Flakes - Iadanza
  3. Chico's Bail Bonds- Tom Wiker and Bob Roth
  4. Hot Shots - Scullion
  5. Trailblazers - Ferenz
  6. Drunken Phish - Mercy
  7. Stew Doggz - Kentrus
  8. Road Kill - Cahill
  1. Macho Men
  2. SLUGS - MIA
VOTES: League Majority and the Commish (tiebreaker) were in place so all votes are finalized as follows:
  1. Tom Wiker will continue as Commissioner.  Joe Urban will assist and will act as a league co-signer for league finances
  2. League Committee will be formed so responsibilities are allocated to all teams. (Volunteer below...if's pot luck)
  3. Schedule - We will have a 10 or 11 team league - To be finalized on 1 April.  Our 2003, 10-game schedule will be used for 10 teams (Don't worry, not as many double headers because we start a week earlier due to Easter Holiday being earlier this year).  Kevin Ross has developed a one double header - 11 game schedule for an 11 game league.  We'll post it on the 4th of April once we know how many teams are in the league.
  4. League Start date -  Sunday 18 April 2004 - Schedule to be posted on/about 4 April 2004 on the web page
  5. Determine Backup fields for (rainout) games - Decision is between game coaches.  All Brooks Field Rainout games - Play at Wilson Field / Neeta Games - Determine between coaches before the game
  6. Left Field House - Commish will talk to homeowner..."smooth things out...take one for the team"
  7. League Budget - All Coaches aware of present league balance (approximately $400).  Iadanza & Cavanaugh heavily scrutinize bank statements and confirm "Don't worry boys, it's all there"
  8. Contributions - League Contribution to MLAA to be determined by Coaches at Mid-season meeting (Sometime in July when we all need to get away from our wives/girlfriends on a weeknight).  Some money may be allocated for other local causes such as Ms./Mr. Medford Lakes Scholarship, etc.  To be determined at coaches mid-season meeting.
  9. League Purchases - Vote to price out 1) tarps for brooks field 2) fence for left field (to protect left field house from foul balls).  Need a volunteer see below.
  10. If tarp is purchased, who will place it in the event of rain - Noon home team at their (home team's) discretion.
  11. Drop Dead Date For Rosters/League Fee/Waivers - 1 April - No exceptions
  12. Waiver Forms - Commish to determine Final Waiver form w/ MLAA/Colony.  Waiver to be emailed to all coaches for player signature (due 1 April).  Form will be emailed to all coaches during the week of 8 March.
  13. Minimum Roster - Each team SHOULD/must have a minimum 13 person roster.  New players are automatically placed on teams w/ less than 13 on their roster.
  14. New (Medford Lakes Residents) that want to play.  ALL Medford Lakes Colonists that want to play must have a team to play on.  Therefore, any ML Colonist not on a roster that wants to play in the league will be placed on a team according to the following: 
        Commish will run an add w/ the Colony (week of 3/8) and MLAA requesting that any Medford Lake Colonist that wants to play email our Web Page (Ad will run  
        through the season - eligibility runs THROUGH the season)
         Player Name is posted to Web Page for 14 days. Team w/ lowest number of players has priority to pickup player.  Lowest number on roster has priority until they  
         reach 13 player minimum (see no. 13).
         If 14 days pass and player is not picked up; Commish will decide (based on league minimum roster and overall roster size) where the player will be placed. 
         Bottom line - they'll likely be placed on a team with the fewest players unless a team does not meet the minimum of 13 (in which case that team would get the
15.    League Rules - 1 & 1 count is in effect indefinitely.  ALL Players MUST BAT IN ALL GAMES - playoffs included - not your best ten.  If a player is injured or can't bat for some reason, the involved coaches must address that and confirm that the player can't bat during a game (or during the game if necessary).  If the coach's forget and realize during a game; the player is out (regular season & playoffs) - NO EXCEPTIONS. 
16.    BATS: A "banned bat list" will be posted to the web site.  ALSO, Prior to EVERY game coaches or their ground rules representatives are responsible to determine what bats are allowed/disallowed before every game.  If a disallowed or "banned" bat is used during a game THE TEAM FORFEITS THE GAME.  Player faces possible league ban based on Commish/coach's majority vote.
17. RECYCLABLE CANISTERS: League will provide more recyclable canisters for Neeta and Brooks.  COMMISH TO ARRANGE
18.  New League Commission: Don't be a dick, volunteer for one of these.  All teams have to be represented.  If you don't volunteer you will automatically be expected to cleanup the mess and breakdown the tents etc. on Championship Sunday. 
First in gets their choice, please volunteer or Commish decides:
    League Commissioner: Tom Wiker
    Finance: Joe Urban
    Umpires: Scott Kentrus
    Overall - League Party: ???
        Reservations (Beanie the Clown; Rita's Water Ice; Dunk Tank; DJ; Pic-a-lilli food; kids games; tents): ???
        Party Setup??? (Need a leader plus a single rep from each team)
        Party Breakdown??? (Need a leader plus a single rep from each team)
    Colony Liaison: Joe Urban
    Sunday (Regular Season) Cleanup: ???
19.  NEED A PERSON TO PRICE OUT ITEM 9.  Volunteer???
That's all folks,
See you on the 18th.





Go to the bottom of this page for the umps stuff

 2003 coaches meeting:  Guidelines and changes for 2003  (April 4, 2003)

Several topics were discussed which resulted in proposals.  Proposals were voted on by all team representatives present with majority rule determining the outcome of the proposal. 

1. GAME TIMES: We will now begin games at 10:30 am on Sundays.

2. BATS: A list of “banned” bats will be posted on the web site.  Any member found to be using a “banned” bat during a game will result in that team forfeiting the game in which the bat was used.  Coach’s are responsible to check each other’s bats before games begin.  Chris Cavanaugh will develop the “banned bat” list and post it.

3. LEAGUE FEES: League fees will increase by $50 to a total of $550.00.  Money will be deposited in our league account to cover miscellaneous costs, equipment upgrades etc.  If there is a large surplus of money in the account, teams may get a pro-rata portion back to assist with purchasing teams bats, shirts, All Star T-Shirts, beer for their games, Riviera pizza etc. etc.  The money will not be distributed unless/until the coach’s pass it on a vote.  League Fees are due on Sunday May 4. 

4. RULES CHANGE: One and One Count.  All batters will now start with a one ball/one strike count when they step in to bat.  This has been implemented to speed up the games, reduce walks, and to protect pitchers who may not be finding the plate on a given Sunday.  Runner Advance Rule.  We are researching the ASA interpretation of this rule (runner advancing X amount of bases on an overthrow) and may implement a revised version for our league.  More to follow

5. ROSTERS:  All Rosters and registration/conduct forms are due April excuses

6. LEAGUE PARTY: We are looking for someone to manage the League Party.  Anyone interested should e-mail Jack Schaub.  Don’t look to the Commissioner to fulfill this role; I’ve got too much on my plate so someone needs to step up.  All teams will need to have representation in carrying out the league party.  Look for a list of responsibilities to come out in the near future requesting volunteers.

7. HR DERBY: HR Derby will now consist of the Top 10 HR Hitters in the league.  All teams need to post their results on the web weekly to ensure that your players get credit for that week’s HR's.  If you try to backlog, it won’t fly.  Stats need to be sent in every week or they won’t get posted.  HR Derby will still cost $20/man.  If a member of the top 10 can’t or won’t participate then we’ll go to the 11th and so on until we have 10 candidates.  Most recent (last year’s) Champion gets an exemption.

8. SCHEDULE: The schedule is being created this week and will be posted by April 16th.  Teams will be split into two divisions.  There are two new teams and therefore ranking teams into appropriate divisions was difficult so the two new teams were split.  The divisions are arranged by last year’s final playoff rankings.  Teams 1,3,5,7 and a new team make up one division (Less Filling) and Teams 2,4,6,8, and a new team make up the other division (Tastes Great).  You’ll play a total of 13 games in 10 weeks.  You’ll play every team in your division twice and every team in the other division once.  If my math is correct that’s 13. That means you’ll have three double headers this year (FYI – teams present voted on more double headers so this was a consideration in developing the schedule).

9. PLAYOFFS/ Umpires: Scott Kentrus is arranging for umpires for this year’s playoffs.

If you have any questions, send Tom Wiker an email.


If there are any questions or input on the above topics please E-mail me and I will forward it to the commissioner ASAP.

Please send any recommendations to the E-mail above -Thanks** Remember June 1, 2004 will be the last day that anyone could have been added to the roster.

** MLAA received a Donation from the Medford Lakes Men's Softball League will be given again this year.  Last year was $2,000.

** We are looking for suggestions and help in organizing the year end party for 2005. This year we want to include more activities for those people that come out and cheer us on, ( Family & Friends)




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