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StewDoggz won Championship in 2009

Front Row (L to R):  Brooke Summerville, Nate Summerville, Brac (mascot) Back Row (L to R):  Alan Anton, Lleyton Coughlin, Jared Coughlin, Joe Sorino, Brett Summerville, Bryan Livingston, Scott Kentrus, Dan Schaeffer, Dan Nixon, Jason Shields, Mike Collins, John Demski, Brian Anton, Justin Daley, Zach Magulick (coach), Kirk Frazier, Aaron Harty Click here to see how they made it a "Six-Pack"

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 2009 League Stats ( Teams and Players)    

   2009 Standings- Season & Playoffs 

 Overall Standings Team record Record Season Place Playoff Record Overall record  


11-1 1st 3-0 14-1
2nd RoadKill 7-5 2nd 3-2 10-7  
3rd Flakes 7-5 3rd 3-2 10-7  
4th Vandelay Industries 4-8 6th 2-2 6-10  
5th ABCO Insurance 7-5 4th               1-2 8-7  
6th Blazing Cannons 4-8 5th 0-2 4-10
7th Guns & Hoses 2-10 7th 0-2 2-12  

2009 Player Stats-Season -playoffs not included

  Players Avg. AB min of 20   Player - Doubles Player - Triples


Player - HR's The "K" List- incl. foul outs
Jared Coughlin .681   Rob Countess-8 Jared Coughlin-3 1 Chris Cavanaugh-4 Brian Meakim- 1
 Rob Countess .658   Jared Coughlin-8 Bill Fields-3 2 Kevin Ross-3 Joe Urban-1
John Iadanza .657   Matt Walker-5 Joe Urban-2 3 Jared Coughlin-3 Matt Walker-1
Jack Schaub .652   Drew Wagner-5 Dan Schaeffer-2 4 Jason Scott-3 TJ Reichelt-1
Scott Chappell .649   Ron Kornafel-5 Rob Countess-2 5 Ron Kornafel-3  Alan Anton- 1
Ben Brick .645 Troy Chenier-4 Rich Farr-2 6 Mike Collins-2  
Bill Fields .643   Dan Schaeffer-4 Chris Schultz-1 7 Alan Anton-2  
Jason Scott .628 Brett Summerville-3 Chris Koreck-1 8 Bob Roth-2
Troy Chenier .622   Mike Bolognone-3 Ryan Delcampo-1 9 Jeff Lillie-2  
John Scullion .622   Scott Morrow-3 Mike Bennett-1 10 Ben Brick-2  
Tom Healy .619   Mike Collins- 3 Ross Stearn-1 11 Ross Stern-2  
Skip Richards .619   Chris Shultz-3 Many more with 1 12 Rob Countess-1  
Chris Shultz .613 Jason Scott-3 13

Matt Walker-1

Kirk Frazier .613 Bill Fields-3   14 Many more with 1  
 Brian Potter .600 Kevin Donnellan-3   15    
  Zach Crane-3 16  
      Many more with 3      
      The top 10-12 will be eligible to participate in the Home Run Derby Sunday July 18 --. Click here for details.....

Please do not bring or drink alcohol at the fields or Colony property

Highlights for weeks 1 and 2

Week # 1                    Weeks 3 & 4              Weeks 5 & 6             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9, 10 and 11 

Opening Day !!!- Sunday April 19 --Week #1 


Game #1  Neeta:  12:00 PM         AB vs RK-W

Opening game of the season was a slug fest with Road Kill prevailing 28-17.  ABCO came out in the top of the first scoring 12 runs. Road Kill came back with 5 in the first 6 more in the second and took the lead for good in the 4th. The game was highlighted by Cav’s 3 bombs and Ditty’s blast into Roth’s yard. KJR and Coach Cahill also hit homers. Bob Roth should up late, batted last and was 3-4 with not one ball making out of the infield. Steffan was 4-4 and newcomer DJ Brown and Clarkie each collected 3 hits.

Abco come out very strong putting together 12 runs in the first inning,, but after they were flat.  12-5 in the 2nd and Road Kill kept climbing. Road Kill hit 7 dingers against 2 by Abco.  Rusty looked like a pop up king on the mound, for he popped up 9 out of 11 batters at least once. Final score was 28-17


Game #2  Brooks:  1:30 PM     BC-W vs GH

The Blazing Cannons won their game against Guns & Hoses... by a score of 26 to 13.


Game #3  Brooks:  3:00 PM   FL  vs SD-W

StewDoggz 22  Lakes Flakes 16

The most decorated franchise in ML Softball history is back.  So it was only fitting that in their return, the Lakes Flakes played their first game against the most successful team in recent history, the StewDoggz.  However, it looks like the Flakes are going to have to postpone that coming out party, because the 'Doggz controlled this one from the start.  The first inning saw the StewDoggz jump out to a 4-1 lead, powered by a 3-run homer from free agent signee of the year, Frazier.  The 'Doggz offense was relentless all afternoon, scoring in every inning and taking a 22-8 lead after 6 innings.  Every player on the team had a hit, and all but two had multi-hit games.  Home runs were also turned in by J-Rod and Larry.  It was a total team effort in this one, and the Big Voo earned his first victory of the year on the hill.

The Flakes saw their first loss of the season.  John Iadanza pitched well against the hard hitting Doggz.  Flakes, still learning how to gell with this newly formed team cam on late in the 7th giving the Doggz something to think about for the next time when the "Flakes"  will be a very different team.


Game #4:  Brooks: 4:30 pm         SD -Wvs VI

StewDoggz 20  Vandelay Industries 12

This was a good one right from the start.  Two teams that always enjoy playing each other got locked into a serious battle on opening day.  The StewDoggz took the early lead thanks to a 7 run 2nd inning, but that lead dwindled as the game wore on.  Vandelay chipped away and hung around and fought their way to a 1 run lead entering the final inning.  But as has happened countless times before, the 'Doggz came up big with their backs against the wall.  Down a run to start the 7th, they plated 9 runs to blow a tight game open in the final frame.  Offensive performances for the StewDoggz included Voo's 3 for 3 day, JD's 3 for 4 with 4 runs scored, and J-Rod's 3 for 5 with 4 RBI's.  Shields hit his first career home run, but gave everyone a laugh with his premature celebration.  Thinking he had enough pop to reach the street, he raised his arms in the air on the way to 1st base only to have it land 10' short, forcing him to leg it out.  Continuing his power surge, Larry hit his team-leading 2nd homer, and was also robbed of another by Stearnswith some fancy footwork in front of the street.  Schaeff picked up his first win of the year on the mound with a well pitched game.



Week # 2 April 26th   

Game #1  Neeta:  12:00 PM      AB-W vs GH

Another first inning strong for ABCO, but finally it pays off.  11 run first inning by ABCO held up against the Guns N Hoses.  It was all pitching for Rick McCormick had 3K's on the mound, and the entire field was solid.  No real highlights though cuz I don't believe there was any home runs or guys batting for the cycle.  After the first inning, S@#t was kind of dead! 


Game #2  Brooks:  1:30 PM  FL-Wvs BC-

Flakes earned their first win over the Blazing Cannons 19-14.  Looked like the bats came alive and fortunately for the Flakes it was one game before the Cannons franchise breakout win over the 2008 Champs- StewDoggz...


Game #3  Brooks:  3:00 PM     BC-W vs SD

Blazing Cannons won over Stew Doggz 11-7



Game #4:  Brooks: 4:30 pm       VI vs RK----------------NO DETAILS SENT BY EITHER TEAM


Highlights for weeks 3 and 4

Week # 3                  Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 5 & 6             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9, 10 and 11

Week # 3- May 3rd -RAIN OUTS-all games- check schedule for make up times

Game #1:  Brooks: 12:00VI vs BC


Game #2:  Brooks1:30 AM GH vs SD


Game #3  Neeta:  3:00 PM       FL vs AB


Game #4  Brooks:  4:30 PM  RK vs FL 


Week # 4   - May 17th

Game #1:  Brooks: 10:30 RK vs GH-W  15-14 in 9 innings


Game #2:  Brooks12:00 GH vs FL-W 18-3

The Flakes started the game with an 8 run 1st inning and never looked back.  Jeff Lilly was smiking the ball...fair and foul and ended the day going 5-5 with a ligitiamate HR into deep center field.  Flakes played excellent defense lead by Drew Wagner and Ron Kornafel. While Bent Blanchard was on base every time. 


Game #3  Neeta:  1:30 PM        BC vs VI- Rcheduled


Game #4  Brooks:  3:00 PM  VI vs AB      No Details Yet!


Game #4  Brooks:  4:30 PM  SD -Wvs AB     

StewDoggz 18  ABCO 16

The StewDoggz jumped out early in this one, taking a 10-3 lead after 3 innings.  Powered by the hot bats of J-Rod, Larry, Schaeff and DannyNix, the 'Doggz increased their lead to 17-6 entering the final two frames.  Then the ABCO bats caught fire.  Suddenly everything they hit was dropping in, and they had cut the lead to 5 heading into their final at bat in the bottom of the 7th.  After scoring 3 runs to cut the deficit to 2 with only 1 out, Joey Lu hit what looked to be a game winning walk off 3-run homer to left.  But StewDoggz LF Larry got under it a few feet short of the street, made the catch and fired a strike to 3rd base to double up an ill-advised tag up attempt by Coach Marchitello to end the game in thrilling fashion.  After a spirited comeback attempt, and leaving the tying run on 1st base, ABCO was left with yet another heart breaking loss to the rival 'Doggz.



Highlights for weeks 5 and 6

Week # 5                    Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9,10 and 11

Game #1:  Brooks: 10:30 AM     AB vs BC -W


Game #2:  Brooks12:00 AM  RK vs BC


Game #3  Neeta:  1:30 PM   SD -W  23-19 vs RK

StewDoggz 23  Road Kill 19, 8 innings

Put this game up there with any of the classic StewDoggz/Road Kill battles of the past.  It had a little bit of everything.....great hitting, web gems, a couple homers, one from a guy in his first at bat on his 50th birthday (DannyNix), an injury or two, several defensive blunders (thanks Brett), two players falling down on the same play, and not to mention the old "peg your teammate in the shin from close range" play.  Aside from that, it was a hard fought, entertaining game that took extra innings to determine the winner, which was the StewDoggz.  The game began with the 'Doggz plating 5 runs in the top of the 1st, powered by BA's 3-run triple and DannyNix's 2-run blast.  Not to be outdone, the Kill answered right back with a half dozen in the bottom half.  The two teams pretty much went back and forth the rest of the afternoon.  At one point the 'Doggz tried to pull away with a 7-run 4th to take a 17-9 lead, but once again Road Kill came back with 6 in their half of the inning.  This game was destined to go down to the wire it seemed.  The Kill came to bat in the bottom of the 7th down by 3 and quickly made two outs before Rusty came to the plate.  After not making an out all game, he popped up to shallow right field for what looked to be an easy final out.  But then the unthinkable happened and Summertime dropped the ball.  Usually a reliable fielder, Summertime had a few miscues already earlier.  But his day wasn't over yet, as DJ came up next and hit a deep fly in his direction giving him a chance at redemption to make the final out.  What was about to happen was one of the more bizarre plays you will see.  The ball bounced off several of Summertime's body parts and fell to the ground, allowing Rusty to score and DJ a chance to get to third with a triple.  But just as the 'Doggz got the ball back into the infield, DJ fell down half way between 2nd and 3rd base making him a sitting duck for a tag out at 3rd.  Getting into position to make the catch and tag, Frazier tripped over the bag and also fell down, so the throw sailed over his head and hit the fence.  DJ was safe, and now the tying run in KJR was coming to the plate.  Having already hit two bombs earlier off the trees in left, and with Cav and Jonesy up next, things were suddenly looking up for the Kill.  Three straight hits from those guys and now all of a sudden the game was tied.  Then Roth came up with a chance to win it if he could knock in Cav from 2nd base, but he flew out to end a very entertaining and unlikely come back.  So on to extra innings they went, where the StewDoggz reasserted themselves with five straight hits to begin the 8th.  They scored 4 runs in the frame and held off the Kill in the bottom half to secure a 23-19 victory and take first place in the league.  Offensively for the 'Doggz, it was a total team effort as every player had a multi-hit game.  Schaeff finally hit his first home run of the year (he loves Rusty's meatballs), and the Voo earned the win on the hill.  Here's hoping every game is this fun


Game #4  Brooks:  3:00 PM  VI vs FL-W 12-6

Flakes won 12-6 with Joe Urban going 3-3 and Jeff Lillie staying hot hit yet another HR to lead the team.


GH vs SD-W19-11 @ 3:00 pm- Make UP Game:

StewDoggz 19  Guns N Hoses 11

This matchup was a makeup from an earlier rainout and was played at Wilson Field.  The game started slowly at first, maybe because the StewDoggz were a bit beat up from their game against Road Kill, and maybe because GunsNHoses got stiff waiting over an hour for the 'Doggz to show up to the field and play.  The StewDoggz broke open a close low scoring affair with a 10-run 3rd inning highlighted by a 2-run homer from J-Rod.  GunsNHoses' bats woke up in the 4th and they scored multiple runs each inning the rest of the way.  But in the end it wasn't enough, as the StewDoggz held on for a 19-11 win.  Offensive heroes for the 'Doggz included J-Rod and his hot bat going 4 for 5 with 4 RBI's, and 3-hit games were turned in by Larry, JD, and the Big Voo.  Schaeff earned the victory on the hill.


Game #5  Brooks:  4:30 PM GH vs VI  No details as of yet.....


Week # 6  

Game #1:  Brooks: 10:30 AM --SD vs GH 

StewDoggz 21  GunsNHoses 7

The StewDoggz took the early lead 6-1 after two innings and never looked back.  They scored in every inning but one, and every player had a multi-hit game.  The offensive star was J-Rod, who leads the team in every statistical category, and went 5-7 hitting for the cycle with a single, a double, two triples and a home run.  Big Al also hit a homer in the game while collecting four hits and knocking in 5 runs.  But it wasn't all glory as he also struck out looking and earned the only beer fine handed out by the 'Doggz in the game.  Once again Summertime's defense stood out, but not necessarily for the right reasons.  The Voo earned his fourth win on the hill and avoided a double beer fine in the 6th when he came up with a chance to make his second out of the same inning.  He was already working on an ofer, but the crafty vet steered one through the 5-hole for a base hit to keep his perfect beer fine record in tact and avoid the double wammy.  The win came with a steep price however, as the StewDoggz lost their best power hitter indefinitely when Schaeff hurt his oblique.  Hopefully he's back out there soon, but the prognosis is not good.


Game #2:  Brooks12:00 AM VI-W vs GH

 In Game 1 of the double header, Vandelay Industries went up against Guns and Hoses. Scoring 4 runs in the first inning and another 7 in the second looking to put this one away early. Guns and Hoses took advantage of VI scoring only 4 runs in the next three innings and made the game close cutting the lead to 5 at one point. The 6 run sixth broke the game open and VI went on to win 21-12. Bob "Otis " Nixon showed no signs of slowing down on the base paths and went 4-5 with a home Run,  Kevin " we thought your season was over last week" Donnelan went 5-5. John Crain with his relaxed outlook went 4-5 and set the attitude of the team from the start and notching another win. Brian Dunn after taking a shot in the ass from a line drive by Chris Rakozy has yet to sit down.


Game #3  Neeta:  1:30 PM        RK vs VI   -W

In Game 2 Vandelay Industries went up against the always strong Roadkill, the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year with a one run extra innings heart breaker. The game started off slow and was a defensive struggle or an offensive nightmare depending on how you looked at it  as the teams were tied 1-1 after 4 innings. Road Kill scored 4 runs in the fifth and 3 more in the seventh while VI didn't do anything but fill their recyclable   
container. Coach McDonald's inspiring words  "lets go boys it's only 8-1" were answered by an unknown voice on the bench that said back "be better if it was 9-8". VI decided to make that happen with their last at bat. The bats came alive in the seventh for Vandelay with a barrage of extra base hits including a triples by  Ross Stearns, John Crain and Chris Koreck, A home run from Kevin Donnellan, and doubles Stace McDonald and Chris Rakozy.  With the tying run at thrid McDonald's second doubles scores Koreck who climbs the fence to urge on his team, careful to avoid getting his earrings caught in the chain links. Dan Bray's hit advances the winning run to third. After walking the red hot Otis Nixon to load the bases and preserve the force, Pete "pork rind" Bisconte comes to the plate with a goofy "why me " smile on his face. Knowing he only has to hit the ball to the outfield to win the game , Pete decides on a wily move and hits one right up the middle towards the pitcher.  The moved shocked both teams and luckily he hit it to Rusty's non-gloved hand and the winning run crossed the plate .


    MAKE UP Game        FL vsAB-WMake up from 5/3  2:30 

The first of two games was a hard fought battle with defensive web-gems by both sides. John Iadanza lead the team getting on base all 4 times. ABCO came out on top with a bottom of the 6th winning hit for an 7-6 victory.

Game #4  Brooks:  3:00 PM BC vs RK


Game #5  Brooks:  4:30 PM   AB vs FL -W

Flakes returned the favor with a 10-9 win holding ABCO to a single home run.  Defense was big again with Jeff Lillie playing a brillant left field and batting third...due to his new found batting ability.  Drew Wagner and Ron Kornafel were solid in the infield, while Brent and his speed covered ground in the outfiled and on the basepath going 4-4 with 3 runs.  Jeff Lillie continued his hitting ways as did Joe Urban and John Iadanza.



Highlights for weeks 7 and 8

Week # 7                   Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 5 & 6            Week 9 

Game #1:  Brooks: 10:30 AMVI vs SD-W

StewDoggz 10  Vandelay Industries 9

Once the grounds crew had finished getting the wet field playable, a good game ensued.  Things started slow as Vandelay took the early lead 2-1 in the 1st inning, but the StewDoggz took it back in the 3rd and led 5-4 after five frames.  Then Vandelay took advantage of a 'Doggz error and made them pay with 5 runs in the 6th.  That 9-5 lead for Vandelay held up until the bottom of the 7th when the StewDoggz came to bat.  Three of the first four batters singled, and the lead was cut in half.  Then with two outs and two men on base, a fly ball to left field looked like it would be the final out of an upset win for Vandelay.  But the outfielders didn't communicate and the ball dropped in between them, allowing both runners to score.  Now, unbelievably, the game was tied.  So the game goes to extra innings and the 'Doggz hold Vandelay scoreless in the top half.  Then in the bottom, the StewDoggz had two on with two out and a ground ball was hit to shortstop.  The ball was fielded cleanly and flipped to 2nd base where, incredibly, there was nobody home to catch the ball.  The 2nd baseman never covered.  The ball rolled into right field, a runner scored, and the game ended in heartbreaking fashion for Vandelay while an absolute heist was pulled off by the 'Doggz.  Offensive stars for the StewDoggz were J-Rod, Larry, and Sorino who all had three hits apiece.  Voo earned the win on the hill.  One interesting statistic stands out after this game for our good buddy Animal:

games played:  2

hits:  0

beer fines:  3


Game #2:  Brooks12:00 AM   RK vs AB

No details as of yet.....


Game #3  Neeta:  1:30 PM          FL -W vs RK

Flakes came out ready to play with everyone having a multi hit game.  The defense was solid as well allowing the Flakes to beat Roadkill by 8.


Game #4  Brooks:  3:00 PM     FL-Wvs GH

Flakes quickly came out of the gate hitting and back-dooring Guns & Hoses by the 5th inning.


Game #5  Brooks:  4:30 PM    GH vs BC

No details as of yet.....




Week # 8  Fathers day 6-21-09

Game #1:  Brooks: 10:30 AM  FL  vs VI    -W  7-6

Flakes fresh off of their win with Blazing Cannons continued their strong defense into the game with Vandelay.  Unfortunately the bats went flat and Vandelay came back in the 7th to win 7-6


Game #2:  Brooks12:00 noon SD vs FL-      Game to be played at Shawnee 


Game #3  Neeta:  1:30 PM      RK vs SD   Game to be played at Shawnee 


Game #4  Brooks:  3:00 PM    GH vs AB  Game to be played at Shawnee 


Game #5  Brooks:  4:30 PM    BC vs AB   Game to be played at Shawnee 


Highlights for week 9  -

Week # 9                  Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 5 & 6            Weeks 7 & 8 

Last week of regular season- Any remaining games need to be played out.  E-mail runthebases@comcast.net for requests and the time slots will be posted.  Many games, not many slots available.  Click here for season schedule listing.  

Game #1:  Brooks: 10:30 AM  BC vs FL-W  12-1

Flakes started the first inning with 4 and never looked back in a 12-1 win over Blazing Cannons. Flakes defense was perfect throughout the game while John Iadanza lead this starting the game with a pitched K.


Game #2:  Brooks12:00 AM SD -Wvs BC

StewDoggz 20  Blazing Cannons 0

The StewDoggz avenged their only defeat of the season in a big way.  They scored 11 in the top of the 1st inning and never looked back, winning by mercy rule in 5 innings.  The Big Voo earned the win on the hill while going 4 for 4 at the plate.  BA also went 4 for 4 and hit his first home run of the season.  J-Rod and Frazier also added 3 hits, while JD and Shields both took ofers.  DannyNix nearly earned the 'Doggz first ever triple beer fine, but narrowly avoided it by taking a walk in the crucial at bat.  He was, however, seen after the game handing a sixer of Heinekin to the Cannon's pitcher.  Not sure what to make of that....

Game #3  Neeta:  1:30 PM          AB vs SD-W

StewDoggz 16  ABCO 14

This game was a good battle from the start, with ABCO jumping out to a 10-4 lead with a 7-run 3rd inning.  That lead swelled to 14-4 through 4 1/2 frames.  But after two straight 1-2-3 innings, the StewDoggz' bats woke up and plated 6 runs in the bottom of the 5th.  They scored 6 six more in the 6th and shut out ABCO the rest of the way to win in come from behind fashion 16-14.  These two teams always seem to have close games, but as usual, the 'Doggz came out on top by making fewer mistakes and hitting well late in the game.  Frazier went 4 for 4 for the StewDoggz, and J-Rod stayed hot with a 4 for 5 effort.  Shields went down looking to earn his 2nd beer fine of the game.  The Voo earned the win on the hill.

Game #4  Brooks:  3:00 PM  AB vs VI

No details as of yet.....


Game #5  Brooks:  4:30 PM   GH vs RK

No details as of yet.....



Playoffs begin Sunday July 12th..Click here for the playoff schedule...


Please do not bring or drink alcohol at the fields or Colony property

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