2005 Medford Lakes Softball Season Archives

Nicklebee's are 2005 Champs- coming from behind beating Chico's two straight in the finals.  Chris Cavanaugh wins MVP and HR Derby....details and pics below

L to R: front row:  Lane Lundberg, Joe Schlindwein, Lou Salvatore, Chris Cavanaugh

L to R: back row:  Scott Kelly, Rob Weber, Bill Zielinski, Dennis Finizio, Eric Brady, Jeff Uccello, Jack Schaub, Greg Armbruster- The road to the Championship soon to follow...Click here for the details and 2005 current Champions


Nicklebee's started the playoffs against the surprise team of the league, Vandelay Industries.  Nicklebee's offense led by Gregg Armbruster and Jack Schaub jumped out to a fast 7-0 lead.  Despite Vandelay's strong defense, Nicklebee's won 11-3.  The second game against Chico's was a turning point where Nicklebee's,  despite Jeff Uccello nearly hitting for "the cycle", lost their only game of the playoffs and watched Chico's go on to win the winners bracket.

The following Saturday Nicklebee's had a long road ahead, having to face Pete Amodeo and After Hours, the second place Flakes and last years champs the StewDoggz.  Jeff Uccello continued his hitting streak going 3-4 with a triple.  A fired up Eric Brady went "Yard"  in the first inning.  Nicklebee's was behind 6-2 in the fifth inning, but with motivation from injured Joe Schlindwein and three innings from complete elimination, they hit for 5 runs and never looked back.  The Flakes game saw Nicklebee's hit under pressure with MVP Chris Cavanaugh and Lou Salvatore each going 3-4.  "Rookie of the Year"  Eric Brady hit a huge 3 run Home Run in the second.  Bill Zielinski started a two out rally (one of many) hitting an opposite field double to the surprise of the Flakes.  Rob Weber's flawless first base play finished off many ground ball outs.  Scott Kelly came up with a spectacular deep right center field diving catch to stop an inevitable 3 run homer by the Flakes. Dennis Finizio, who came in for injured 2005 "Cy Young" pitcher Gregg Armbruster, shut down the Flakes offense and went on to win the game 11-7.

Nicklebee's now faced last years champs the StewDoggz, who just lost to Chico's and facing elimination from the finals for the first time in 4 years.  Nicklebee's adjusted the line up and their bats were strong.  Excellent outfield catches by Lane Lundberg, Jack Schaub, Jeff Uccello and Scott Kelly kept the run total to only 1.  Dennis Finizio (4-4) and Bill Zielinski (3-3 with 3 runs) lead the strong offense.  Power of old was shown by MVP Chris Cavanaugh and Jack Schaub each going "Yard" and racking up 5 RBI's.  Nicklebee's completed the game 11-1 and were going to the finals.

Chico's came to the field Sunday fresh from their one game win over the StewDoggz and cocky.  A battered but driven Nicklebee's had other plans.  Game 1 showed the return of injured Gregg Armbruster.  A solid infield by Eric, Cav, Lou and Dennis shut out the confused Chico's the first three innings and Nicklebee's were up 7-0.  Another excellent offensive show by "Boston's" very own Jeff  "Rocket Arm" Uccello (5-5) and a 3-4 Rob Weber lead Nicklebee's to a 12-4 win.  Nicklebee's sensing the momentum change and the uncertain offense of Chico's, began game 2 the same as the first.  Nicklebee's pitching and defense shut out Chico's again until the third inning.  Chico's took an all to short lived lead 2-1.  Nicklebee's came right back and scored a solid 6 runs with Nicklebee's batting around and never looking back.  Clutch hitting by Lane Lundberg kept a 2 out rally going that scored another 4 runs.  The bottom of the 6th saw a two out Gregg Armbruster "legged"  three run Home Run, to seal the game 11-6.  The 2005 win is Nicklebee's 5th Championship in the last 10 years.  For those who wondered.....the "curse"  is officially over.

2005 Pictures and details....

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First Weekend Playoffs- Pictures and game details...Click here... Home Run Derby- 2005
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2005 Cannonball Classic pictures


Current Champions
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 2005 League Stats ( Teams and Players)    

   2005 Regular Season standings 

Team Record Season Place Playoff Record Overall record Final Standings  
Nicklebee's 11-1 1st 7-1    18-2     1st
Chico Bail Bonds 7-5  4th 3-2    10-7     2nd  
StewDoggz 8-4 3rd 2-2    10-6


Lakes Flakes 9-3 2nd 3-2    12-5     4th  
After Hours 6-6 7th 3-2


Vandelay Industries 6-6 8th 3-2      9-8     6th

Hot Shots






Roadkill 7-5 5th 1-2      8-7     8th
Pogue Mahon 3-9 9th 0-2 3-11 9th  
Blazing Cannons 3-9 10th 0-2    3-11 10th  
New Team 0-12 11th 0-2 0-14     11th  

2005 Player Stats-Season week 10 .playoffs not included

  Players Avg. AB min of 28   Player - Doubles Player - Triples


Player - HR's The "K" List- incl. foul outs
1 Rob Countess .824   Chris Cavanaugh..9 Bill Fields...4   1 John Rath...8 Bob Roth...3 under protest
2 Kevin Reilly .737   Jack Schaub ...7 Jason Braatz...4 2 Jason Braatz...7 Bill Zielinski...2
3 Greg Armbruster .743   Lane Lundberg....6 Mark Matteson..3 3 Bill Sutphin...7 Chris Cavanaugh..2L
4 Bob Nixon .737   Eric Brady....5 Jared Coughlin...2 4 Jerry Campagna..6 Lee Miller...2
5 Tom Wiker .696   Chris Hunter...5 T.J Reichelt...2   5 Ben Brick...6

Mike Clark...2

6 Eric Brady-R .684 Jerry Campagna...5 Dave Getchel...2   6 Steve Cook...5 Kevin Donnellan..1
7 Ernie Ley .680   Bill Heddendorf...4 Justin Daley...2   7 Justin Daley...4 Pat Germano...1
8 Chris Collins .667   Darrin Doyle...4 Ron Kornafel...1   8 Craig Kenderdine...3

Jim Sullivan....1

9 Steve Cook .667   Sam Shively...4 Josh Federovitch...1 9 Dennis Finizio...3 Mike Collins....1
9 Jason Braatz .657   Dan Sullivan....4 Dan Schaeffer...1   10 Josh Federovitch...3 Guy Gibeau..1
10 Paul Molinari .647   Bill Sutphin...4 Rob Weber...1 11 Alan Anton...3 Van Kapeghian..1
11 Frank Loesche .647   Mark Feudtner...4

Jack Schaub ...1

12 * Dan Schaeffer...6 Chris Countess...1L
12 Chris Rakoczy .643 Chris Collins....4 Gregg Armbruster...1 13 * Chris Cavanaugh..3 Mike Cahill...1L
13 T.J. Reichert .640   Matt Walker....4 Scott Chappell...1 14 * Jack Schaub...1

HR alternates?

14 Jerry Campagna .639     Bill Sutphin...1   15 *  Bob Roth Eric Brady...2
15 Zach Magulick .641   Many with 3 Many w/     * Past HR derby winners may participate* Gregg Armbruster...2
                  Bill Fields...2
              The top 10 will be nominated to participate in the Home Run Derby Sunday July 31st. Click here for details..... Lane Lundberg...2




















Individual players: Top players in each category....This stats section will only work if the information is E-mailed to this site. If you are not listed it is because it was not sent....... 

The 2005 Commissioner is Joe Urban



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Individual players: Top players in each category....This stats section will only work if the information is called in to Brian  or E-mailed to this site. If not it will be removed.


      2005 Season      

11 Teams  &    games

1. Stew Doggz-SD 7. Hot Shots-HS
 2. Chico's Bail Bonds-CH 8. Vandelay Industries-VI
3. Roadkill -RK 9. Blazing Cannon- BC
4. Lakes Flakes-FL 10. Pogue Mahon-PM
5. Nicklebee's-NB 11. "New Team"
6. After Hours- AH  

Last updated :  07/29/2017 09:51 AM..     

 The Cannonball Classic will be held the weekend of June 18th & 19th


 Opening Day-1 2 3 Mom   4 5

Mem  Day

6 7 Cannonball 8   9 10 12 13
  April 17 April 24 May 1 Day Fri.        5/13 May 15 May 22   June 5 June 12 June 18 June 19 June 26 July 4th July 10 July 17 July 24 July 30/31
                          HS vs BC make up 12:30 Neeta   AH CH    
Neeta-"DRY"                   VI     FL   PM- Make up 12:30 Neeta

NEW- Rescheduled 7/17-Neeta@1:30

12:30                   FL     CH  Make up 2:30...Neeta          
12:00N Open CH AH           FL     HS BC     Open   Open NB Play-offs Play-offs
    RK PM     NEW     SD-Changed to-Wilson  @ 1:00 CH           RK Refer  
9:30 Brooks NEW Open       PM CH Neeta  @ 2:00   BC VI     NEW   FL PM    
BC         RK NB   FL SD     AH   AH HS
11:00 Brooks BC NB HS  Neeta 6/26@ 12:30     SD     NEW PM     AH   NEW PM    
PM HS BC     NB     PM FL     VI   VI NEW
12:30 Brooks FL AH BC-Wilson 5/22 at 2:00     CH RK   NB RK     PM   RK BC    
2:00 Brooks CH VI CH     HS RK   VI AH     RK   PM AH    

NEW- Rescheduled 7/17-Neeta@1:30

    FL BC   CH NB     HS   SD RK
3:30 Brooks NB SD FL     VI HS   SD AH     BC   NB CH    
AH FL CH..Make up 2:30 Neeta 6/26     HS PM   CH HS     SD   BC SD
5:00 Brooks HS SD SD     VI SD   RK NEW     FL   HS FL    
VI NEW RK     BC AH   AH HS     NB   CH SD
6:30 Brooks                                    
1. Stew Doggz-SD  2. Chico's Bail Bonds-CH 3. Roadkill -RK 4. Lakes Flakes-FL    
5. Nicklebee's-NB 6. After Hours- AH 7. Hot Shots-HS 8. Vandelay Industries-VI    
9. Blazing Cannon- BC 10. Pogue Mahon-PM 11. "New Team"      


The 2005 Commissioner is Joe Urban



(F) Designates forfeit.   Rain Out    Rescheduled

Note:  Tournament seeding will be based on a 11 team standings. Home team is listed second


** Rain-outs are to be re-scheduled by the teams independently. Sundays at 1:30, 3:00 and 4:30 PM at Wilson or Shawnee are the recommended times.  All games must be finished by 6:30 pm Sunday July 17th

** Winners coaches are responsible for calling in the game results (and highlights) to the Commish by Sunday evening or E-mailed to the Web page- Coaches should have this information

BROOKS     39-8-21

Wilson- 2005 Bring equipment from Neeta

Neeta 2005


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Medford Lakes Softball Playoff Schedule 2005     

First weekend of the playoffs are Sunday July 24th.   The final weekend will be the following Saturday and Sunday July 30th and July 31st...with the final game or games played on Sunday July 31st at 11:00 and 12:30 noon (if necessary).

   Sunday, July 24th     Saturday, July 30th       

        Sunday, July 31st   

  Time     Brooks     Neeta        Time     Brooks


     Time    Brooks
  9:00   G-1 #11 New Team   vs              #6 Hot Shots   G-2 #10 Blazing Cannons vs         #7 After Hours     9:00 G-13  W8 RoadKill vs W10 Vandelay Ind

G-14 L3 Hot Shots  vs W12 After Hours

    11:00   G-20 W17  Chico'svs W19Nicklebee's
 10:30   G-3 W1(Hot Shots vs        #3 StewDoggz   G-4 #9 Pogue Mahon vs           #8 Vandelay Ind.     10:30 G-15 L9  Flakesvs W13 Vandelay Ind       12:30   G-21- L20  Chico'svs W20 Nicklebee's- necessary
  12:00   G-5 W2After Hours vs #2 Flakes

G-6  #5 RoadKill vs #4 Chico's


 G-16  L11 Nicklebee's vs W14After Hours


2005 Champs Nicklebee's

   1:30   G- 7  W4 Vandelay Ind vs     #1 Nicklebee's G-8  L6 RoadKill vs L1New Team         1:30   G-17  W11  Chico'svs W9 StewDoggz        
    3:00   G- 9 W3 StewDoggz  vs     W5 Flakes    G-10 L7 Vandelay Ind vs L2  Blazing Cannons       3:00   G-18 W15Flakes vs. W16Nicklebee's        
 4:30 G-11  W6  Chico's vs W7 Nicklebee's  G-12  L4  Pogue Mahon vs L5 After Hours  


G-19  L17 StewDoggz vs. W18Nicklebee's        

Home team is the team with the better standing in the regular season...see the stats page for clarification: http://www.chillers.com/softstats.htm


NO back-door rule will apply.  The "Mercy rule" is not in effect during the playoffs.

This double elimination tournament bracketing came directly from a tournament playoff book....

The 2005 Commissioner is Joe Urban


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2005 All- Stars..........

** After Hours:    Pete Amodeo,  Jerry Campagna,  Jason Braatz ** Vandelay Industries:-  Pete Bisconte,  Bob Nixon,  Greg Smith

** Flakes:   John Rath,  Jim Tarzy,  Dave Getchell                         ** Hot Shots:  Bill Fields,  Kevin Reilly,  Josh Federovitch  

** Chico's: Ralph Vanamen,  Ernie Ley,  Justin Daley                  ** Pogue Mahon:   Mike Haussman,  Brain Meakin,  Ed Abert

** Nicklebee's  Gregg Armbruster,  Lane Lundberg,  Chris Cavanaugh  ** RoadKill:  Drew Lynch,  Fred Tucci,  Kevin Ross

** StewDoggz:  Zach Magulick,  Bill Sutphin,  Jared Coughlin    ** Blazing Cannons  Bill Heddendorf,  Lee Emory,  Rob Countess

New Team:-  Van Kapegian,  TJ Reichert,  Kevin,  Donnellan



2005 Hall of Fame, Golden Glove  Cy Young and Rookie of the year award winners........



1. Jason Braatz (SS - After Hours)

2.  Ralph Vanamen (SS - Chico's)

3.  Greg Smith (SS-Vandaley Industries)

4. Drew Wagner (SS - Flakes)

5.  Brain Anton (LC - Doggz)



Greg Armbruster (Nickelbee's)


Eric Brady (Nickelbee's)



2005 Hall of Fame award winners-


Gordy McCourt- 2005

George Murphy- 2005

Need Picture..please

Need Picture..please



Mark Cannon- 2005













Click here for past Hall of Fame winners......


Chris Cavanaugh is the 2005 Home Run Champion

 2005 Home Run Derby Highlights......8th annual

1998 was the 1st Annual- organized by Tom Wiker   

Top  HR's leaders at season's end - $20.  up front to Dan Schaeffer (Cute lefty on the StewDoggz).-  Past years champions are also able to participate.

1. John Rath-2 9.  Tom Wiker-6
2. Tom Roth-0 10. Josh Federovitch -7
3. Bill Sutphin-2 11. Mike Collins-7
4. Ron Kornafel-7 12. Dan Schaeffer-1
5. Rich Ross-2 13. Chris Cavanaugh-12
6. Steve Cook-5 14.  *  Jack Schaub-8
7. Justin Daley-5 15.  *  Bob Roth-2
8. Eric Brady-0  

* Past champ eligible

NOTE:  If anyone who is listed can not make the competition, please let Dan Schaeffer know ASAP...other alternates wish to play

First Round winners shown in blue

1. Chris Cavanaugh-12
2. Jim Tarzy-9
3. Jack Schaub-8
4. Josh Federovitch-8
5. Mike Collins-7
6. Ron Kornafel-7

    Final round stats

1st place- Chris Cavanaugh-5

 2nd place- Jack Schaub-3

2nd place- Mike Collins-3

Jim Tarzy-2
Ron Kornafel-2
Josh Federovitch-0

This year the "Gold Ball"  was introduced...one per player per round.  If a HR was hit with the Gold Ball...then it counted as 2 Hr's...

Chris Cavanaugh is the 2005 Home Run Champion


2005 MVP is Chris Cavanaugh




Highlights for weeks 1 and 2

Week # 1                    Weeks 3 & 4              Weeks 5 & 6             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9 & 10 

Opening Day !!!- Sunday April 17th --Week #1 

Game #1:  Brooks: 9:30 AM  New Team vs Blazing Cannons-W

In the first game of their doubleheader, the Blazing Cannons got off to a strong start, beating the New Team, 27-16. Bill Heddendorf had a HR, and just missed hitting for the cycle. Lee "Doc" Emory also homered. Rookies Rob "Scandal" Countess, Matt Nolan, and Jeff Lilly came up big. Tom Healy walked just one batter, returning player Chris "Radar Glove" Countess had a couple of key hits. Dan Sullivan went 5-5 with 3 doubles in a pair of jeans. After the game, the Blazing Cannons were overheard saying "Mike who? ? ?"


Game #2:  Brooks11:00 AM  Blazing Cannons vs Pogue Mahon-W

It was a great opening day and I am glad to say Pogue Mahon is on the board with a win against Blazing Cannons 17 to 16.  It was a great game that was fought hard by both teams. 


Game #3  Brooks:  12:30 PM    Flakes-W vs Road Kill

Flakes 14 - Road Kill 6

After going down 1-2-3 (on just three pitches) in the top of the first against new Road Kill pitcher Kevin Ross, the Flakes put together a balanced hitting attack for the remainder of the game as they scored in 5 of the remaining 6 innings.  The balanced hitting was led with three hits apiece from Jim Tarzy, Bill Steffen, and John Iadanza.  Bill Steffen's debut as pitcher was a big success as he kept the Road Kill batters off-balance all day.  The Flakes overall defense was outstanding.


Game #4  Brooks:  2:00 PM    Chico's vs Flakes-W

Flakes 8 - Chico's 5

In the second game of their opening day doubleheader, the Flakes continued to play some fundamentally sound softball in beating last year's runner-ups by a score of 8 to 5.  Despite playing with only 9 players (where is Tom Roth anyway), Bill Steffen baffled the potent Chico's line-up all day, highlighted with a swinging strike out of Jeff Bednar.  The Flakes again supported Steffen with outstanding defensive play in both the infield and the 3 man outfield.  On the offensive side of the game, John Iadanza intimidated Doug "Auggie" Wagner into walking him his first two times at the plate.  When Wagner finally decided to challenge him in his next two bats, Iadanza responded with two solid singles.  In a game that never felt as close as the final score indicated, Johnny Rath iced it with a two run homer in the bottom of the sixth.  Scott Chappel and Frank Loesche were each two for three in this game.  Chappell also contributed some great plays in right field and Loesche called a great game behind the plate.  Bill Steffen rounded out his outstanding day with another three hits.


Game #5:  Brooks: 3:30 pm     Nicklebee's-W vs After Hours

Nicklebee's beat After Hours, 16-10.

It was a hell of a game.  Nicklebee's jumped out to an early comfortable lead only to see After Hours crawl their way back to a 10-10 tie in the
top of the 7th.  Nicklebee's piled back six more runs, and with the bases loaded, a double play knocked out After Hours chances for any runs.  It was one of the best games played in a long time.


Game #6:  Brooks: 5:00 pm     Hot Shots-W vs Vandelay Industries

Hot Shots - 17
V.I. - 13

The new and improved Hot Shots once again regained the lead, this time in the top of the sixth and did not allow any more scoring.  Lead Off/LC Bill Fields lead the way with a double and a triple going .750 with 3 runs and 4 RBIs.  Doubles also came from Darren Smith, Josh Federovitch, and Sam Shively.  Steve Bond went 3-3 and was responsible for scoring 2 runs and an RBI.


Week # 2

Game #1:  Wilson:  12:00 AM  -Chicos' -W vs Roadkill

Chico’s Bailbonds bounced back from an embarrassing defeat to a 9 member Flakes squad a week before.  The team was led on offense by Home Runs from Justin Daley (lucky) and Bill Aldridge (fast) and a triple by Bob Buchanon (should’ve been a home run but Chico Wiker still doesn’t know how to run bases).  The ‘Kill, not playing to their late 90’s form early on in the game, closed the gap late in the inning when the bats came alive (and the Bud cans kicked in) to make the score a respectable 18 to 11.  ‘Kill 1B – Shawn Pringle was not available for this game because his wife told him so. 

Game MVP honors went to Left Centerfielder Greg AngrEm$yaeryeR who will be awarded the newly anointed Chico’s MVP trophy the “Sombrero” at the team’s next game (assuming Commissioner Urban doesn’t hit the panic button and cancel all of our games due to potential rain).  The Sombrero will be passed from one Chico’s MVP to another after earning the right after each game.  Look for the Sombrero when Gregg Anermnem;yder$ leads his team onto the field against the Fakes for a Friday night fight on May 13th!



Game #2:  Brooks: 9:30 AM  - No Game


Game #3:  Brooks11:00 AM    Nicklebees-W vs Hot Shots

Nicklebees came to the games short a man or two from normal and battled the Hot Shots even until the 5th inning when Nicklebee's rallied for 10 runs without an out.  Lou Salvatore, Lane Lundberg and Greg Armbruster lead the team each going 5-6.Chris Cavanaugh almost hit for the cycle having a HR, Double Single and K...all he needed was a triple. Nicklebee's won 22-11


Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 PM    After Hours-  Vs Blazing Cannons


Game #5  Brooks:  2:00 PM    Vandelay Industries W  vs Pogue Mahon


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm     Stew Doggz  W vs Flakes

StewDoggz 26  Flakes 13

The three-time defending champion StewDoggz came out pounding the ball against the Flakes.  Only three batters into the game, Schaeff hit a three-run homer, and then Big Al made it back-to-back with a centerfield bomb.  The Flakes came back to tie the game at 6 in the bottom of the third inning.  But the top of the fourth saw the ‘Doggz catch fire at the plate.  They blew it open, scoring 10 times with the help of home runs from Larry and Spalding.  Three innings and 10 runs later, the StewDoggz had their first victory of the 2005 season beating the Flakes 26-13.  A stellar game on the mound was turned in by The Unit who walked none until the sixth inning, made some outstanding plays in the field, and was perfect at the plate.  J-Bone and Spalding had four-hit games, and home runs were also hit by Kender and Hot Sauce giving the ‘Doggz six dingers in the game.


Game #7:  Brooks: 5:00 pm     New Team vs Stew Doggz-W

StewDoggz 29  New Team 13, 5 innings

The StewDoggz won their second game of the day, again behind their powerful bats.  They hit five home runs in this contest, which was ended after five innings because of the mercy rule.  For the second time in as many games, every member of the ‘Doggz had at least one hit.  They jumped on the New Team early and often, building a 29-4 lead before the Newbians plated nine in the bottom of the fifth.  Unfortunately though, they needed to score 10 to extend the game another inning.  Big Al, J-Bone, and The Unit had four hits apiece.  Home runs were turned in by Big Al, Kender, Sweaty, Schaeff, and Hot Sauce.


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Hit Counter

Highlights for weeks 3 and 4

Week # 3                  Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 5 & 6             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9 & 10 


Game #1:  Wilson:  12:00 AM  -

Rain Out


Game #2:  Brooks: 9:30 AM  -Rain Out


Game #3:  Brooks11:00 AM    Rain Out


Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 PM  Blazing Cannon-W vs New Team- Make up

The Blazing Cannons used team defense to defeat the New Team 12-3 in a makeup game at Wilson field. Everyone hit for the Blazing Cannons, who doubled their win total from last year. Tom Healy notched another strike out, while rookie of the year candidate Rob "Scandal" Countess continued to hit.


Game #5  Brooks:  2:00 PM    Rain Out


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm     Rain Out


Game #7:  Brooks: 5:00 pm     StewDoggz-W vs RoadKill

StewDoggz 21  Road Kill 6

The only game played on Sunday was between the StewDoggz and Road Kill.  Both teams chipped in before the game to get the wet infield playable, and after a half hour’s work the game was underway shortly after 5:00.  The ‘Doggz jumped out on the Kill early with an eight-run first inning, powered by a pair of three-run homers by Schaeff and Hot Sauce, helping the first six batters of the game to score.  The same two lefty sluggers also added solo shots later in the game.  The StewDoggz put up another eight-run outburst in the third, and led 16-1 before Road Kill came up in the bottom half.  From that point on, the game was pretty non-eventful as the ‘Doggz coasted to their third victory of the young season.  The Unit turned in another fine performance on the mound and kept the kitchen closed up the middle.  Lead-off man J-Bone had three hits, setting the table nicely, and Sausage went 4 for 4 with 4 RBI’s.


Week # 4 

Game #1:  Wilson 12:00 Noon  Flakes-W vs New Team

Flakes beat new team 12-5

Game #2:  Brooks: 9:30 AM  RoadKill-W vs Pogue Mahon


Game #3:  Brooks11:00 AM   StewDoggz vs Nicklebee's- W

Nicklebee's came to play keeping the 2004 champs to only 11 runs through 7 innings.  A recent acquisition (thank you StewDoggz) of Dennis Fininzio gave the Home Run power (3 Hr's for the day). Including a walk off game winning HR in the bottom of the 7th.  Lane Lundberg went 4-5 adding to the offense.  Greg Armbruster pitched excellent notching another win.  Nicklebee's is in 1st place after week 4


Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 PM   After Hours-W vs Chico's

After Hours Beat Chico's in a 6-4 win


Game #5  Brooks:  2:00 PM   Hot Shots vs Flakes-W

Flakes beat Hot Shots 27-10


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm     Vandelay Ind. vs Hot Shots


Game #7:  Brooks: 5:00 pm     Vandelay Ind. vs Blazing Cannons




Highlights for weeks 5 and 6

Week # 5                    Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9 & 10 

Game #1:  Wilson 12:00 Noon  Flakes-W vs Vandelay Ind.

No information sent

Game #2:  Brooks: 9:30 AM   Rescheduled for 2:00 at Neeta- see below game


Game #3:  Brooks2:00 PM   Chicos vs Nicklebee's- W

Nicklebee's continued their winning streak beating Chico's 9-4.  Coach Cavanaugh 4-4 and newly aquired "legal"  players Eric Brady 4-4 and Jeff B. 3-4 powered the offense while Jack Schaub kept Chico's from any Hr's in left field.  Greg Armbruster pitched another great win keeping a quiet Chico's off balance most of the game.


Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 PM   RoadKill -vs  New Team- not played??????


Game #5  Brooks:  2:00 PM   RoadKill -W vs Blazing Cannons

No information sent


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm     Pogue Mahon vs Hot Shots-W

Hot Shots      - 18
Pogue Mahon - 10
In a very competetive and crowd pleasing game the Irish jumped out to an eary lead up 9 - 4 after 2.  The Hot Shots finally woke up offensively and out scored Pogue Mahon 14 - 1 the last 5 innings.  Sam Shively was 4-4 with a triple and two doubles, Jimmy Clancy was also 4-4 with a double, Bill Fields was 3-4 with two triples, Josh Federovitch stayed hot going 2-3 with a HR, Chet Beaston was 2-3 with a HR, and Paul Molinari went 3-4.


Game #7:  Brooks: 5:00 pm     StewDoggz-W vs After Hours

StewDoggz 22  After Hours 5, 6 innings
The StewDoggz rebounded nicely from last week's loss to Nicklebees by routing After Hours in a game cut short after six innings.  Historically, After Hours has given the 'Doggz fits, but not on this day.  After a slow start, a 6-run third inning and an 8-run fourth put the StewDoggz in the driver's seat for good.  The 'Doggz got their edge by playing small ball with 24 singles in the game and good baserunning.  The only home run was hit by Hot Sauce, his league-lead tying fifth of the season.  The Unit, Big Al, Larry, Kender, and Sausage all had three hits apiece.  The Unit picked up his fourth win of the year on the hill with a solid performance, except for walking "Eagle-eye" Pete Amodeo twice.





Week # 6

Game #1:  Neeta at 9:30  New Team vs Nicklebee's  -W

The New Team came out and took an early 1-0 lead in the first but Nicklebee's woke up scored 11 to win 11-3  Eric Brady came to life going 5-5 while Chris Cavanaugh and Jack Schaub both went 4-5. 

Game #2:  Brooks: 9:30 AM  Flakes  -W vs Blazing Cannons

Flakes beat Cannons 21-7


Game #3:  Brooks11:00 AM    Pogue Mahon -W vs New Team


Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 PM    Vandelay Industries  -Wvs Chicos'

Vandelay upset Chico's in an 8-4 win


Game #5  Brooks:  2:00 PM    Nicklebee's  -Wvs Pogue Mahon

This game was closer than in looks for the majority of the time.  Score was tie going into the 6th when Nicklebee's starting with a Lane Lundberg Double and scoring 6 that inning.  Nicklebee's, this time with 4 outfielders won this one against Pogue 15-7


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm     Chico's  -W vs StewDoggz  12-11

Chic's upset StewDoggz 12-11 in 9 innings


Game #7:  Brooks: 5:00 pm     RoadKill  -W vs After Hours

Is RoadKill back? In the late game Sunday RoadKill blasted After Hours
13-7 in a game that was not that close. Having lost 6 out of there last
7 to After Hours during the regular season Road Kill finally broke out
of their hitting slump by collecting 20 hits.  Three 3 hits a piece from
Columbus ( the new number 2 hitter ),
KJR, Jonesey, and Rock fueled this
win. Cahill was back on the mound collecting his 3rd straight win to
pull the Kill back to 500. Next weeks game against the undefeated
Nicklebees should prove exciting.

Game #8:  Brooks: 5:00 pm     Hot Shots vs StewDoggz-W

Game with the Hot Shots on Sunday was 17-2, 5 innings




Highlights for weeks 7 and 8

Week # 7                   Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 5 & 6            Weeks 9 & 10 


Game #1:  Neeta: 12:30 Noon Vandelay Industries -W vs Flakes

Game 1 a  Neeta @ 9:30  Chico's - W vs Blazing Cannons...

Chico's won in a slugfest 4-3


Game #2  Brooks:  9:30 am

StewDoggz 15  Vandelay Industries 10

Fresh off their upset of Chico’s the week before, Vandelay Industries looked primed to do it again, but this time to the StewDoggz.  With a five-run first inning, they jumped out to an early lead.  Not until the bottom of the third inning did the ‘Doggz take over.  They put five on the board that inning to take a 10-8 lead.  Another four runs in the fourth gave the StewDoggz the extra cushion they needed.  Each team only scored one run after that, ending in a 15-10 final.  LivDogg picked up his second win of the year on the mound.  At the plate, it was a well-balanced attack for the ‘Doggz with the main highlight being Hot Sauce’s 4 for 4 performance including his league-leading 6th home run of the season.  Hey, anybody seen “oh-fer” Schaeff???  He was last seen at Brooks Field trying to buy a hit.


Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 RoadKill vs Nicklebee's- W

Nicklebee's hit the ball and thumped RoadKill 26-10 in 5 innings.  Chris Cavanaugh lead the assault going 4-4 with a 3 run HR to finish the game.  Gregg Armbruster pitched another great game and helping the cause with his first HR of the year.  A long time player Scott Kelly returned to the line up and added to the 26 run total. 


Game #5:  Brooks: 2:00 pm After Hours vs Nicklebee's -W

Tired after playing RoadKill....Nicklebee's came out and quickly scored 6 runs to take a 6-2 lead...  Rob..."superfly"...Weber hit a triple to start the offense going. Gregg Armbruster hit his second HR of the year and recorded another pitching win. The heat kept the bats quiet and Nicklebee's walked away with their 9th win. 


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm Hot Shots-W vs After Hours

Hot Shots - 14
After Hours - 8
After Hours lead 4-2 after one but the Hot Shots were able to string together 7 runs in the second to take the lead for good.  A home run from Big Ben Brick, a triple from red hot Kevin Reilly, along with a double from Jim Paga added the punch to the offense.  Quality pitching from Sam Shively and the Hot Shot defense allowed no runs to score in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and the 7th.


Game #7:  Brooks: 5:00 pm     New Team vs Hot Shots-W

Hot Shots - 13
New - 4
The Hot Shot offense stayed hot with another home run and a triple from Big Ben Brick, a home run from Josh Federovitch, and doubles from Darren Smith, Kevin Reilly(6-6), Sam Shively, and Gary McGeever.  The Hot Shots get to .500 on the season with an overall good performance from the whole team.



Week # 8

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:30 Noon Hot Shots vs Blazing Cannons- make up game

Hot Shots - 7 
Blazing Cannons - 3
The make up game between the Hot Shots and the Cannons was tied at 1 through 3 innings.  The Hot Shots scored 1 in the 4th to take the lead and scored 4 more in the 6th and 1 in the top of the 7th.  A rally by the Cannons fell short as they scored 2 in the 7th.  The Hot Shot offense was highlighted by  Homers from Karl Baumbach and Ben Brick, a triple from Bill Fields, and a double from Troy Chenier.


Game 1 a  Neeta @ 2:30  Flakes -W vs Chico's- make up game

Flakes 7, Chico's 5

In a sluggishly played game in which the most emotion displayed was during a discussion involving the use of bats, the Flakes beat an undermanned Chico's squad by a score of 7-5.  The Flakes jumped on Chico's with a 5 run first inning, but only managed two more runs the rest of the way.  The offensive star of the game was Johnny Rath who went 3 for 3 including a triple and a homerun (John is still trying to catch his breath).



Game #2  Brooks:  9:30 am  New Team vs After Hours-W  20-6



Game #3  Brooks:  11:00 am After Hours-W 11-10  vs Vandelay Industries 



Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 Pogue Mahon vs Chico's

The final score was Chico’s 16 and Pogue Mahon 10.  Chico’s played a great game with lots of heart and wanted the win.  Their W was solidly earned.  Pogue Mahon still facing the one bad inning challenge wasn’t able to catch up after “the bad inning” but fought their hearts out to the end.  Both sides enjoyed the comradely of the other teams with good sportsmanship and a few laughs as well. 



Game #5:  Brooks: 2:00 pm  RoadKill -W vs Hot Shots

Road Kill improved to 5-4 with an 8-4 victory over the Hot Shots in a game marked by spectacular defense. KJR's 3 run bomb ( 2-3)to dead center sparked the Kill's 5 run sixth which broke open a 2-2 tie. All stars Lou hot bat continued (2-2 with Sac Fly) and Tucci's stellar glove ( 2-3) at third highlighted the win for the Kill. Awesome defensive plays by Clarkie (2-3), Rally and Cheapo killed potential rallys in the 3rd, 4th and 5th innings.


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm  Blazing Cannons vs StewDoggz-W

StewDoggz 15  Blazing Cannons 5
The StewDoggz jumped out to a 10 - 1 lead after two innings and never looked back.  The Unit picked up another win on the hill.  Offensive stars for the 'Doggz were Hot Sauce going 4 for 4, Larry and Spalding 3 for 4, Kender with 4 RBI's, and Big Al with his third homer of the season.


Game #7:  Brooks: 5:00 pm    Flakes -W vs Nicklebee's

Nicklebee's lost their first season game to a hard hitting Flakes 24-12. 

The Flakes played their most well rounded game of the year in handing Nicklebees their first loss of the season.  After four innings, the Flakes held a one run advantage at 9-8.  However, in the fifth inning the Flakes exploded for 9 runs, highlighted by homers by John Rath, Ron Kornafel, and Jim Tarzy.  In their best offensive effort of the season, the Flakes had 7 players with three hits apiece while Darrin Doyle was a perfect 4 for 4.  It must also be mentioned that Bill Steffen
K'd Cav in the bottom of the first inning, looking at two strikes in a row. Ron Kornafel returned the "K" favor in the sixth on a 3rd strike knuckleball.  Jeff Uccello of Nicklebee's went 4-4 and scored 3 and knocked in 3 runs.





Highlights for week 9 and 10

Week # 9                  Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 5 & 6            Weeks 7 & 8 


Game #1:  Neeta: 12:30 Noon MAKE UP- After Hours -W vs Pogue Mahon

After Hours won 4-2


Game #2  Brooks:  9:30 am Flakes vs After Hours-W

After Hours won 9-8


Game #2  Brooks:  11:00 am New Team vs Vandelay Industries-W



Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 RoadKill -W vs Vandelay Industries

Road Kill squeaked out a 3-2 thriller against Vandelay Industries. KJR's solo shot, the first to land in the street for Road Kill this year, proved to be the difference. And yes he used a real bat. Unbelievable defense by both teams kept the score down. R Cahill had a shut out going until the sixth. Road Kill's  double header against NB's and After Hrs next week should prove to be exciting as they try and position themselves for the playoffs.


Game #5:  Brooks: 2:00 pm  Pogue Mahon vs StewDoggz-W

StewDoggz 15  Pogue Mahon 8

This game started out looking like a close one.  The StewDoggz sent out a new pitcher to start the game, and after 2 1/3 innings, Brian “Padilla” Anton (aka BA) had to be pulled in favor of the veteran meatballer, Schaeff.  After the defense let BA down in the first inning, giving up five unearned runs, he ran into some more trouble in the third when he gave his Vicente Padilla impersonation and couldn’t find the plate.  All in all, not a bad job by the rookie hurler though, showing some signs of being a potential four or five starter in the future.  Now back to the game itself.  The Irish jumped out to a 5-1 lead thanks to that five-run first, and still led 7-5 after 3 innings.  But in the fourth, the StewDoggz took over for good by scoring six runs.  They never looked back and closed out the win 15-8.  A balanced attack saw seven ‘Doggz have multi-hit games, including The Unit going 4 for 4.


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm  Blazing Cannons vs Nicklebee's-W

It took 3 pitchers to beat the spiritually lead Blazing Cannons.  Joe Schlindwein and Gregg Armbruster lead the team in hitting.  Nicklebee's clinched 1st place for the playoffs seeding with the win today.


Game #7:  Brooks: 5:00 pm     Hot Shots vs Chico's-W

Chico's won 8-7


Week #10


Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon Nicklebee's-W vs RoadKill

Nicklebee's beat RoadKill 6-5


Game #2:  Brooks:  9:30  am  Pogue Mahon vs Hot Shots

Hot Shots -11
Pogue Mahon -4
On a soggy field, the Hot Shot infield turned in a real gem, specifically Gold Glove canidates Mike Donaldson (SS) and Karl Baumbach (1rst).  Rookie sensation Ben Brick added another HR totalling six on the season, while rookie Darren Smith went 4-4 with another double.  Pitcher Sam Shively helped his cause going 2-3 and scoring 2 runs.  Karl Baumbach was also 2-3, rookie Paul Molinari went 2-3 with a double, and Mike Donaldson shocked himself recording a double and two runs scored. Hot shots played well today and gave the Pogues there habitual one bad inning and ran in some serious runs.  Pogues tried to rally but the damage was done and we ran out of time.  Congratulations to the Hot Shots!


Game #3  Brooks:  11:00     Pogue Mahon vs New Team

Pogue Mahon (W 16-8) vs. New Team

One good thing about the Pogues is that we are definitely a warm up team.  Thanks to our first game we were ready for our second game with the New Team and our bats as well as our fielding came alive.  The New Team put in a valiant effort and great sportsmanship but the Irish would not be denied victory!  Thanks to the New Team for a great game and good luck in the playoffs.  They are a great bunch of guys.   


Game #4  Brooks:  12:30 Noon    Blazing Cannons-W vs Vandelay Industries

Blazing Cannons 20
Vandaley Industries 18
In a hard fought and entertaing game, the Blazing Cannons beat Vandaley Industries 20 to 18. Bennett hit a grand slam, and had 9 RBI's on the day. The 7,8, and 9 hole hitters of Robert Ferenz, Scott Morrow, and Bennett all went 4-4. The team was so happy to get a win, everyone went back to Billy's house and did keg stands


Game #5:  Brooks: 2:00 pm     After Hours vs RoadKill-W

Shawn Pringle had game winning hit to put RoadKill up 6-5 for the win


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:30 pm     Chico's vs StewDoggz

Chicos beat StewDoggz 16-11 in extra innings


Game #7:  Brooks: 5:00 pm    Flakes -Wvs StewDoggz- make up game

Flakes beat StewDoggz 9-7



Playoff changes will be made check times...playoffs begin Sunday..Click here for the playoff schedule...

The 2005 Commissioner is Joe Urban