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PJ's are 2007 Champions...


From left to right in the picture:  Eric Creaney,  Bill Zielinski,  Chris Cavanaugh,  Dave Brown,  Eric Brady,  Eric Peterson,  Dennis Fininzio,  Lou Salvatore,  Bob Buchanan,  Jeff Uccello,  Lane Lundberg,  Not pictured Scott Kelly,  Kids in front Brian,  Zach and Kayla.

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Playoffs week 1 pics Home Run Derby- 2007
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      2007 Season      

 11  Teams  &  10 season games- Dates and Teams are correct

Stew Doggz-SD Vandelay Industries-VI
First Class -FC Sand Stand- SS
After Hours- AH  Roadkill -RK
P.J.'s- PJ Bernardo's Pizzeria- BP
Blazing Cannon- BC ABCO Insurance- AB
Facility Rehab Associates LLC- FR  

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Please do not bring or drink alcohol at the fields or Colony property

Two Friday night games are also scheduled for this year


 Opening Day-1 2 3 4 Mom Day 5 Memorial Day 6 7 8 9 Fri Night Game 6/29 10 Fri Night Game 7/6 11 12 13
  April 15 April 22 April 29 May 6 May 13 May 20 May 27 June 3 June 10 June 17 June 24  6:30 PM July 1  6:30 PM July 8 July 15 July 21/22
  Rain out                     SS vs SD   FC vs VI   Refer to playoff schedule- click here Refer to playoff schedule- click here
Bye FC BC FR SD AB   VI SS AH RK   PJ   BP    
10:00 Brooks   FR vs BP SS vs AH VI vs FR FC vs BC   SS vs RK BP vs AB BC vs PJ FR vs AH-make up   AH vs VI   BC vs FR    
11:30 Brooks   AH vs PJ BP vs BC AB vs FC SS vs VI   SD vs FR AH vs RK FR vs RK VI vs AB   FC vs BP   AB vs AH    
1:00 Brooks   RK vs VI VI vs SD PJ vs VI

make up

SD vs AH   BP vs PJ FR vs FC SS vs FC BC vs AH   AB vs FR   RK vs SD    
Neeta/Wilson                       BP vs SD-make up 1:00 at Neeta/Wilson        
2:30 Brooks   AB vs SS FC vs RK AH vs BP PJ vs FR   BC vs AB PJ vs SD VI vs BP SD vs AB


  RK vs BC BP vs RK make up -Wilson field PJ vs SS    
4:00 Brooks   SD vs FC AB vs PJ BC vs SS RK vs BP   AH vs FC VI vs BC   OPEN   PJ vs RK-   make up   BP vs SS

make up

5:30 Brooks   SD vs BC

make up

RK vs AB

make up

            FC vs PJ            
                    FR vs SS postponed- TBA            


The 2007 Commissioner is Joe Urban



(F) Designates forfeit.   Rain Out    Rescheduled

Note:  Tournament seeding will be based on a 11 team standings. Home team is listed second


** Rain-outs are to be re-scheduled by the teams independently. Sundays at 1:30, 3:00 and 4:30 PM at Wilson or Shawnee are the recommended times.  All games must be finished by 6:30 pm Sunday July 8th

** Winners coaches are responsible for calling in the game results (and highlights) to the Commish by Sunday evening or E-mailed to the Web page- Coaches should have this information

BROOKS     39-8-21

Wilson- 2007 Bring equipment from Neeta

Neeta 2007



Medford Lakes Softball Playoff Schedule 2007     

First weekend of the playoffs were played Sunday July 15th.   The final weekend will be the following Saturday July 21st and Sunday July 22nd...with the final game or games played on Sunday July 22nd at 11:00 and 12:30 noon (if necessary).  Yes this is an 11 team double elimination bracket...and yes thee is the possibility that a team could play three games in one day...can not change if the playoffs are covered over 3 days.

   Sunday, July 15th      Saturday, July 21st                Sunday, July 22nd   
  Time     Brooks   Shawnee       Time     Brooks      Time    Brooks
  9:00 G-1 #5 After Hours vs #4 RoadKill-W 9-7

G-2 #11 Facility-Rehab  vs #6Sand Stand-W

    9:00 G-14  W10-First Class vs W8-After Hours-W 10-7     11:00   G-20 W19 StewDoggzvs W17 PJ's -W 15-11
10:30 G-3 W2 Sand Stand-W 19-4 vs #3 Bernardo's G-4 #9 ABCO -W vs #8 Blazing Cannons    10:30 G-15  W14-After Hours-W15-5 vs L11-Sand Stand     12:30   G-21 W20 vs L20                     If necessary
12:00 G-5 W4-ABCO vs #1 StewDoggz-W G-6 #10 Vandelay-W  vs #7First Class       12:00 G-16  W13  Bernardo's vs L7-RoadKill      
 1:30 G-7 W1-RoadKill vs W5-StewDoggz-W G-8 L2 Facility-Rehabvs L1After Hours -W    1:30 G-17  W11 PJ's vs W7-StewDoggz      
 3:00 G-9 W6 Vandelay- vs #2 PJ's-W

G-10 L6  First Class-W vs L5 ABCO

   3:00 G-18  W16 RoadKill W 13-12 vs W15-After Hours       
 4:30 G-11 W3 Sand Stand vs W9-PJ's-W G-12 L4 Blazing Cannons vs L9--Vandelay- W    4:30 G-19  W18 RoadKill  vs L17StewDoggz-W 10-3      
 6:00 G-13  W12 Vandelay vs L3 Bernardo's-W              

Home team is the team with the better standing in the regular season...see the stats page for clarification: http://www.chillers.com/softstats.htm

NO back-door rule will apply.  The "Mercy rule" is not in effect during the playoffs.
This double elimination tournament bracketing came directly from a tournament playoff book....

The 2007 Commissioner is Joe Urban



 2007 League Stats ( Teams and Players)    

   2007 Regular Season standings-including playoffs

  Teams Record Season Place Playoff Record Overall record Final Standings  
1st P'J's 8-2 2. 4-0 12-2 1
2nd StewDoggz 9-1 1.


   12-3 2  
3rd Roadkill 6-4


3-2    9-6



After Hours

6-4 5. 3-2 9-6


5th Sand Stand 5-5 6. 2-2



6th Bernardo's Pizzeria 7-3 3. 1-2 8-5 6
7th Vandelay Industries 3-7 10. 2-2    5-9       7  
8th First Class 4-6 7. 1-2     5-8       8
9th ABCO Insurance 3-7 9. 1-2     4-9       9  
10th Blazing Cannons 4-6 8. 0-2     6-8     10  
11th Facility Rehab Associates LLC 0-10 11. 0-2    0-12      11  

2007 Player Stats-Season -playoffs not included

  Players Avg. AB min of 25   Player - Doubles Player - Triples


Player - HR's The "K" List- incl. foul outs
1 Mark Pettine .786   Jack Schaub     8 Mike Collins   2 1 Jerry Campagna 7 Rusty Cahill   1-
backwards K Strikeout (looking)
1 Jim Rally .786   Chris Cavanaugh   7 Bill Aldridge  2 2 Dan Schaeffer     6 Ron Kornafel    1
3 Jerry Campagna .774   Shawn O'Neil   6 Dominic Tedesco - 2 3 Bill Steffan   5 Geno Bisconti   1
4 Jason Braatz .759   Ed Abert    6 Eric Brady   2 4 Eric Brady   4 Brett Summerville   1
5 Kirk Frazier .750    Dennis Finizio   5 Chris Cavanaugh  2 5 Jim Wells    3 TJ Reichelt    1
backwards K Strikeout (looking)
6 Darren Smith .750 Jeff Ucello  4 Scott Chappell   1 6 Kirk Frazier   3 Jerry Campagna  1
7 Rich Ross .733   Rob Countess   4 T.J Reichelt        1 7 Bill Heddendorf   3 Stace McDonald   1
8 Shawn O'Neil .731 Brian Anton   4 Shawn Pringle   1 8 John Rath     3 Pete Bisconti    1
9 Lane Lundberg .719   Mike Haussman  3 Chris Hunter   1 9 Justin Daley   3 Dan Nixon   1
10 Darren Smith .714   Jared Coughlin     3 Jerry Campagna   1 10 Ben Brick 2 Mike Cahill-    1-     backwards KStrikeout (looking)
11 Jack Schaub .710   Brett Summerville   3 John Demski   1 11 Alan Anton   2  
12 Steve Jones .708   Chris Cavanaugh    3 Jack Schaub   1 12 Shawn O'Neil   2  
13 Jim Wells .708 Jason Braatz    3

Justin Daley   1

13 Chris Cavanaugh   2
14 Jim Sullivan .695   Mike Pizutti   3 Craig Kenderdine  1 14 Kevin Ross   2  
15       Sam Shively   3 Tom Wiker   1 15 Ron Kornafel    2  
        Shawn McGray   3   16 Bob Buchannon   2  
      Many more with 3 Many with 1   Top 10 HR producers of the season get to enter the HR derby- Dan Schaeffer to decide cut off point for 2007  
* Past HR derby winners may participate*
            The top 10 will be nominated to participate in the Home Run Derby Sunday July 22. Click here for details..... Bob Roth, Jack Schaub, Chris Cavanaugh

Please do not bring or drink alcohol at the fields or Colony property

Individual players: Top players in each category....This stats section will only work if the information is E-mailed to this site.

If you are not listed it is because it was not sent....... 

The 2007 Commissioner is Joe Urban





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