2004 Medford Lakes Softball Season Archives

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Mark Cannon...has unfortunately passed on due to cancer. Mark will be sadly missed by many who have enjoyed his kind heart and friendly outgoing  personality.  "If you keep someone in your heart and in your thoughts; they are still very close by."



2004 Softball Year End Results

Year end celebration, All Star game and Home Run Derby were a great success.... pictures are posted...click on the below links to see...

StewDoggz make it three in a row beating a "confident" Chico's at Shawnee...pics are done and posted....Finals- Pictures and details ...click here....

back row:  Zach Magulick, Alan Anton, Bryan Livingston, Dan Schaeffer, Brian Anton, Dan Nixon, Brett Summerville (with son Nate)
front row:  Mike Collins, Bill Sutphin, Jared Coughlin, Scott Kentrus (coach), Craig Kenderdine
kneeling:  Brian Kerstetter, Aaron Harty (with mascot Brac)

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2004 Pictures and details....

Sunday 2004 celebration details...Click here Quick view of playoff schedule....  
First Weekend Playoffs- Pictures and game details...Click here... Home Run Derby- 2004  
Following Saturday playoff pictures & game details...Click here... Sunday Party Pics Flood Pictures of Beach one and Upper Aetna Dam
Finals- Pictures and game details...click here.... 2004 All-Star and award winners click here..... Another Retirement announcement click here for details about Mike Robinson

The 2004 Commissioner is Tom Wiker

 2004 League Stats ( Teams and Players)    

2004 Season standings- Playoffs after Sat 7/31-

Overall Team Division Record Division Record Division Place Season place Playoff record Overall record Final Standings  
1 StewDoggz Tastes Great 9-4 5-3 2 4th


2 Chico Bail Bonds Tastes Great 10-3 7-1 1 2nd 3-1      
3 Lakes Flakes Tastes Great 8-5 4-4 3 5th 3-2



4 Roadkill Less Filling 9-4 6-2 2




5 Nicklebee's Less Filling 12-1 7-0 1  1st 1-2



After Hours

Tastes Great 8-5 4-4 4  6th 1-2


7 Hot Shots Less Filling 5-8 3-4 3 7th




8 Bulls Less Filling 2-10 1-4 4 8th 1-2 3-12      8th  
9 Trailblazers Tastes Great 1-12 0-7 5 9th 0-2 1-14 9th  
10 Pogue Mahon Less Filling 0-11 0-5 5 10th 0-2 0-13 10th  

Individual players: Top players in each category....This stats section will only work if the information is E-mailed to this site. If you are not listed it is because it was not sent....... 

2004 Player Stats-Season- season completed...all 13 games...  ......playoffs not included

  Players Avg. AB min of 25   Player - Doubles Player - Triples


Player - HR's The "K" List- incl. foul outs
1 Ralph Vanaman .840   Jack Schaub.....11 Ralph Vanaman...4   1 * Chris Cavanaugh.15 Chris McCrum....7
2 Jason Braatz ..793   Bill Heddendorf.....10 Greg Armbruster...3 2 Jason Braatz....10 John Hammond...3
3 Brent Blanchard  .769   Jim Tarzy....8 Bill Steffen....3 3 Dan Schaeffer....8 Mike Clark...3-L
4 Jack Schaub .762   Alan Anton....8 John Scullion....2 4 Kevin Ross....7 Brian Kerstetter...2
5 Chris Cavanaugh .741   Ralph Vanaman....8 Dan Schaeffer ...2 5 Tom Wiker....7 Scott Kentrus...2-L
6 Bill Steffen .737 Jared Coughlin...8 Brad Mauger....2 6 Bill Steffen......5

Rob Weber....1-L

7 Jim Clancey .737   Joe Cruz....7 Zach Magulick ...2 7 Ron Kornafel....5 Jim Githens...1-L
8 Ernie Ley .720   Justin Daley....7 Brian Kerstetter...2 8 * Bob Roth....5 John Burger...1-L
9 Steve Jones .706   John Donahue....6 Joe Cruz....2 9 Josh Federovitch..5

Lane Lundberg..1L

9 John Donahue .697   Chet Beaston....6 Chris Shultz....2 10 * Jack Schaub....4 Zach Magulick 1
10 Rich Barnett .696   Gary McGeever...5 Dennis McFaddon.2   11 Greg Armbruster...4 Rusty Cahill.1
11 Josh Federovitch .690   Tom Wiker....5     12 Rich Barnett...4 Lou Stephen....1
12 Shawn Pringle


  Chris Cavanaugh...5     13 Jerry Campagna...4 Ernie Schanck....1
13 Lou Stephen .684   Jason Braatz....5 Many w/1   Many with 3 Drew Wagner.1L
14 Chris Shultz .679   Many with 4         Chris Cavanaugh.1L
15 Mike Wetterau .649             Jack Schaub....1
        * Past HR derby winners may participate The top 10 will be nominated to participate in the Home Run Derby Sunday Aug 1st. Click here for details..... Too many more to mention...anyone else is just lucky at this point..unless you get 2 K's



      2004 Season          

10 Teams &  13 games

Tastes Great Less Filling
After Hours- AH Bulls -BU    
Chico's Bail Bonds-CH Hot Shots-HS
Lakes Flakes-FL Nicklebee's-NB
Stew Doggz-SD Pogue Mahon-PM
TrailBlazers- TB  Roadkill -RK

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Ea  Opening Day-1 2 3 Mom 4 5   6 7 8 9   10 11 Makeups 12 13
Neeta Sun. April 18 April 25 May 2 Day May 16 May 23   June 6 June 13 June 20 June 27 July 4th July 11 July 18 July 25 Jul 31/Aug1
12:00 Neeta        HS vs PM TB vs FL PM vs CH         PM vs RK CH vs BU    NB vs AH TB vs NB Open TB vs SD   BU vs NB Open Play-offs Play-offs
1:30 Neeta   CH vs FL RK vs HS AH vs FL   SD vs AH   SD vs HS   Open Open Open HS vs BU   BU vs RK Open to the playoff schedule page please....  
3:00 Neeta   Open Open Open   Open Open   Open Open Open Open   Open Open    
4:30 Neeta   Open Open Open   Open Open   Open Open Open Open   Open Open    
10:30 Brooks   BU vs HS FL vs SD TB vs CH   CH vs NB RK vs AH   PMvs AH NB vs HS Open TB vs AH   PM vs HS Open    
12:00 Brooks   NB vsBU SD vs CH AH vs HS   FL vs NB TB vs RK   SD vs BU BU vs FL NB vsPM  


  RK vsPM PM vs BU- No game played    
1:30 Brooks   NB vs RK CH vs AH HS vs NB   HS vs FL TB vs PM   FL vs RK CH vs RK CH vs SD FL vs CH   AH vs SD AH vs CH- game to be played 6:15 Friday- 7/23    
3:00 Brooks   SD vs TB BU vs PM RK vs SD   AH vs BU FL vs PM   HS vs TB Open FL vs TB RK vs NB   SD vs FL      
4:30 Brooks   AH vs TB PM vs NB RK vs BU   BU vs TB NB vs SD   HS vs CH PM vs SD FL vs AH HS vs RK   CH vs TB Open    

"2004 Commissioner" Tom Wiker


Medford Lakes Softball Playoff Schedule 2004     

First weekend of the playoffs are July 25th.   The final weekend will be the following Saturday and Sunday July 31st and Aug. 1st...with the final game or games played on Sunday August 1st at 11:00 and 12:30 noon (if necessary).

   Sunday, July 25th     Saturday, July 31st       

        Sunday, August 1st   

  Time     Brooks  




      Time     Brooks


     Time    Shawnee- Completed...
  9:00   G-1 #6-After Hours-Wvs            #3 RoadKill   G-2 #9(TB) vs    #7 (Hot Shots)-W     10:30 G-13  W12Flakes-W vs L9 After Hours-     11:00   G-18 W17 (Chico's)vs W15StewDoggz-W-Champs
 10:30   G-3 W2Hot Shots vs#2 (Chico's)-W   G-4 #10(PM) v#8 (Bulls)-W     12:00 G-14 W8RoadKill-W vs L11(NB)     12:30   G-19- If necessary
  12:00   G-5  #5 Flakes vs # 4 StewDoggz-W G-6 L2(TB) -W vs   L4(PM)       1:30  G-15  W11StewDoggz-W vs W9(Chico's)      
   1:30   G- 7 W4 Bulls vs    #1(NB)-W G-8 L1RoadKillWvs L3Hot Shots       3:00   G-16  W14 RoadKillvs W13Flakes-W      
    3:00   G- 9 W3(Chico's)-W  vs W1 After Hours-   G-10 L5Flakes-W vs W6(TB)       4:30   G-17 W16 Flakesvs. L15(Chico's)-W      
 4:30 G-11  W7(NB) vs W5StewDoggz-W  G-12 W10Flakes-W vs L7Bulls            

Home team is the team with the better standing in the regular season...see the stats page for clarification: http://www.chillers.com/softstats.htm


NO back-door rule will apply.  The "Mercy rule" is not in effect during the playoffs.

This double elimination tournament bracketing came directly from a tournament playoff book....


(F) Designates forfeit.   Rain Out    Rescheduled

Note:  Tournament seeding will be based on a ten team standings. Home team is listed second and capitalized


** Rain-outs are to be re-scheduled by the teams independently. Sundays at 1:30, 3:00 and 4:30 PM at Neeta are the recommended times.  The July 18th weekend is also designated as a "make up"  weekend.  All games must be finished by 6:30 pm Sunday July 18th

** Winners coaches are responsible for calling in the game results (and highlights) to the Commish by Sunday evening or E-mailed to the Web page- Coaches should have this information

BROOKS     0-4-32
NEETA        4-18-8



Weekly Season Games 2004


Highlights for weeks 1 and 2

Week # 1                    Weeks 3 & 4              Weeks 5 & 6             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9 & 10 

Opening Day !!!- Sunday April 18th --Week #1 

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon (Hot ShotsW vs Pogue Mahon)

A valiant effort was turned in by the new Irish Pogue Mahon but all of the luck was with the offensive production of the Hot Shots.  Lead off Brent Blanchard went 4-4, completing the cycle, and scoring 5 runs.  Rich Barnett found a pitch over his shoulder to drive for his first home run of the season.  Gary McGeever went 4-4 and Dennis Staples went 3-3.  Doubles by Sam Shively and Josh Federovitch helped to produce the 21-1 final score.


Game #2:  Neeta: 1:30 Noon (Chico's Bail Bonds-W vs. Lakes Flakes

The much-anticipated opening day start between Chico's Bail Bonds and their arch rivals, the Lakes Flakes, turned out to be closer than Vegas predicted. Chico's, laying 10 runs in Vegas, started their first game in franchise history with an impressive 5 run 1st inning as team co-founder, Bob Roth, scored the first run against his former team.  From the start, Chico's not only showed its brilliance but also its dominance as Doug Wagner pitched a flawless game ending with a 1.18 ERA and struck out golden glove shortstop, Drew Wagner, down the stretch to secure the 12-9 win.  Game ball winner Jeff Bednar and his wife celebrated "Clown Game's" .1000 Avg. and his renewed stellar speed on the base path.  Robin had this to say about Jeff's performance, "The only thing Jeff didn't do was throw Iadanza out on the base path and that's because it's softball not hardball!"  Jeff also added "I always knew I was a dying asset on the Flakes, so I left with the 3 Flakes players that carried the team over the years."  Joe Urban, former Flake put on waivers, made a hand full of put outs and hit the ball hard.  Ralph "Shorts" Vanaman's hot bat and sleek play at shortstop had scouts wandering why and how the veteran has been passed up over the years for Golden Glove and All Star awards.  Co-founder, Tom Wiker spoke about Shorts and had this to say "Shorts is unstoppable and certainly the best player in the league outside of maybe Bob Buchanan, and Lil Bob??? Well, he's playing with us anyway"!  Co-founder and coach, Bob Roth is concerned with Chico's debut but knows that down the stretch, Chico's will be in the hunt, probably taking the top seed going into the playoffs.  Next stop for Chico's are Stew Doggz Stadium and than into After Hours Park for a Sunday double-header.


Game #3  Brooks:  10:30  (Bulls vs Hot Shots-W)

The new look Bulls and the Hot Shots lead off the '04 season with the opening game.  At the conclusion of the top half of the fourth the Bulls tied the game at 2.  A productive bottom half of the fourth gave the Hot Shots some breathing room with six runs scored even with coach Scullion hampering the team with a couple of poor calls as the Ump.  By the top of the sixth the Bulls rallied to pull within one run.  The Hot Shots answered with three insurance runs followed by some excellent defense to preserve the first win of the season.  11-7


Game #4  Brooks:  12:00 Noon (Nicklebee's Wvs. Bulls)

Nicklebee's started the season with another winner tradition beating the Bull's 25-7.  Dave Getchell lead Nicklebee's to the win going 5 for 6 with 4 runs and 4 RBI's.  The team, fielding only 9 players were able to keep the Bull's from scoring more than 7 runs.  Greg Arbruster notched his first pitching win.


Game #5:  Brooks: 1:30 pm Nicklebee's-W vs. Roadkill )

Nicklebee's continued their double header by scoring another 25 runs again RoadKill beating them 25-13.  Coach Chris Cavanaugh lead the scoring offence sending two Home run "moon-shots" off of Rusty Cahill.  Jack Schaub went 5 for 5 with 3 doubles and Lou Salvatore added to the run total  by going 5 for 6.  Game Note:  Greg "Wagner" Armbruster stepped onto the mound in the bottom of the 7th and K'd the last two RoadKill batters...looking.


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:00 pm (Stew Doggz -Wvs. TrailBlazers)\   21-2

The StewDoggz began defense of their back to back titles by beating an overmatched Trailblazers squad in six innings.  Scoring in every inning, the 'Doggz balanced attack was led by the top of their order (except "One-for" Kentrus).  Lead-off man J-Rod went 4 for 4 setting the table nicely.  Unfortunately, with Kentrus in the two-hole, he had to wait for Schaeffer to come up next every time to move him along the basepaths.  Schaeff turned in a 3 for 4 day, and following him up was Big Al who was absolutely killing the ball while going 4 for 4.  "Hot Sauce" Billy Sutphin was 4 for 4 with a double and a triple batting fifth, solidifying his status as the early leader for Rookie of the Year.  Also worth mentioning, is the appearance of LivDogg on the mound as the opening day starting pitcher.  There was much speculation about him not playing this year due to a foot injury, but he went out and pitched a shut-out until "Jose Mesa" Schaeffer came in to blow it, giving up the Blazers only two runs.  The lowlite for the 'Doggz was Brett Summerville going 0-for.  Apparently, a little side wager between him and Kentrus had him so rattled that he couldn't even challenge Kent's "One-for" performance.  Kent's still waiting for his money.


Game #7:  Brooks: 4:30 pm (After Hours vs WTrailBlazers-)

After Hours wins over the Trailblazers, 22 - 15.


Week # 2

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon Trailblazers vs FLakes- W

No details sent

Game #2:  Neeta: 1:30 Noon RoadKill-W vs Hot Shots

No details sent


Game #3  Brooks:  10:30 Flakes  vs StewDoggz--W

StewDoggz 18 Lakes  Flakes 3, 5 inn.
The 'Doggz came out and took care of business in this one, pounding the Flakes until the mercy rule took effect in the fifth inning.  Perfect days at the plate were turned in by the Big Voodoo Daddy, Schaeff, Hot Sauce, BA, and LivDogg.  Schaeff finally hit a homer and knocked in four runs.  He also earned his first win on the mound.  That's right folks, the 'Doggz have another pitcher now, so LivDogg can do all the fishing he wants during playoff time.


Game #4  Brooks:  12:00 Noon StewDoggz vs Chicos--W

Week two came and went as CMB's Chico's Bail Bonds visited Stew Doggz Stadium and recorded a 12-10 victory over the 2002/2003 MLSL champions.  The Doggz got off to a solid start as they led 7-2 midway thru the game, until Rich Lyon broke the game open with a late inning 2 out double.  The pitching of Doug Wagner stymied the bat of Dan Schaeffer as Schaeffer was only left with an opposite field hit.  Wagner said "I'm doing my job when premiere players such as Schaeffer are hitting opposite field and not sticking to their power.  And I have to give kudos to Livdog for a solid performance as he struck out our high priced talented John Hammond ".  The hot bats and gloves of Justin Daley, All-star shortstop Ralph Vanaman, Ernie Ley and red-hot Jeff Bednar, showed Coach's Roth and Wiker that Chico's has what it takes to win the big one even if it's an inaugural season.


Game #5:  Brooks: 1:30 pm Chico's  -W vs After Hours

The second half of Chico's double-header found them amongst the cold weather of After Hours Park, taking a commanding lead midway thru the game.  The cold weather went unnoticed as Justin Daley's bare pipes and sizzling bat provided the heat Chico's needed to sweep the After Hours 14-2.  Jason Bratts hit a dong or two, but it wasn't enough for the Hours to compete.  George Wiker, upset with his team's performance, hosted the post game party but was overheard on the phone with League representatives protesting the beating.  "I can't take it anymore!  My brother, Tom, gets the best of me every year.  If something's not done soon, I might jump off my kids rope swing into the lake"!


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:00 pm Bulls -W vs Pogue Mahon

The Bulls won their first game 15-9 over Pogue Mahon. Chris Rakoczy notched the win aided by the one legged cat like catching of battery mate Brian Rife.  Rakoczy and Rife were backed up by seven Bulls in the field playing great defense for all but one inning. Bob "Otis" Nixon paced the Bulls attack going 4-4 with a walk.  Chris Rakoczy, Stace McDonald, Greg Smith, and Chris McCrum all had three hits.  Brian Rife won the team's Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull player of the game honors.


Game #7:  Brooks: 4:30 pm Pogue Mahon vs Nicklebee's -W

Nicklebee's continued it's un-beaten streak with another heavy win over Pogue Mahon 32-13 in 4 innings. Chris Cavanaugh lead the team hitting a league record 4 home runs...some of which could have left Citizens Bank Park. Greg Armbruster notched another win and hit for the cycle ( Hr, Triple, Double and Single). Joe Cruz, back from pro-ball in Puerto Rico...hit 5-5 with two Hr's and a double. Scott Kelly was also perfect in the days outing going 3-3 with a stand up triple. Nicklebee's has scored 82 runs in the last 3 games.



Highlights for weeks 3 and 4

Week # 3                  Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 5 & 6             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9 & 10 

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon Pogue Mahon vs Chico's -W

Chicoís beats Pogue Mahon 3-0 to post a 5-0 first place record.  Tom Wiker led the way after hitting his 3rd home run this season to put away Pogue Mahon in the 6th inning.  Angermeyer and Lyon batted .1000 as Hammond struck out a 2nd time this year!

Game #2:  Neeta: 1:30 Noon After Hours vs Flakes-W

 No details sent


Game #3  Brooks:  10:30 Trailblazers vs Chico's-W

Chicoís got off to another solid start Sunday, knocking off the Trailblazers 13-7.  With team Cpt Roth on the hill, Chicoís rallied behind the 15 feet arc and 40mph quick pitch the Blazers faced.  Rothís exceptional height and velocity sent former Blazers coach, Mark Cannon, fishing for an ASA rule book regarding, rule 123-7-4. Unsuccessful on his journey, Cannon returned to watch some turncoats, Buchanan and Daley, out play the run down T-Blazers late in the game.  Tom Wiker and John Hammond broke the game open after posting a couple of dongs mid game.  Vanaman, Hammond, and Lyon batted .1000 to assist in the win.  BTW, Hammond didnít strike out this game.


Game #4  Brooks:  12:00 Noon After Hours-W vs Hot Shots

No details sent


Game #5:  Brooks: 1:30 pm Hot Shots vs Nicklebee's-W

Nicklebee's continued their undefeated season with another win over the Hot Shots 20-10   Our newest player Scott Zelinski came out hitting his first at bat. Dave Getchell and Lou Salvatore led the team in hitting, each going 4-4 while Cavanaugh, Armbruster and Schaub continued to go "yard".  John Burger, fresh from for playing ball in the "Caribbean" league, had a "K"  for his first at bat this year but came back to finish 3-4 for the day.  Our "effort of the day"  goes to Joe Schlindwein for a lay out diving catch into the lake in right field- although Joe was soaked he managed to keep the cigar in perfect condition.


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:00 pm  Road Kill vs StewDoggz

Game one of a double header was a thriller as Road Kill pounded out 32 hits to crush the Doggz 30 -24 giving them their 2nd consecutive loss. Kevin Ross batting 10th (something about Church) hit three homers to lead Kill to the victory. 10 consecutive hits in the 8 run 2nd started the blitz highlighted by a mammoth opposite field home run by Sergeant Ditty. Road Kill scoring in every inning broke the game open by scoring 6 in the 6th and 7th over what look like a disinterested and sloppy Stew Doggz team.


Game #7:  Brooks: 4:30 pm Road Kill vs Bulls

Game two saw Road Kill continue the hitting barrage as they beat the over- matched Bulls 24-8 in a 5 inning mercy rule game. Home runs by KJR (5th of the year), Cheapo, Rally and R Cahill fueled this win. Steve Jones, Pringle, Ray Ray, and the rest of the squad including Dan Ross all continued to pound the ball to complete the sweep. Back to back fine defensive efforts by Wayno, Pauly, and Bif with excellent 2nd game leather led by Rolls, Ray Ray, Clarkie and Jonesy pushed Road Kill to 3-1 entering a bye week. Road Kill is hopeful gold glove Timmy Dean's injury is not serious. 


Week # 4 

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon Pogue Mahon vs Road Kill-W

Road Kill continued to pound the ball as they crushed the Pogue Man 26-5 at Neeta. Wayno, Pringle,(HR) Lou and KJR (now 15-16 for the year) all had perfect days pushing Road Kill to 4-1 for the year. All 16 guys had at least 2 hits including Kookie who was quoted as saying "I'm back for good and I want to play all 7 innings"!!!. Other highlights and Road Kill weekly awards went to Ditty, Kook, Clarkie(2nd K of the year) and Coach Cahill who struck out looking for the first time in his career. 

No details sent....

Game #2:  Neeta: 1:30 Noon StewDoggz vs After Hours-W 7-6


Game #3  Brooks:  10:30 Chico's  vs Nicklebee's W-8-7

A long awaited game between two undefeated teams came down to a game saving catch by Rob Weber deep in the outfield, a 3 run Homer by Joe Cruz and a 7th inning rally from Lou Salvatore, Greg Armbruster and Chris Cavanaugh to come from behind to win 8-7.

ASA rules falter as Chico's goes down swinging! The battle of the undefeated went wire to wire as Nicklebee's edged Chico's 8-7.  Greg Armbruster's, (non sanctioned ASA) USSSA pitching style and Lane Lundberg's cat like reflexes triggered Chico's bats to fade in the late innings to keep the game in check for Nickelbee's.  Only down by one run in
the 7th, Chris Cavanaugh came up "BIG", hitting  the game winning single putting Nicklebee's all alone at the top of the MLSL
.  Strike outs were recorded by both pitchers as the most notable k sat down "WILD THING" John
Hammond, his 4th of the year.


Game #4  Brooks:  12:00 Noon Flakes vs Nicklebee's W 18-5

Nicklebee's too care of the Flakes quickly putting 6 runs on the board in the first inning, combined with another 6 in the second.  Pitcher Greg Armbruster was on base all four times.  Bill Zelinski and Joe Schlindwein came out today both going 3-4. Chris Cavanaugh rocked the house again with another multi home run outing. Lane Lundberg and Dave Getchell had great defense turning double plays. Nicklebee's went on the win 18-5 .


Game #5:  Brooks: 1:30 pm Hot Shots vs Flakes W

No details sent....


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:00 pm After Hours-W 13-8  vs Bulls

No details sent....


Game #7:  Brooks: 4:30 pm Bulls -W 15-10 vs Trailblazers

No details sent....



Highlights for weeks 5 and 6

Week # 5                    Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9 & 10 

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon CH -Wvs BU 

 No details sent

Game #2:  Neeta: 1:30 Noon SD-W vs HS

StewDoggz 32  Hot Shots 4,  5 inn.
The 'Doggz came out pounding the ball putting up 16, 10, and 6 in the first three innings to go up 32 - 0.  Perfect days at the plate were turned in by Hot Sauce and Sweaty.  Home runs were hit by J-Bone (2), Larry (1), and Summertime (1).  The Big Voo earned the win in his first start of the year, and at times looked unhittable.  Where has this been all season?  It looks like the sleeping giant is awake.


Game #3  Brooks:  10:30 RK vs AH-W

This game one was a bore as After Hrs squeaked out a 9-8 victory that was not even that close. Road Kill bats fell silent as After Hours beat them for the third consecutive time. The only highlight of this game was Mark Mattesonís party after the game.  Rumor had it as of Thursday when Jay-Man finally showed up the party finally ended.


Game #4  Brooks:  12:00 Noon TB vs RK-W

Road Kills bats finally woke up in their second game as they beat up on the Trail Blazers 21-5 in 5 innings. Kevin Ross blasted a pair of 3 run monsters his 6th and 7th of the year to fuel the win. RK  batted around scoring 11 in the 4th to break the game open. Perfect afternoons at the plate by Rolls and ( Congrats on the new kid ) Clarkie, helped pushed Road Kill to 5-2 with the meat of their schedule coming after the break.


Game #5:  Brooks: 1:30 pm TB-W vs PM

The Trailblazers got their first win Sunday, coming from behind and finally
winning it in the 8 inning over Pogue Mahon, 19-16. The Blazers had big days from Bill
Heddendorf, going 3-3 with a HR and league leading 9th double of the season.
Jim "Wheels" Sullivan and Robert Ferenz each went 4-4 in the win. Brad Mauger
picked up his second triple of the season, clearing the bases in the first inning.
Pitcher Tom Healy recorded 2 K's in the victory.


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:00 pm FL--W vs PM

 No details sent


Game #7:  Brooks: 4:30 pm NB vs SD-W

StewDoggz 14  Nicklebees 13
This was a highly competitive game pitting the two-time defending champs versus this year's lone remaining unbeaten team.  Nicklebees had a slight early lead at 3-2 after two innings.  Then the 'Doggz came to life as Schaeff hit a 3-run bomb in the third, and that gave them the lead for good.  Nicklebee's made it interesting late, coming back from six down to get to within one in the top of the seventh, just in time for a game-ending strikeout.  Nicklebee's' star of the game was Cav with a pair of 3-run homers to add to his league-leading total.  For the StewDoggz, the credit must be spread around as it was a total team effort.  They were consistent offensively and played solid defense.  Schaeff earned the win and hit his 5th home run of the year, and Larry Collins hit his second.  There's sure to be a rematch sometime in July.



Week # 6

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon NB- W vs AH

Nicklebee's and After Hours moved the game to Wilson field.  Scott Zelinski...hot from batting practice...lead the team with hits and runs for the day. Coach Cavanaugh made the ultimate sacrifice having After Hours star pitcher Pete Amodeo "K" ing him looking to spark the team into a 6 run rally in the 3rd inning. Rob Weber and Joe Cruz mad great plays in the field to keep the After Hours bats at bay.  Jack Schaub was given the pitching spot in starting pitcher Greg Armbruster's absence.  Nicklebee's are now 7-1 going into the second half of the season.


Game #2:  Neeta: 1:30 Noon PM vs AH- W




Game #3  Brooks:  12:00 Noon SD - W vs BU


Game #4:  Brooks: 1:30 pm FL-W vs RK

After dropping their first two games of the season, the Flakes have won 5 of their last 6 games, including this past Sundays win over Road Kill 11-8. Scott Chappell, energized by the birth of his new baby boy the previous day, went 4 for 4 at the plate and added a highlight film catch on a liner hit by Rusty Cahill.  Bill Steffen ended most of the drama in this tightly played game when he hit his second homer of day in the sixth inning, a three run blast that gave the Flakes a 6 run lead.  Jim Tarzy and John Iadanza addedthree hits apiece while Tom Roth chipped in with his first hit of the season.


Game #5:  Brooks: 3:00 pm HS-W vs TB

The Hot Shots started off strong with a six run top half of the first only to concede five runs back in the bottom half.  The Trailblazers were tough but the steady offense and the determined will of the Hot Shots to get a win payed off with the victory.



Game #6:  Brooks: 4:30 pm HS vs CH-W 6-4

Chico's posts bail for the Hot Shots in 6-4 win and to remain in first place.  With the most to win or lose, Chet Beaston was handcuffed by his nephew, Doug Wagner and his former teammates, Ralph Vanaman and Bill Aldridge.  To add insult to injury, Beaston said, Jeff Bednar's base running blunder when he sank into a Warning Track Trot when his alleged home run fell about five feet was the dagger in the back.  Speaking of Bednar's "home run trot" double, he never scored and was fined a case of beer.  Justin Daley was also fined a couple 30-packs for his miss-queues on a couple of Texas-leaguers that dropped over his shoulder keeping the Hot Shots in striking distance until the end.




Highlights for weeks 7 and 8

Week # 7                   Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 5 & 6            Weeks 9 & 10 

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon TB vs NB- W  15-2

Once again Scott Z. lead the team going 3-3 for the game. Nicklebee's were under the gun having a tie score 2-2 going into the top of the 3rd.  The bats came alive in the 3rd while Lou Salvatore leading off the 8 consecutive hit inning with a smash up the middle.  Chris Cavanaugh added to the total, hitting his league leading 13th HR for the season.  John Burger played an excellent 1st base scooping up many outs....While Dave Getchell let nothing go by 3rd base and also going 3-4 for the day.


Game #2  Brooks:  10:30 NB-W vs HS

Nicklebee's came out hitting right from the start. Joe Cruz and Jack Schaub hit for a combined 6 doubles and a triple (Cruz) for the day. Nicklebee's hit 13 extra base hits in this 21 to 10 victory.  Greg Armbruster, notching another pitching win, also went 3-4 and hitting a HR, triple and single for the day....Scott Kelly ran the bases hitting excellent also going 3-4 and 4 RBI's.


Game #4  Brooks:  12:00 Noon BU vs FL-W

The Flakes beat the Bulls by an official final score of 17-2.  Bill Steffen turned in a power performance for the Flakes with two homers and a triple while J.D. went 4 for 4, including three doubles.  Ron Kornafel added a mammoth three run homer.


Game #5:  Brooks: 1:30 pm CH vs RK-W


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:00 pm Rescheduled


Game #7:  Brooks: 4:30 pm PM vs SD-W


Week # 8


Game #4  Brooks:  12:00 Noon NB-W vsPM

Nicklebee's came out slow during a 13-4 win over Pogue Mahon. Lane Lundberg lead the offence going 4-4, while Chris Cavanaugh, Lou Salvatore, Rob Weber and Scott Zielinski all went 3-4. Chris Cavanaugh hit a right field shot to record his 14th HR of the season.  Dave Getchel had another stellar 3rd base outing while Greg Armbruster recorded his 9th win.


Game #5:  Brooks: 1:30 pm CH vs S-W

StewDoggz 13  Chico's 12
This game started slow with Chico's holding a 6 - 3 lead after three innings.  They then stretched their lead with a six-run fourth inning aided by a few 'Doggz defensive lapses.  The StewDoggz looked dead in the water at that point, down 12 - 3 after 4 1/2 innings.  But with the top of the order coming up in the bottom of the fifth, the first six batters scored, highlighted by Schaeff's 3-run bomb into the woods.  Suddenly, it was Chico's defense unraveling and the 'Doggz were back in it.  Good pitching and defense held Chico's from scoring the last three innings of the game, and going to the bottom of the seventh, it was tied at 12.  After the leadoff man got aboard, Summertime won the game for the 'Doggz with an inside the parker over the leftfielder's head.    Stay tuned.


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:00 pm FL-W vs TB

In the first game of their Father's Day Doubleheader, the Flakes prevailed in a tightly contested battle against the Trailblazers by the score of 13-11.  Neither team lead by more than 2 runs throughout this gem until the Flakes opened up a four run lead in the sixth inning.  The Flakes held off a strong 7th inning rally by the Trailblazers that was ended by an athletic, over-the-head catch in short left field by fill-in shortstop Ron Kornafel. The Flakes offense was lead by J.D. (Johnny Donahue for anyone new to the league) who was a perfect 4 for 4, including an inside-the-park homerun that was capped off with the most acrobatic head first slide into home plate that has ever been witnessed at historic Brooks Field. Ron Kornafel also added his 5th homer of the season.


Game #7:  Brooks: 4:30 pm FL-W vs AH

In the second game of their Father's Day Doubleheader, the Flakes played an
undermanned After Hours squad and won 23 to 6.  The strong offensive effort
by the Flakes was spread out throughout the line-up as 7 of the Flakes had
at least three hits.




Highlights for week 9 and 10

Week # 9                  Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 5 & 6            Weeks 7 & 8 

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon TB vs SD-W

StewDoggz 16  Trailblazers 5
The StewDoggz broke open a close game late with four runs in the fifth and six more in the sixth to win going away.  The rallies were highlighted by Schaeff's team-leading eighth home run, Larry Collins' third, and Big Al's second.  Perfect days at the plate for the 'Doggz were turned in by Schaeff and the Big VooDoo Daddy.


Game #2:  Neeta: 1:30 Noon HS-W 11-5 vs BU

In a Father's Day make up at Neeta Field the Hot Shots were able to get an early lead batting first.  The home team Bulls played very well and did put a scare into the Firemen but with SS Mike Donaldson (3-3), 3 Troy Chenier (3-3), LC Dennis Staples (2-2), R John Scullion (2-2 w/Dbl), John Schneider (2-2) and extra base hits turned in by L Josh Federovitch, P Sam Shively, and P Gary McGeever, the Hot Shots won comfortably.


Game #3  Brooks:  10:30 TB vs AH...W 17-5


Game #4  Brooks:  12:00 Noon PM vs BU..rescheduled???


Game #5:  Brooks: 1:30 pm FL vs CH-W 24-4


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:00 pm RK vs NB-W 18-14

Rob Weber and his glove took away any glimmer of hope from RoadKill....with diving catches in the outfield this Sunday.  Nicklebee's all hit to deflate RoadKill in an 18-14 win to clinch first place seating for the playoffs.  Greg Armbruster kept Roadkill at bay creating a different pitching look for all the top players.  John Burger, Chris Cavanaugh came through in the clutch to drive in 8 of the 18 runs for Nicklebee's including a triple by J.B.  Lou Salvatore and Rob Weber added to the totals going 3-4 for the day.


Game #7:  Brooks: 4:30 pm HS vs RK-W


Week #10

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon BU vs NB-W

Nicklebee's finished with a win over the Bulls 9-7 in a "wet"  game at Neeta. Joe Cruz went perfect on the day going 3-3 with a double and 2 RBI's.  Chris Rackozy..."K'd Jack Schaub swinging in the 5th. (30 Pak  penalty).   John Burger had a great defensive day on third base and a diving catch in the outfield.  Nicklebee's go into the off weekend with a first place record  12-1 earning a bye into the playoffs.

Game #2:  Neeta: 1:30  BU vs RK-W

RoadKill won over the deflated Bulls 10-8.  The Bulls managed to keep not only Nicklebee's on their toes but also RoadKill until the last two innings.  Geno...enjoying the heckling of the "K" from Jack Schaub the game before...also joined the ranks of swinghood in the 6th inning with one of his very own....given to him by winning pitcher Mike Dittmar.

Neeta was a sleeper as Road Kill beat the Bulls 11-7. Lou( All Star) continued his perfect day with another 4-4. Ditty who went all 7 innings on the hill hit his 2nd homer of the day. All Stars Ray Ray and Tim Dean came through with clutch hits to spark the victory.


Game #3  Brooks:  10:30 PM vs HS-W

Hot Shots - 19
Pogue Mahon - 18
In a game that might be considered the best all season the shorthanded Hot Shots found themselves down 15-2 at the end of 4 innings and in danger of playing a short game against the Irishmen.  The firemen rallied scoring 9 in the 5th and tied the game at 17 at the end of the 7th.  The Hot Shots allowed 1 run in the top of the 8th.  Chris Schultz scored on a RBI single by Chet Beaston to tie the game.  In the bottom of the 8th the game was tied at 18 with the bases loaded and two outs when Mike Donaldson worked a full count walk to win the game.
Grand Slam Home Runs were hit by Josh Federovitch and Gary McGeever.  Rich Barnett was 5-5 with 3 singles, a double, and a triple.  Mike Donaldson hit his second in the park Home Run of the season and extra base hits from Chris Schultz, Chet Beaston, and Gary McGeever produced the overtime victory.


Game #4  Brooks:  12:00 Noon RK-W vsPM

Game one saw Road Kill pound out the Pogue Men in a 5 run Mercy rule 21-6. Road Kill was lead by perfect days at the plate by Tim Dean 4-4, Lou 3-3 and Ditty 3-3 including a opposite field homer. Kevin Ross came in to pitch in the 3rd inning and was credited with the win.


Game #5:  Brooks: 1:30 pm AH -Wvs SD  After Hours 13  StewDoggz 9


Game #6:  Brooks: 3:00 pm SD-W vs FL

StewDoggz 8  Flakes 5
This match up of perennial contenders turned out to be a real yawner.  Neither team could get the offense going, but the 'Doggz maintained a steady lead the whole way.  The 'Doggz used a few long balls late in the game to help them to a season sweep of the Flakes.  The homers were hit by J-Rod (3), Hot Sauce (2), and the Animal connected with his first dinger of the season.  A possible rematch in the opening round of the playoffs awaits.


Game #7:  Brooks: 4:30 pm CH-W vs TB



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