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StewDoggz win in 2008 going undefeated in playoffs!!! Click here to see how they did it !!!


Back Row (L to R):  Alan Anton, Dan Nixon, Coach Zach Magulick, Dan Schaeffer, is that a ghost?, Brian Anton, Jason Shields, John Demski
Front Row (L to R):  Scott Kentrus, Aaron Harty, Brett Summerville, Jared Coughlin, Mike Collins, Joe Sorino
Kids (L to R):  Brooke Summerville, Nate Summerville, Lleyton Coughlin, Julius Sorino, Joey Schlindwein, Marcus Sorino and mascot Brac
StewDoggz Win "One for the Thumb"
The title is back in familiar hands.  Five championships in the last seven years might get you thinking the "D" word, but let's not say that out loud.  Easily the most unlikely, this may have been the StewDoggz most impressive title of them all.  They weren't supposed to win this year.  Not after losing four players from recent title teams, only to replace them with two rookies.  Not after one of their best players was lost for the season before it even started.  Not with four starting defensive players learning new positions.  Not with an offense that led the league in "K's".  Not when their competition had improved with some key off season acquisitions.  It wasn't supposed to happen for the 'Doggz this year.  But somebody forgot to tell them that.  Their march to the '08 title began with a 21-2 thumping against Vandelay Industries.  J-Rod and Schaeff led the attack, both going 4 fo r 5 with 3 of the 'Doggz 5 homers.  Game two of the playoffs found the StewDoggz pitching a shutout into the 7th inning against Chico's and winning 12-3.  Once again J-Rod led the offense going 4 for 4 with a homer and 4 RBI's, and "Rookie of the Year" Joey Sorino a perfect 3 for 3 and his first career home run.  Next came a showdown with Road Kill for the right to play in the championship game.  The StewDoggz opened the game with 6 first inning runs, only to be answered by a Road Kill grand slam in the bottom half.  The 'Doggz later took a 5 run lead in the 4th, but the Kill came back to tie it at 11 through five innings.  Having lost the lead for the first time all game, the StewDoggz took back command with 5 runs in the 6th inning and 2 more in the 7th to win by a final of 18-12.  As usual, J-Rod had the hottest bat, going 4 for 5 with 3 extra base hits and 4 RBI's.  The championship game found the 'Doggz and Road Kill in a rematch from the day before, but the Kill would have to win two games to be crowned champs.  Both teams started well with 4 runs apiece in the 1st frame.  However, the StewDoggz broke the game open with an 11 run 3rd inning that put them in front 15-5.  Fortunately they kept the pressure on the rest of the way because Road Kill scored 7 times in the 6th but it only got them to within 6 runs.  The 'Doggz held on for a 26-17 victory and sipped champagne for the 5th time in their 10 year history.  Not surprisingly, J-Rod won the MVP, and it was well deserved.  Defensively, he locked down shortstop, and from the leadoff spot he put up some sick numbers at the plate:  16 for 19 with 7 extra base hits and 15 RBI's.  That speaks for itself.  But it wasn't all J-Rod.  Stepping up in his first ever playoffs, Joey Sorino got hits like it was his job, with 12 in 4 games and a .750 batting average overall.  His def ense in LCF was also a key.  Schaeff came into this year's playoffs coming off his worst offensive season to date, but he put that behind him and did his usual playoff damage by batting .667 with 3 home runs.  Big Al, who moved from LCF to 3B this year, played an important role.  Hitting cleanup, he made them pay every time an opponent pitched around Schaeff.  Summertime also played well.  His bat was on fire and he settled in as the every day 2nd baseman as if he played it all his life.  "Animal" Aaron Harty, fresh off the night shift, batted .636 for the playoffs on no sleep.  Big VooDoo Daddy, The 2008 Cy Young award winner, pitched the 'Doggz to the title earning the win in all four games and kept the kitchen closed throughout.  Jason Shields played a solid RF without much experience and was one of the StewDoggz most consistent hitters all year long.  The best outfielder in the league, BA, played like it.  Da nnyNix always seemed to come through with the timely hit when it was needed.  Larry Collins played a stellar LF like usual and put the fear into defenses at the plate.  Let's not forget Demski, everybody's favorite teammate.  The guy's great for morale, and he hits too.  The StewDoggz earned their championship with a total team effort.  Everyone contributed top to bottom.  Coach Zeke made all the right decisions for a team that spent all year trying to find itself.  He had a tough job making all the pieces fit for the new look StewDoggz, but by the time the playoffs began, guys knew their roles and were ready to make a run....a run that ended in a 5th championship to celebrate.  Woof!!!



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Playoffs week 1 pics Home Run Derby- 2008
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Medford Lakes Softball Playoff Schedule 2008     

First weekend of the playoffs were played Sunday July 13th.   The final weekend will be the following Saturday July 19th and Sunday July 20th..with the final game or games played on Sunday July 20th at 11:00 and 12:30 noon (if necessary).  Yes this is an 8 team double elimination bracket...and yes there is the possibility that a team could play three games in one day...can not change if the playoffs are covered over 3 days.

   Sunday, July 13th    Saturday, July 19th         Sunday July 20th
  Time     Brooks         Time     Brooks      Time    Brooks
  9:00 G-1: #5 After Hours vs #4 ABCO     9:00 G-8:  L4 First Class vs L2  Vandelay     11:00   G-14: W13 RoadKill vs W12 Stew Doggz-Champs
10:30 G-2: #6 Vandelay vs #3 Stew Doggz    10:30 G-9:  W5 Blazing Cannons  vs L6 Chico's     12:30 G-15: W14 vs L14 If necessary
12:00 G-3: #8 Blazing Cannons vs #1 RoadKill       12:00  G-10: W8   Vandelay vs L7 After Hours      
 1:30 G-4: #7 First Class vs #2 Chico's    1:30 G-11:  W10   Vandelay vs W9 Chico's      
 3:00 G-5: L3 Blazing Cannons vs L1ABCO    3:00 G-12:  W6 Stew Doggz vs W7 RoadKill      
 4:30 G-6: W2 Stew Doggz vs W4 Chico's    4:30 G-13: W11   Vandelay vs L12 RoadKill      
 6:00 G-7:  W1 After Hours vs W3 RoadKill            

Home team is the team with the better standing in the regular season...see the stats page for clarification: http://www.chillers.com/softstats.htm

NO back-door rule will apply.  The "Mercy rule" is not in effect during the playoffs.
This double elimination tournament bracketing came directly from a tournament playoff book....

The 2008 Commissioner is Scott Morrow

 2008 League Stats ( Teams and Players)    

   2008 -Final Standings

Final Standings Team record Record Season Place Playoff Record Overall record  


7-3 3rd  4-0 11-3
2nd RoadKill 9-1 1st 3-2 12-3  
3rd Vandelay Industries 2-8 6th  3-2  5-10  
 4th Chico's 8-2 2nd          1-2 9-4  
 5th After Hours 4-6 5th 1-2  5-8  
6th Blazing Cannons 0-10 8th  1-2 1-12
 7th First Class 2-8 7th  1-2  3-10  
 8th ABCO Insurance 7-3 4th 0-2   7-5

2008 Player Stats-Season -playoffs not included

  Players Avg. AB min of 18   Player - Doubles Player - Triples


Player - HR's The "K" List- incl. foul outs
1  Bill Steffan .800   Jack Schaub  8 Ross Stearn 4 1  Chris Cavanaugh 10 Brett Summerville -3
2 Bob Roth .782   Darrin Smith 6 Rusty Cahill  4 2 Bill Steffan - 8 John Demski -2
3 Chris Cavanaugh .719   Kevin Donnellan 5 Jamie Sims 4 3 Bob Roth 8 Jason Shields - 2
4 Ben Brick .719   Chris Cavanaugh  4 D.J. Brown  2 4 Ryan Delcampo - 7 Aaron Harty -2
5 Jack Schaub  .700    Ross Stearn 4 John Demski 2 5 Mike Collins- - 6 Pat Sipera  -1
6 Bob Hummel .692 Mark Pettine  4   Brent Blanchard 2 6 Dan Schaeffer-6 Brian Anton - 1
7 George Wiker .667   Bob Hummel 4   John Demski  2 7 Shawn O'Neil -5 Dan Nixon - 1
8 Mike Haussman .666 Steve Jones  4 Mark McLoughlin   1 8 Dennis Morrone -5  Joe Sorino - 1
9 Anthony Amado .629   Troy Chenier 4 Brian Anton  1 9 Jared Coughlin - 4 Justin Lang - 1
10 Bob Nixon .625   Jason Scott 4 Alan Anton   1 10 Joe Convery - 3  
11 T.J. Reichelt .625    Brian Dunn 3 Aaron Harty  1 11 Ross Stearn - 3  
12 Ed Abert .625    John Demski  3 12 Ben Brick -3  
13 Darren smith .618 Mark McLoughlin  3 13 Jack Schaub - 2
14 Jason Scott .613    Andy Krukowski  2 Many more with 1 14 Dan Bray - 2  
15 Scott Kentrus  .600   Dan Schaeffer  2   15 John Crain - 2  
 16 TJ Reichelt .600  Brian Anton   2 16 Alan Anton - 2
17 John Crain .600   Many more with 2   The top 12 will be eligible to participate in the Home Run Derby Sunday July 20 --. Click here for details.....  
18 Brent Blanchard .600

Please do not bring or drink alcohol at the fields or Colony property



Highlights for weeks 1 and 2

Week # 1                    Weeks 3 & 4              Weeks 5 & 6             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9, 10 and 11 

Opening Day !!!- Sunday April 13 --Week #1 


Game #1  Neeta:  12:00 PM        RK vs VI    

5 in the first, 4 in the second and 5 more in the third as Road Kill opened the 2008 season with a 21-6 win over Vandelay. Newcomers Anthony Amado, Chris Cavanaugh and John Hammond all had multiple hit games. Yes our last newest member Bobby Roth did not play. It took until the 5th inning before Road Kill finally reached the street with back to back
homers by Steffan and Cav.  With the addition of Cav and Rubber (if he will ever play) to go with KJR and Bill Steffan Road Kill's goal of 30 homers for the season is off to a slow start. KJR, Pettine, Ditty, Jonesy, Tim Dean , Rolls, and Clarkie and Cahill all also had multiple hit games as they prepare for the early season show down with the Doggz
next week.


Game #2  Brooks:  1:30 PM  AH vs FC  After Hours wins 15-8 


Game #3  Brooks:  3:00 PM    SD vs AB  StewDoggz put up 17 runs in the 7th to win over ABCO.  Dan Schaeffer (show below)  was able to use the "Tee"  when hitting his 7th inning first pitch Grand Slam....Thanks Mom for sending in that picture of Dan....


Game #4:  Brooks: 4:30 pm       CH vs BC  

The mercy rule took effect in the 5th. Chicos was up 15-3. We continued to play the full 7 innings anyway to shake the rust off. The total was chicos 25-6. The onvenent Chicos Sombreros were to given to Scott Chappell for going 5 for 5 and Rick Clifford for going 3for 5 plus playing outstanding defense. Other players, Reilly 5 for 6, Ley 5 for 6, Pringo 5 for 5. Turned out to be a good outing.



Week # 2 April 20th   

Game #1  Neeta:  12:00 PM        FC vs BC

First Class - 32
Blazing Cannons - 20
With the emphasis on offense both teams attempted to set records for the most runs scored in a game and the longest game in softball history.  First Class was led by game MVP and late waiver wire aquisition Jamie Sims who had a double, triple, HR, and 8 RBIs.  Ben Brick and Mike Haussman also went yard and Troy Chenier added a triple. The Blazing Cannons lived up to their name by scoring 11 runs in the bottom of the fifth to keep things going.  Darren Smith recorded his second and third Ks of the season from the mound.


Game #2  Brooks:  1:30 PM  CH vs AH      Chico's hit well and beat After Hours 17-12. 


Game #3  Brooks:  3:00 PM    SD vs RK

Road Kill came out swinging for the fences as they pounded a league high 8 homers in a 14-6 win over the Doggz. Bill Steffan was 4-4 with 4 homers, Cav 4-4 with 2 homers while Pettine and Amado each had one. RoadKill was missing home run threats KJR and Bobby Roth from their lineup. They have now hit 10 homers in 2 games as Vegas now has increased their over/under team total to 40 for the season. Schaffers solo shot in the first was all the offense the Doggz had through the first 3 innings while Road Kill jumped out to a 10-1 lead after 2 then coasted. Pitcher R Cahill struck out a pair of Doggz (one looking) and RK's defense made several stellar plays in both the infield and outfield. Wayne Weterau returned to the lineup for just the 2nd time in 12 regular season games going 3-4.


Game #4:  Brooks: 4:30 pm       VI vs AB




Highlights for weeks 3 and 4

Week # 3                  Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 5 & 6             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9, 10 and 11

Week # 3

Game #1:  Brooks: 12:00 SD vs VI

StewDoggz 25  Vandelay 16
Both teams took full advantage of the "hot" ball and turned this game into a slug fest.  The ball began flying out of the yard in the 2nd inning when the StewDoggz launched 4 home runs and scored 9 times.  Vandelay kept it interesting all game by displaying some power as well, and also by scoring in every inning but two.  Down by 15 at one point, they clawed back to within 5 runs in the fifth inning.  But in the end the 'Doggz had a little too much pop in their bats and totaled 25 runs with the help of 8 homers.  J-Rod and Larry each hit two bombs while Schaeff, BA, Nixon and Animal each put one out as well.  VooDoo picked up his 2nd win of the year on the hill and had the glove hand working magic up the middle.  The kitchen was closed today ladies and gentlemen.  Next up for the StewDoggz is a big early season matchup with Chico's next Sunday.



Game #2:  Brooks:  1:30 AM RK vs AB  ABCO won


Game #3  Neeta:  3:00 PM         CH vs FC  Chico's Won  


Game #4  Brooks:  4:30 PM  AH vs BC  After Hours won 17-3

After Hours came out hitting and beat Blazing Cannons 17-3 behind the pitching of Pete Amodeo.  D.J. Brown lead the defense as Shortstop while the offense lead by Mark McLoughlin and Jack Schaub going 7-8 with doubles, triples and Hr's.  Brent Blanchard added 2 triples and Shawn O'Neil has a monster HR over the tree's in left. 


Week # 4   

Game #1:  Brooks: 10:30  BC vs AB

Abco beats Blazing Cannons 27-7.  ABCO batted around in each of the first 4 innings, and  Ryan Delcampo smacked his 4th home run of the year. 


Game #2:  Brooks:  12:00 BC vs CH

NO Details as of yet...........


Game #3  Neeta:  1:30 PM        CH vs SD-W

StewDoggz 17  Chico's 13
The StewDoggz came out and made a statement on Sunday by beating a previously undefeated Chico's team.  A bases clearing triple from Big Al in the first inning got the party started for the 'Doggz and gave them an early lead they would never relinquish.  By scoring in every inning but one, the StewDoggz methodically kept the pressure on Chico's all game long.  Carrying a 10 run lead into the final frame, you thought the 'Doggz had it all but wrapped up.  Then Chico's bats came alive and they delivered one hit after another until the lead was cut to 4 with two men on.  However, two outstanding defensive plays in the outfield by former gold glovers Larry and BA ended the rally and allowed the StewDoggz to exhale and enjoy a convincing win.  Offensive stars for the 'Doggz included J-Rod with a 3 for 4 effort, Larry 3 for 4 and blasting his 5th homer of the year, Big Al with the big triple in the first, and Animal with a perfect 2 for 2 at the plate.  The Big Voo earned his 3rd win of the season on the hill.  O'fers were turned in by Dan "I can't get it out of the infield" Schaeffer, and Brett "I lead the league in beer fines" Summerville.  Bud Light will work just fine fellas thank you.




Game #4  Brooks:  3:00 PM  FC vs VI

NO Details as of yet...........


Game #4  Brooks:  4:30 PM  AH vs RK

After Hours came out hitting as did Roadkill each putting up 5 in the first.  From there pitcher Pete Amodeo kept the Monsters of the Midway to singles nearly all of the game. Mark "Web-gem"  Caira made a spectacular defensive play gunning out a player at second from a bunt style hit in the 5th inning.  Roadkill had a HR from Bob Roth in the 6th.  After Hours then loaded the bases and made it a game, but came up short in the end  17-13.




Highlights for weeks 5 and 6

Week # 5                    Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9,10 and 11

Game #1:  Brooks: 10:30 AM -- NO GAME


Game #2:  Brooks:  11:30 AM AH vs CH-W


Game #3  Neeta:  1:00 PM        AH vs SD-W

StewDoggz 15  After Hours 7
The '08 edition of this longstanding rivalry got off to a good start for After Hours when Shawn O'Neil hit the first of his two home runs to give them a 3-0 lead in the top of the 1st.  The StewDoggz answered with 2 runs in the bottom half however, and after a 5-run 2nd inning, they had the lead for good.  Both teams battled the wet conditions without issue, and luckily the game got in just before the heavy rain started to fall.  Schaeff earned his first win of the year on the hill and smacked his 5th homer of the season way up into the trees in right.  Summertime also had a home run, his first of the year, while going 3 for 4.  Also going 3 for 4 were Big Al and the Big Voo, with 3 RBI's apiece.  The StewDoggz also added to their league leading strikeout total when JD went down with back-to-back whiffs, and Shields looked at a 3rd strike for his 2nd K of the year.


Game #4  Brooks:  3:30 PM  FC vs AB

Rain Out


Game #5  Brooks:  5:00 PM    BC vs VI

Rain OUT



Week # 6  

Game #1:  Brooks: 10:30 AM SD - W vs FC

StewDoggz 19  First Class 15
This game was as close as the score would indicate.  First Class took the early lead in this game, and held a 10-4 advantage through 4 innings.  The StewDoggz woke up in a big way in the 5th and scored 10 times, the last 4 coming with 2 outs.  The catalyst for the outburst was a 3-run leg-it-out home run from Schaeff that cut the deficit to 3.  The 'Doggz piled on the hits after that to score 7 more times that inning to take the lead for good.  First Class made it interesting by scoring 5 in the 7th, but in the end, the lead the StewDoggz held was insurmountable and they wrapped up their 5th win of the year by a final score of 19-15.  Offensive heroes for the StewDoggz included Larry's 4 for 5 and J-Rod's 3 for 5 efforts.  The Voo picked up his 4th win of the year on the hill.


Game #2:  Brooks:  12:00 AM   RK- W vs BC

Road Kill opened the first of a double header with a 22-5 victory over
Blazing Cannons called after 5. Road Kill but up 13 in the third. Homers
by Cav (6th) and Steffan (6th) and R Cahill (1st) (grand slam inside the
park). Both Cav and B Roth were a perfect 4-4 while Ditty, Rolls, Cahill
and Amado all had at least 3 hits each. Clarkie continued to throw
around his Gold Glove first base leather with several great grabs and
both Ditty and KJR came in for relief of Cahill to close the door.


Game #3  Neeta:  1:30 PM    VI vs RK- W
Game 2 Road Kill coasted to a 18-6 victory of Vandelay. Road Kill scored
all of its runs in the first 4 innings as Cav and Rolls 3 for 3 (grand
slam) connected for Road Kill. Steffan seemed to be robbed of his lead
leading 7th home in the second as Stearn's made a nice catch with both
his feet barely getting down before he fell into the Road. B Roth
continued his perfect afternoon going 4-4 while Anthony Amado pitched 4
innings only giving up a pair of earned runs


Game #4  Brooks:  3:00 PM   VI v s CH-W


Game #5  Brooks:  4:30 PM AB-W vs AH  ABCO beat After Hours 14-6 





No details as of yet.....




Highlights for weeks 7 and 8

Week # 7                   Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 5 & 6            Weeks 9, 10 and 11

Week # 7

Friday night game RoadKill- W vs Chico's

Road Kill came out blazing scoring 6 in the bottom of the first to coast
to a 17-5 win over two of the top teams in the league. The Kill scored
in every inning while holding Chicos scoreless for 4 innings. Road Kill
pounded the ball every inning hitting 4 hrs, 2 each by Cav and Rubber, 3
triples and a pair of doubles Steffan hot bat continued as he went 4-4
including a pair of gapers. Ham Bone and Wetts even showed up
contributing with a pair of hits each.

Game #1:  Brooks: 10:30 AM VI -Wvs AH


Game #2:  Brooks:  12:00 AM    AB vs CH


Game #3  Neeta:  1:30 PM          SD -Wvs BC

StewDoggz 17  Blazing Cannons 7
The StewDoggz jumped out to a 6-0 lead after two innings, but the Blazing Cannons showed some mettle by climbing back to within 3 runs, down by 10-7 after four.  The StewDoggz then widened their lead with a 6-run fifth inning to go on to win comfortably by a final score of 17-7.  Larry hit his 6th homer of the year while going 4 for 5 with 5 RBI's, Voo also went 4 for 5, and BA, Summertime, and Animal each had 3 hits.  Big Al and Joey Sorino each hit their first home runs of the season.  JD also entertained the crowd with a couple of whiffs at the plate.  How he can be so good one minute and so lost the next is a question we have yet to answer.  But as long as he brings beer it doesn't really matter.



Game #4  Brooks:  3:00 PM      RK-W vs SD

Road Kill continued to play well in this pitchers dual with a 11-4
defeat over the Doggz spoiling the birthday of Coach Kentrus. This game
saw very little hitting until the 7th when Road Kill put up a six pack
to take a 11-4 lead. Clarkie started off the inning a infield single and
Steffan cleared the bases as he nearly hit a grand slam, the ball
falling inches from the street. Road Kill took an early 3-0 lead after
2, 5-3 after 5 only to have the Doggz close to 5-4 after 6. Rubber's
towering homer in the 2nd was the only long ball hit all day as both
pitchers and defenses kept the bats silent most of the day. Amado
stepped in for Rolls and third and made several defensive gems. Wayne
Gomes took the save for the Kill.


Game #5  Brooks:  4:30 PM    RK-W vs FC
The second game of 2 for the Kill saw First Class come out pounding the
ball taking a 3-2 lead after one. Bob Roth jumped started the Kill
with his first of 2 hrs to get the Kill back on top for good as they
coasted to a 21-9 victory. Road Kill went 3-0 over the weekend to go a
league leading 8-1. Bill Steffan 4-5 also hit a pair of homers to tie
league leader Cav with 8 including a bomb to dead center in the 4th as
Road Kill scored 7 runs with 2 outs. Every Road Kill batter collected at
least a pair of hits lead by Amado and Cahill who had 5 each.





Week # 8  

Game #1:  Brooks: 10:00 AM  ???


Game #2:  Brooks:  12:00 noon  FC-  vs AH-W

The bats of After Hours came alive lead by George Wiker going 4-4 towards a 26-6 win


Game #3  Neeta:  1:30 PM       BC vs FC-W


Game #4  Brooks:  3:00 PM     AB-W vs VI

Abco beat Vandalay yesterday, and the final score was 13-10.  Rick McCormick had 1K against Vandalay and 


Game #5  Brooks:  4:30 PM    AB-W vs SD

Abco beats Stew Doggz 16-15, being up 16-0 going into the bottom of the 6th.  Stew Doggz scored 8 in the bottom 6th, then 7 more in the bottom of 7th, but Abco kept the lead.  2 Grand Slams by Ryan Delcampo, and & Rick McCormick.  Delcampo had 8 RBI's, while McCormick rang up 3 Doggz at the plate. 




The 2008 Commissioner is Scott Morrow


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