2006 Medford Lakes Softball Season Archives

StewDoggz win 2006 Championship


front (left to right):  Craig Kenderdine, Aaron Harty, Mike Collins, Scott Kentrus, Zach Magulick, Dan Schaeffer, Justin Daley, Brett Summerville (kneeling)
back row (left to right):  Alan Anton, Bill Sutphin, Bryan Livingston, Jared Coughlin, John Demski, Brian Anton, Dan Nixon
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 2006 League Stats ( Teams and Players)    

   2006 Regular Season standings  through week 10

  Teams Record Season Place Playoff Record Overall record Final Standings  
  StewDoggz 10-1 1st                4-0 15-1 1st
  Vandelay Industries 6-5 6th 4-2 10-7   2nd  
Sand Stand 9-2 2nd 3-2 12-4 3rd  
First Class 4-7



     6-9    4th  

After Hours

3-8 9th 2-2   5-10 5th  
  Roadkill 8-3 5th 2-2


  Chico's 8-3 4th 1-2      9-5 7th  
  Flanagan's 9-2 3rd 1-2    10-4    8th
  Blazing Cannons 4-7 8th 0-2      4-9 9th  
  ABCO Insurance 2-9 10th 0-2    2-11 10th  
  Genco 2-9 11th 0-2 2-11  11th  
Pogue Mahon 1-10 12th 0-2    1-12 12th  

2006 Player Stats-Season -end of season .playoffs not included

  Players Avg. AB min of 20   Player - Doubles Player - Triples


Player - HR's The "K" List- incl. foul outs
1 Ralph Vanaman .814   Bill Heddendorf...12 Lee Emory....4   1 Dennis Finizio...9 John Demski...3
2 Greg Armbruster .789   Ed Abert....7 Shawn Pringle...2 2 Dan Schaeffer...8 Lee Miller...2
3 Jason Braatz .769   Jeff Uccello...5 Ben Brick...2 3 Eric Brady...8 Josh Federovitch...2
4 Paul Koreck .769   Scott Kentrus...5 Bill Fields...2 4 Bob Buchannon..8 Matt Norton..1
5 Tom Henry .750   Jack Schaub...5 Dennis Finizio...2   5 Bill Steffan....5

Matt Walker....1

6 Bob Nixon .739 Mark Matteson...5 Zach Magulick...2   6 Chris Cavanaugh...5 Jeff Lillie...1
7 Chris Cavanaugh .735   Alan Anton....4 Tom Wiker...2   7 Mike Collins....5 Anthony Amato...1
8 Bill Sutphin .733   Drew Wagner...4 Chris Ulriksen...1   8 Shawn Pringle...4

Dan Schaeffer...1

9 Jim Wells .733   Troy Chenier....4 Bill Heddendorf...1 9 Jared Coughlin ...4 Greg Smith...1
10 Bob Buchannon .727   Mike Collins....4 Jack Schaub...1   10 Jeff Uccello...3 Chris Cavanaugh..1
11 TJ Reichelt .722   Brian Anton...4 Jared Coughlin...1 11 John Rath...3 Dan Schaeffer....1
12 Jim Sullivan .714   John Hammond...3 Dave Getchell...1   12 Ron Kornafel...3 Bill Heddendorf..1
13 Stace McDonald .714 Ben Brick...3

John Demski...1

  13 Ben Brick...3
14 Scott Kentrus .688   Shawn Pringle...3 Ralph Vanaman.. 1    14 Jim Wells....3  
15 Ernie Ley .677   Jason Scott...3 Sean Ross.. 1   15 Many w/2  
    Kevin Reilly...3 Mike Balogna 1   16    
  Jim Wells....3 Many w/ * Past HR derby winners may participate* Bob Roth  
Jack Schaub
        Tom Henry...3

Many with 2

    The top 10 will be nominated to participate in the Home Run Derby Sunday July 30. Click here for details.....  






























      2006 Season      

 12  Teams  &  11 season games

1. Stew Doggz-SD 7. ABCO Insurance- AB
 2. Chico's- CH 8. Vandelay Industries-VI
3. Roadkill -RK 9. Blazing Cannon- BC
4. Sand Stand- SS 10. Pogue Mahon-PM
5. Flanagan's 11. Genco- GE
6. After Hours- AH 12. First Class

Last updated :  07/29/2017 09:51 AM.. This is the final revised schedule 4-10-06 

 The Cannonball Classic will be held Saturday July 8th.  draft is Thursday night at P.J.'s at 6:30 pm sharp

Two Friday night games are also scheduled for this year


 Opening Day-1 2 3 Mom 4

Mem  Day

5 6 7 Fri Night Game 6/23 8 Fri Night Game 6/30 9 Fri Night Game 7/7 CannonBall Classic 10 12 13
  April 23 April 30 May 7 Day-May 14 May 21 5/28 June 4 June 11 June 18 June 23rd 6:30 PM June 25 June 30th 6:30 PM July 2 July 7 6:30 PM Sat. July 8th July 9 July 16 July 22/23
6:30 pm Brooks        



    CH vs GE

Wilson 12:00 N

    VI vs SS    SS  vs  CH VI vs FC rescheduled for July 2 9:30 at Neeta FL vs SD     Refer to playoff schedule- click here Refer to playoff schedule- click here
Neeta PPD-rain           Make up     AH vs RK 6:30 PM Neeta     Make up    
12:00 Neeta AB vs VI CH vs RK  BC vs AH   FC vs SS SD vs PM FL vs GE PM vs FC   Open   Open   RK vs SD    
1:30 Neeta         PM vs VI 1:30 at Neeta           SD vs AB at 3:30 at Neeta.   GE  vs BC-rescheduled from June 25 Refer to playoff schedule- click here  
2:00 PM Neeta             VI vs CH                
Brooks PPD-rain               Make up            
9:30 Brooks SD vs AB BC  vs CH AH vs SS BC vs FC Moved to 1:30 Neeta GE vs VI GE vs AB   SD vs AB- rescheduled for July 2 3:30 at Neeta   Open   Open    
11:00 Brooks FL vs BC AH vs SD VI vs RK SD vs VI  AB vs RK AB vs SS AH vs FC   GE  vs BC rescheduled to July 9, 1:30 Neeta   FC vs RK   GE vs PM    
12:30 Brooks CH vs GE VI vs FL GE vs FC AH vs FL  SS vs BC  FC vs SD RK vs FL   PM vs AB   BC vs VI   VI vs AH    
2:00 Brooks VI vs SS RK vs PM SD vs BC SS vs PM CH vs SD CH vs FL PM vs BC   VI vs FC rescheduled for July 2 9:30 at Neeta   ABvs AH   RK vs SS    
3:30 Brooks AH vs RK AB vs FC PM vs CH RK vs GE   FC vs FL BC vs RK SS vs SD   SS vs FL   FL vs BC   FC vs CH    
5:00 Brooks PM vs FC SS vs GE FL vs AB AB vs CH GE vs AH PM vs AH VI vs CH-Moved to 2:00 Neeta   AH vs CH   SD vs GE   BC vs AB    
6:30 Brooks         Open Open Open   Open Open Open Open FL vs PM? Open    


1. Stew Doggz-SD  2. Chico's- CH 3. Roadkill -RK 4. Sand Stand- SS    
5. Flanagan's 6. After Hours- AH 7. ABCO- Insurance-AB 8. Vandelay Industries-VI    
9. Blazing Cannon- BC 10. Pogue Mahon-PM 11. Genco- GE 12. First Class -FC    

Medford Lakes Softball Playoff Schedule 2006     

First weekend of the playoffs were played Sunday July 16th.   The final weekend will be the following Saturday July 22nd and Sunday July 23rd...with the final game or games played on Sunday July 23rd at 11:00 and 12:30 noon (if necessary).

   Sunday, July 16th     Saturday, July 22nd       

        Sunday, July 23rd  

  Time     Brooks     Neeta        Time     Brooks


     Time    Brooks
  9:00   G-1                    #6 Vandelay-W  vs #11 Genco   G-2                    #7 First Class -W vs #10 ABCO     9:00

G-13                          W3 Vandelay -W vs       W7 First Class

G-14                       W10 Flannagan's vs W12 Sand Stand-W

    11:00   G-22- W19 StewDoggz -W  vs W21Vandelay
 10:30   G-3 #3 Flannagan's vs  W1-Vandelay-W   G-4                    #5 RoadKill-W   vs   #12 Pogue Mahon     10:30

G-15                             W5  Chico's vs          W9  StewDoggz-W

 G-16                      W8 RoadKill vs W11 After Hours-W

    12:30    G-23- L22 vs W22 If necessary
  12:00   G-5                    #4 Chico's-W  vs W4 RoadKill

G-6                       #8 Blazing Cannons vs #9  After Hours-W


G-17  L15 Chico's  vs W14 Sand Stand-W

G-18 L13 First Class -W  vs. W16 After Hours


2006 Champs


   1:30   G- 7                    #2-Sand Stand vs W2 First Class-W G-8   L2ABCO vs L5 RoadKill-W         1:30 G-19  W13 Vandelay vs. W15 StewDoggz-W        
    3:00  G- 9                  #1-StewDoggz-W  vs W6  After Hours   G-10                 L3 Flannagan's-W   vs L6 Blazing Cannons       3:00 G-20 W17 Sand Stand-W vs W18 First Class        
 4:30 G-11                      L1 Genco vs L9After Hours-W  G-12                    L4 Pogue Mahon vs L7 Sand Stand-W    


G-21- L19 Vandelay -W vs W20 Sand Stand        

Home team is the team with the better standing in the regular season...see the stats page for clarification: http://www.chillers.com/softstats.htm


NO back-door rule will apply.  The "Mercy rule" is not in effect during the playoffs.

This double elimination tournament bracketing came directly from a tournament playoff book....

The 2006 Commissioner is Joe Urban


Opening Day !!!- Sunday April 23rd --Week #1 

Game #1:  Brooks: 9:30 AM  -

PPD-rain      SD vs AB


Game #2:  Brooks11:00 AM 

PPD-rain  FL vs BC

No details as of yet.....


Game #3  Neeta:  12:00 PM          PPD-rain  AB vs VI

No details as of yet.....


Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 PM   PPD-rain  CH vs GE

No details as of yet.....


Game #5  Brooks:  2:00 PM     PPD-rain   VI vs SS

No details as of yet.....


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm        PPD-rain  AH vs RK

No details as of yet.....


Game #7:  Brooks: 5:00 pm       PPD-rain  PM vs FC

No details as of yet.....



Week # 2

Game #1:  Brooks: 9:30 AM  -CH-W vs RK

Chico's 6- Roadkill 4

RoadKill lost 6-4 as Road Kill hit into 3 double plays. Ernie Ley and trades
Shawn Pringle and Tome Wiker had big games for the GOLD!!!

Game 3: Win – 6-4 over Roadkill

Chico’s and the ‘Kill continued a young but storied rivalry at the brown tundra they call Neeta Field.  Neeta harnessed many towering shots which, at Brooks Field would have been HRs but only proved to be long outs.  Ex-kill player’s T-Wike and most recent cast off Shawn Pringle went a collective 4 for 6.  Jimmy Githens was nowhere to be seen in Right Center Field.  The game ended in a 6-4 slug fest and a near collision of Ditty and Bednar at home plate…Ditty must have missed the slide or veer language in the league rules memo.  Chico’s ended the day with their third team party.

Shawn Pringle earned the Game’s Sombrero.


Game #2:  Brooks11:00 AM  BC  vs CH-W

Game 2: Win – 26-17 over Blazing Cannons

The Blazing Cannons just wouldn’t role over.  This squad kept coming back like Rocky did against Apollo.  Chico’s pounded out hit after hit only to be matched by a Blazing Cannon squad that showed a lot of heart.  Unfortunately, Jeff Lillie showed up and struck out when the Cannons needed him most.  Said many of his Cannons teammates “Lillie sucks!”.  Chico’s got solid offensive production across the board from first year player Kevin Reilly and team vets John Hammond, Joe Urban and Jeff Clown Game Bednar.  Hammond, Urban and Bednar began complaining about their positioning in the lineup immediately after the game ended.  On the way to victory, Chico’s enjoyed a Bob Rothless dugout.

Brent Blanchard and Jeff Bednar shared this week’s Sombrero


Game #3  Neeta:  12:00 PM          AH vs SD-W

StewDoggz 25  After Hours 6
The StewDoggz came out on fire in this one, needing only 4 1/2 innings to take care of long time nemesis After Hours.  Looking to erase their miserable flame out from last season's playoffs, the 'Doggz were primed to do well to start this season on the right track.  They pounded out 27 hits in four turns at the plate, 21 of which were singles.  Stealing the show was lead-off hitter J-Bone going 4 for 5 with 3 homers, two of which were in the same inning, and the other being a grand slam.  Perfect days at the plate were turned in by Big Al (5 for 5, 4 runs), Coach Voo (5 for 5, 6 rbi's), and Kender (4 for 4, 3 runs, 3 rbi's).  Schaeff picked up the win with a solid game on the mound.


Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 PM   VI vs FL-W

The first pitch of the 2005 champs was met by the bat of Jeff Uccello which proceeded to quickly leave the park and start a 31-8 beating of Vandelay.  Newly aquired DJ Brown, with hangover in toe...went 4-4 scoring 4 runs.  The MVP of the day was another newcomer to the team Bob Buchannon who went 4-4 with 2 Hr's and 6 RBI's.  Flanagans Added Hr's by Eric Brady and Dennis Finizio.


Game #5  Brooks:  2:00 PM      RK-W vs PM

Road Kill scored 7 times in the first 6 more in the 2nd to post a 20-1
win over Pogue Man called after 5. Ditty took the win with a fine
effort. New addition Bill Steffan was just one of the many who had a
multiple hit game. Fred Tucci was just as brilliant at short in the
second game as he was in the first.


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm        AB vs FC--W

First Class - 22
ABCO - 10
Stats of note:
Darren Smith - 1.000  
Troy Chenier - 1.000    3 doubles
Ben Brick - .800    1 HR
Chet Beaston - 1.000


Game #7:  Brooks: 5:00 pm       SS-W vs GE

Stand Stand won 45 to 16
Sand Stand scored 20 in the first inning.
Grand slam - John Rath
HR - Dave
Getchel, Mike B.
triple - Dave Getchel
double - Ron Kornafel, Dave Getchel, JD Donahue, Drew Wagner
Dave Getchel
hit for the cycle...


Week # 3

Game #1:  Brooks: 9:30 AM   BC -W vs AH 

The Blazing Cannons dominated After Hours 14-3. The defense was tight, turning 2 double plays, and Tom "Rain Man" Healy pitched a stellar game. Rob "Scandal" Countess and Lou Stephan had big hits for the Blazing Cannons.


Game #2:  Brooks11:00 AM  AH vs SS-W

Stand came from 9 runs down in the first inning to win 28 to 20 over After
HRs - John Rath (2)
Doubles - Ron Kornafel (2), Drew Wagner (2)


Game #3  Neeta:  12:00 PM          VI vs RK-W

Probably the most exciting game of the day. Newcomer Bill Steffan's hit
a 2 out walk off 3 run homer in the bottom of the 8th for the 17-16 win
over Vandelay the team that knocked Road Kill out of last years playoffs.
Paul Columbus 2 out 2 run homer to center field send the game into extra
innings tied at 14. The ball continued to travel well??? As Vandelay
connected for 3 home runs themselves. Pitcher Cahill now leads the
league ERA with a stellar 22.67.


Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 PM   GE vs FC

No details as of yet.....


Game #5  Brooks:  2:00 PM      SD vs BC

StewDoggz 15  Blazing Cannons 11
The StewDoggz led this game from start to finish, but the Blazing Cannons kept it close the entire way.  The game featured many bloops and blunders, mostly by the 'Doggz who were feeling the effects of Kent's bachelor party from the night before.  Reports of a puke bucket being located at first base cannot be confirmed.  Highlights for the 'Doggz included homers by Big Al and two by Schaeff.  However, rumor has it that those two were MIA during several rounds of shots the night before.


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm        PM vs CH-W

Game 4: Win – 18 – 2 over Pogue Mahon

Chico’s put on a first inning clinic with four straight home runs.  Josh Federovitch led the squad with 2 HRs, T-Wike and Pringo went yard while Freakshow had his former Stew Dogg teammates salivating at his tape measure shot into the top of the trees in Right.  Wild Turkey and Rag Top combined for the win.  Pogue Mahon pitcher Jeff Fitzpatrick pitched a solid game with a broken back to boot.  Greg Smith continues to shine as Chico’s short stop while the team continues to show no sign of short fall since last year’s departures.

Josh Federovitch earned his first Sombrero


Game #7:  Brooks: 5:00 pm       FL-W vs AB

Flanagan's kept it going with their bats beating ABCO 25-8.  Hr's were had by Dennis Finizio, Lane Lundberg, Jeff Uccello, Bob Buchannon, Chris Cavanaugh and a 400 ft shot over the backstop in center field by Eric Brady. Even Eric was surprised about that one... DJ Brown and Greg Armbruster kept their hitting streaks going with both 4-4.




Week # 4 


Game #1:  Brooks: 9:30 AM   FC vs SS-W

No details as of yet.....


Game #2:  Brooks11:00 AM  BC vs FC-W

No details as of yet.....


Game #3  Neeta:  12:00 PM          SD vs VI-W

No details as of yet.....


Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 PM   AH vs FL-W

Rob Weber led Flanagan's to a 23-16 win going a perfect 4-4.  Pitching was tough due to wind and Flanagan's saw them selves down 8-2 in the second.  Dennis Finizio went yard twice, while Chris Cavanaugh had a 3 run HR.    Infield defense by Lou Salvatore and Eric Brady along with relief pitching team of Joe Schlindwein and Jack Schaub helped Flanagan's notch their 3rd win and stay undefeated at 3-0.


Game #5  Brooks:  2:00 PM      SS-W vs PM

No details as of yet.....


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm        RK -Wvs GE

Week 4 Road Kill pounded out 27 hits in a 22-7 win against GE. Tucci was
a perfect 5-5 while Bill Steffan connected again. Wayno finally showed
up for his first game and collected 3 hits as Road Kill won its 3rd
straight. Ditty posted his 2nd win of the season to go along with 3
hits. KJR hit his first and went 4-5. Another fine defensive effort by
all of Road Kill closed this game out in 5 innings.



Game #7:  Brooks: 5:00 pm       AB vs CH

Game 5: Win – 33-11 over ABCO

Chico’s bats came out alive against a young ABCO team with a bright future.  ABCO is not a team to be taken lightly.  Chico’s was led at the plate by Ernie Ley and Kevin Reilly each going 5 for 5, Brent Blanchard and Rick Clifford both 4 for 4 and a Shawn Pringles Home Run on a wind swept Sunday matinee at Brooks Field.  Ernie Ley took the hill for 5 strong innings when coach Wiker went to the Bull Pen where Bill “Wild Turkey” Aldridge came in to close the game with 2 strike outs and solid fielding up the middle.  John Hammond continued his hot streak with a 3 for 4 day keeping his average at a respectable .636.  Hammond celebrated the day with a large Riviera pizza and a Happy Meal.

Kevin Reilly and Bill Aldridge earned this week’s Sombrero.


Week 5

Game #1:  Wilson 12:00 Noon  CH -W vs GE

Yesterday: Chico's Won vs. Gemco in makeup game from Week 1.  Score 28-2

“Gemco and Chicos made up their Week 1 rain out on Sunday afternoon at Wilson Field.  Chicos came out hitting led by Cregg Angstermeister who hit 5/5.  Jeff Bednar & Bill Aldridge each went 4/4 while Brent Blanchard went 4/5.  Team Gemco made some nice grabs at 3rd base and Shortstop but the Chicos onslaught proved to be relentless in this four inning game.  The Chico’s team Sombrero goes to Craigg Angsteestimiseter for his 5/5 performance at the plate while Bill “Wild Turkey” Aldridge fell just short of the coveted Mexican lid with a stellar pitching performance.”

Game 2:  12: 00 at Neeta

SD - W vs PM-

StewDoggz 23  Pogue Mahon 2;  5 innings
The StewDoggz were looking to erase the memory of the last game they played, a loss to Vandelay two weeks ago.  They did just that by coming out with a 10 run first inning and never looking back.  Kent was back on the hill and earned his first win of the season, while going 4 for 4 with 2 doubles and 5 rbi's at the plate.  Another perfect day at the plate was turned in by the "Animal" Aaron Harty, going 3 for 3 with 4 runs scored.  Home runs were hit by Schaeff, Larry Collins, and "Hot Sauce" Billy Sutphin.  Oh, and the big gun Schaeff got caught looking in this one too.


Game #3:  Brooks: 9:30 AM   re-scheduled for 1:30 at Neeta

PM vs VI-W 9-8 No details as of yet.....


 Game 4:  Brooks 11:00 am      AB vs RK-W

Week saw Road Kill win its 4th straight to go to 4-1 for the year with a
15-7 win VS the new kids. Cheapo hit his first homer in over 3 years in
a 9 run third to blow this game open. Tucci, Steffan and KJR continued
their hot bats collecting 8 hits driving in 7. Tim Dean was a perfect
3-3. Road Kill finally had its whole team there.  


Game #5  Brooks:  12:30 PM   SS vs BC  Sand Stand won 27 to 6

Sand Stand won 27 to 6
Doubles - Drew Wagner 2,
Triples - Ralph
Vanaman 1, Sean Ross 1, Mike Balogna 1
Home Runs - Ron Kornafel 2, Drew Wagner 1


Game #6  Brooks:  2:00 PM   CH vs SD- W

StewDoggz 18  Chico's 9
The StewDoggz and Chico's hooked up for the latest edition of their stirring rivalry.  Meeting three times during the last two playoffs, and a history of down-to-the-wire drama between the two, had both teams fired up going in.  The 'Doggz began the festivities with their own version of a "shotgun start", as each member shotgunned a beer before the game started.  With beer on their jerseys, they took the field and promptly gave up 6 runs in the top of the first inning.  So much for that, but the new tradition apparently will continue.  Although they got down early, the 'Doggz didn't put their heads down, but instead kept chipping away back into the game with a steady few runs every inning.  They had it tied up after three innings and broke it open in the fifth and sixth, taking a commanding 9 run lead.  Stellar defense and steady hitting got the StewDoggz their 4th win of the year.  Larry and Hot Sauce had perfect days at the plate, going 4 for 4 and 3 for 3, respectively.  J-Bone hit a key two-out, 3 run homer early in the game, and Schaeff connected with a rocket into the trees for his 7th dinger of the year.


Game #7:  Brooks: 3:30 pm      FC vs FL  Flanagan's won 19-2

Chris Cavanaugh lead the undefeated Flanagan's to its 4th win of the year going 4-4. DJ Brown now bating only a .933 for the year went 3-4 as did Lane Lundberg, Rob "I'm expecting again"  Weber and Dennis "2 HR's today" Finizio. Gregg Armbruster notched his first win while Eric Brady came in for the save.


Game #8:  Brooks: 5:00 pm    GE vs AH     No details as of yet.....




Week # 6


Game #1:  Neeta at 12:00       FL -Wvs GE

No details as of yet.....


Game #2:  Brooks: 9:30 AM  GE vs VI-W

GE vs. VI (VI wins 16 - 11):

In a heart- (and shoulder) breaker,
Geneco comes close to it's second franchise win in its sophomore year in the league dropping one to Vandelay 16 - 11.  The turning point came in the second inning when a rally was cut short by an injury to the talented left-fielder Van Kapagian who dislocated his shoulder sliding into the freshly turned dirt at third base.  While being wheeled off the field, Van was heard to say "a bunch of guys jumped me honey" to his wife Dana.  Vandelay took advantage of the situation by scoring 10 runs that inning.  Geneco rallied once again in the 6th with 6 runs coming up a few short of the win.

Chris Collins goes 4 for 5 with a triple
First time pitcher Kevin "I'm not the coach" Donnellan goes 3 for 5 with a HR
3rd Baseman Paul Cavicchia
also homered
Van was 2 for 2 before being accosted by the ground.

No details as of yet.....


Game #3:  Brooks11:00 AM    AB vs SS -W  23-3



Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 PM    FC vs SD

StewDoggz 12  First Class 4
This game was a bit of a snoozer as neither team hit the ball all that well.  The StewDoggz got up 6-0 after three innings, but First Class cut the lead in half in the top of the fourth.  A four-run fifth inning gave the 'Doggz the breathing room they needed and closed it out by a score of 12-4.  The Big Voo notched his second win of the year with a well pitched game.  In a homerless game, the offensive stars for the 'Doggz were J-Rod, "Hot Sauce" Billy Sutphin, BA, Aaron "Sausage" Harty, and this year's newcomer "Crackhead" John Demski, all of which went 3 for 4 at the plate.


No details as of yet.....


Game #5  Brooks:  2:00 PM    CH vs FL- W

No details as of yet.....


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm     BC vs RK

No details as of yet.....


Game #8:  Brooks: 5:00 pm     PM vs AH

It was a touchy game today with After Hours and Pogue Mahon.  Final score was 11-7 going to After Hours.  The funny thing about the four run win is that with one of their rallies a slide veer rule that we called on a play was ignored by the pompous After Hours squad that allowed a rally to continue.  The offense was committed by Mark Caira pinch running for Pete the pitcher.   And a second offense was committed by Mark Matteson who left second base and didn’t tag up because he saw the runner from first coming into second without tagging up as well on a fly ball that was caught, again allowing a several score rally to continue unjustly.  Pogue Mahon is a fun team that rarely gets serious about “winning” a game but this one was seriously stolen by After Hours and I hope they choke on the victory because it is a hollow, unrighteous and undeserved one at that.  I’m embarrassed to have assembled guys who want to have fun and subject them to such egregious treatment.  Congratulations After Hours.


Week # 7

Game #1:  Neeta at 12:00       PM-W vs FC

It was a tight game all the way through to the end.  Final score was Pogue Mahon 8 and First Class 7.  It was great playing on both teams and a fun environment to spite the heat.  Thanks to FC for a great game.


Game #1:  Neeta at 2:00       VI vs CH-   W

Advised Dolf of findings.



Game #2:  Brooks: 9:30 AM GE vs AB  -W

ABCO won 10-5



Game #3:  Brooks11:00 AM    AH vs FC-W

First Class - 16
After Hours - 3
First Class got off to a good start putting together a 6 run 2 out rally in the first.  Bill Fields cleared the bases with a HR in the sixth going 2-2 with 2 runs and 2 RBIs, Ed Abert added another double to his league leading total of 7 and went 2-2 with 2 runs and 2 RBIs, Sam Shively was 3-3 with 2 runs and an RBI, Troy Chenier fresh off an overnight shift went 2-3 with a HR and 2 runs and 2 RBIs, Jim Wells went 2-3 with 2 doubles and 2 runs and 2 RBIs, Karl "the painter" was 3-3 with a run and 2 RBIs, Jason Scott was 2-3 with a double, "the Hammer" Ben Brick went 2-3 with a run and an RBI, and Mike Donaldson almost had a HR (double) and scored 2 runs.  The aggressive defensive strategy along with another great performance by pitcher Sam Shively helped to seal the win.


Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 PM   RK vs FL-W

Flanagan's beat RoadKill 17-7.  RoadKill came out with several runs and kept with Flanagan's matching HR for HR in the first few innings.  Gregg Armbruster settled in and pitched an excellent game keeping RK to only 7 runs. Jeff Uccello lead the team batting going 4-4 with 2 doubles and 4 runs.  Dennis Finizio continued to send the ball to the right field woods with his 8th and 9th league leading HR's.


Game #5  Brooks:  2:00 PM    PM vs BC-W

The Blazing Cannons ended their offensive slump with a 20-0 victory in six innings over a weary Pogue Mahon. Bill Heddendorf, Kevin McConnell, and Lee "Doc" Emery homered for the Cannons. Jim "The Great White Hope" Sullivan added 2 doubles. Tom "Rain Man" Healy pitched a 2 hitter, and was backed up by great defense.



Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm    SS vs SD-W

No details as of yet.....


Week # 8

Fri Night Game 6/23:  6:30 PM

VI vs SS-W  16-11

No details as of yet.....



Game #2:  Brooks: 9:30 AM     SD vs AB

No details as of yet.....


Game #3:  Brooks11:00 AM        GE  vs BC

rescheduled to:  1:30 July 9th @ Neeta.

No details as of yet.....


Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 PM       PM vs AB-W

Abco came from a 2-7 deficit to defeat pogue mahon 10 -7...This marks our second win, and they are not in last place anymore


No details as of yet.....


Game #5  Brooks:  2:00 PM        VI vs FC

No details as of yet.....


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm    SS -W vs FL

Sand Stand won 27 to 17 over the undefeated Flanagan's. The Stand had a 1 run lead after 6 innings and smacked the old Nicklebee's with 11 runs in the top of the 7th. It was too much for the aging gas pumpers to come back from in the bottom of the 7th. Chris Cavanaugh hit an insignificant home run in the 7th. John Rath and Ron Kornafel both hit 3 run home runs in the 1st and 5th innings respectively.


Game #8:  Brooks: 5:00 pm     AH vs CH

No details as of yet.....


Week 9

Friday Night Game June 30     Chico's vs Sand Stand-W

No details as of yet.....

Game #1:  Neeta: 9:30 am   VI -Wvs FC

No details as of yet.....




Game #2  Brooks:  11:00 am FC vs RK

After spotting First Class 4 in the first 7-2 Road Kill came from behind
to post a 12-6 win. Bill Steffan hit his 5th of the year. Another strong
team defensive effort led by Gold Glove Tucci and Clarkie helped keep
First Class in check. 5 runs in the 5th highlighted by Steffans's 3 run
shot sretched the lead to 6 as Cahill shut them down the last 3 innings.



Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 BC vs VI-W

VI looking to procure a much needed win turned to new pitcher Jerry for some divine intervention. Striking out 4 batters and being only a double short of the cycle, Jerry made his presence known in the second with a grand slam. Rookie John Crain playing his first game at third made some remarkable plays and went 2 for 3 on the day. The Cannons defense and bats stayed with VI tying it up in the top of the 7th. With a runner on first and the speedy Otis "Ping" Nixon on third the Cannons elected to pitch to Ross Stearn instead of loading the bases and forcing a play at the plate. The plan backfired as Ross sent a shot over the outfielder in left center winning the game. After walking 3 times, former coach Pete Bisconti was overheard saying "If I don't get a pork rind deal put into my contract this bat doesn't leave my shoulder". With only one week left in the regular season Vandelay Industries hopes to have all it's big bats available for the playoffs.


Game #5:  Brooks: 2:00 pm  ABvs AH-W

No details as of yet.....


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm FL-W vs BC

Flanagan's had a strong apponent with Blazing Cannons on a hot July day.  Game went back a forth despite 2 HR's by Eric Brady. Blazing Cannons tied it up in the bottom of the 7th with a 13-13 game.  The 7th was scoreless for both teams.  The 8th inning brought back the bats of Flanagan's putting up 7 runs that was highlighted by a Bob Buchannon Grand Slam HR into the right field trees. Final 20-13.


Game 6B  3:30 Neeta.... SD -Wvs AB at 3:30 at Neeta.

StewDoggz 15  ABCO 11, 8 innings
The smell of upset was in the air for this game.  The StewDoggz were less than sharp for most of the game, and the young up-and-comers from ABCO were taking advantage.  They led for most of the game, which was closely contested throughout.  Back to back homers gave ABCO their first lead in the bottom of the 2nd inning and they kept the pressure on the rest of the way.  The 'Doggz were down 11-7 through 5 innings, but cut it to a one-run deficit going into the seventh.  With two out, a man on second, and down by a run, the StewDoggz were down to their last out, when the Big Voo stepped to the plate.  A base hit tied the game, and a scoreless bottom half sent the game into extra innings.  In the 8th, the 'Doggz took control finally, with a 2-run home run from newcomer John "Crackhead" Demski capping a 4-run inning.  ABCO was shut down in the bottom of the 8th, sealing the StewDoggz come from behind victory.


Game #7:  Brooks: 5:00 pm   SD-W by Forfeit vs GE


Week #10

Game 1 Friday Night July 7

SD-W vs FL

StewDoggz won 19-16 in a Home Run filled game that went the down to the wire.

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon RK vs SD-W   Stew Dogs 12-2.

First Class-W 8-4 vs Vandelay- Make up

The twice rescheduled match-up finally took place at Wilson Field.  Offensively First Class was steady and consistent highlighted by Jim Wells going 3-3 with a HR, Jeff DelleMonache going 3-3, Mike Donaldson going 3-3 with a triple, and John Scullion added a triple.  A defensive gem was put together with a collective gutty performance from the whole team.  Darren Smith pitched 5 scoreless innings and web gems were turned in from Ed Abert and Jeff DelleMonache.


Game #2:  Brooks:  9:30  am GE  vs BC-W    Blazing Cannons 19 Genco 4


Game #3  Brooks:  11:00 GE vs PM

No details as of yet.....


Gamer 4a  VI -W vs ABCO

After using pizza boxes and Cd cases at Wilson field, VI was glad to have
real bases for their 3rd game of the day against ABCO. The zany cats at
Vandelay decided to put in their 5th different 3rd baseman of the year Geno
Bisconti to see if his glove was as quick as his mouth. (mouth won) VI came
out with a great defense allowing only 3 runs behind pitcher John Crain. The
outfield anchored by Bob Nixon didn't allow anything past them. Ross Stearn
led the team with a few hits including a triple and prayed to the softball
Gods for forgiveness after taking a walk for the second time in his
lifetime. Vandelay Industries kept the game in hand never allowing ABCO
get anything started. VI won the game but the score was so unimpressive no
one remembers what it was.


Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 Noon   VI -W  vs AH

VI beat After Hours    13-7

  With a hot humid day in the forecast Vandelay Industries decided to play
three games. With no extra guys and no break between games they also decided
to play on 3 different fields. Vandelay took on After Hours for game #1 and
started off hitting right away, with 5 straight hits and a key 2 out single
by Chris Koreck VI took a 5-1 lead in the first. The Bisconti brothers
combined for 5  hits on 7 trips to the plate with Pete earning his 43rd walk
of the season. After Hours kept chipping away at VI's lead and scored 6 runs
in two innings making the game close. Stace McDonald (who played nicely with
others) hit a 2 run double in the 5th gave VI a little breathing room. More
2 out RBI hits came from Pete and Geno Bisconti and Steve Cook. Rookie
Pitcher John Crain held the After Hours squad to only 7 runs and gave up
only 18 in his 3 game span.


Game #5:  Brooks: 2:00 pm     RK-W  vs SS

Road Kill's bats finally came alive as they squeaked out a 13-12 win
over Sand Stand to finish the regular season 8-3. Ditty's clutch 2 out
hit in the top of the 7th was the difference. Rolls, KJR, Wayno and
Steffan all had multiple hit games. This game saw the brief relief
appearance of Bob Roth who walked 4 in a row as Road Kill put 8 on the
board in the 5th to give them a 9 run cushion.


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm   FC vs CH

No details as of yet.....


Game #7:  Brooks: 5:00 pm    BC -W  vs AB

Blazing Cannons 13 ABCO 8


Playoff changes will be made check times...playoffs begin Sunday..Click here for the playoff schedule...


A recent passing of a great man, father and ballplayer...Walt Cavanaugh.  January 13, 2007.  Our hearts go out to his family and we will all miss one of Medford Lakes biggest fans.

The 2006 Commissioner is Joe Urban



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