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StewDoggz  win it all-- Champions for 2002.  First in franchise history

The StewDoggz won it all by beating the Flakes for their first ever league championship.  A nine run first inning gave the 'Doggz a great start and a lead they would never relinquish.  The upstart Flakes, surprising some people by getting to the finals as the 5 seed, did their best to make a game of it.  Three-hit games by John Rath, Bill Steffen, Scott Chappell, and Joe Urban helped keep them in it for a while.  But as the StewDoggz proved all season long, playing with the lead means "lights out" for their opposition.  The 'Doggz played stellar defense, pounded out 29 hits, and scored runs in every inning of this game.  "LivDogg" Bryan Livingston earned the victory on the mound, continuing a two-year unbeaten streak for this year's "Cy Young" award winner.  The 'Doggz just don't lose when he pitches.  The MVP award was given to Dan Schaeffer, whose performance in this year's playoffs was the stuff of legend.  In four games at the plate, he was 11 for 15 with 7 HR's and 20 RBI's, leaving no doubt who the best player in this year's playoffs was.  It was, however, a total team effort in the StewDoggz' march to the title.  Every player on the team came through with a big play at some point to help the cause.  The brothers Anton played a tight middle outfield and hit for high averages.  "J-Rod" Coughlin showed good range and arm strength at shortstop, and just may be the best leadoff hitter in the league.  "Larry" Collins played a solid left field and racked up RBI's at the plate.  The power/speed combination of "Freakshow" Rick Clifford was too dangerous for most teams to even give him a pitch.  Danny Nixon, always a solid contributor, hit his first ever home run in the championship game.  The best third basemen in the league, Brian Kerstetter, gobbled up everything that came his way.  Brett Summerville made some dazzling plays in right field despite a sprained ankle.  "Animal" Aaron Harty also played a stellar right field and hasn't made an error all season.  Last but certainly not least, Greg "best player in the family" Githens made possibly the best play of the season at catcher.  In the late innings of a close first round playoff game, he fielded a short hopped off-line throw and dove back to tag a runner out at the plate.  It was a play most major leaguers wouldn't make on a regular basis.  Needless to say, Coach Kentrus is proud of the boys and hopes to join them on the field next season in defense of their championship.  Sipping champagne in only their third year of existence, the StewDoggz have given the rest of the league a new measuring stick for success.  A regular season record of 21 - 1 the last two years, and an undefeated run through this year's playoffs have given the StewDoggz "top dogg" status.
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2002 Playoff pics from July 21st weekend Click here to see the 2002 All-Stars & Award winners  


Final Weekend Playoff pics 2002




Playoff pictures from first weekend Sunday July 21st




         Finals... Flakes vs StewDoggz

 2002 League Stats ( Teams and Players)    

2002 Season standings

  Team Record Season place Playoff record Overall record Final Standings
  StewDoggz 11-1 





  Nicklebee's 8-4


2-2 10-6 3rd
  Road Kill 8-4


2-2 10-6 4th
  Medford Lakes Fire Co. 7-5 


0-2 7-7 7th
  Lakes Flakes 6-6


4-2 10-8 2nd







  Brew Crew  6-6


1-2 7-8 6th
  After Hours  5-7


0-2 5-7 8th
  Regulators  3-9


1-2 3-11 9th
  Slugs 1-11


0-2 1-13 10th



Individual players: Top players in each category....This stats section will only work if the information is called in to Brian  or E-mailed to this site. If not it will be removed.

2002 Player Stats-Season...playoffs not included

Players Bat. Avg.   Player.........Home Runs Player ......Home Runs
AB min of  28
 Jack Schaub


  1. Chris Cavanaugh..........11 Alan Anton...............4
Ernie Ley


   Rick Clifford ...................7 Mike Collins...............4
Ralph Vanaman


   Bill Steffen.....................7 Justin Daley..............4
Rob Weber


    Dan Schaeffer................6 Mark Petine..........4
Brian Bennett


  Jason Braatz..................5- Rookie Kevin Ross............4
Lou Salvatore


  Jack Schaub.................5 Rob Weber....................4
Jared Coughlin


  Bill Aldridge..................4  Ken Whittiker.............4
Joe Schlindenwein


    Many with 3
Mark Holmes


  Player - Doubles  
Dave Nelson


  Mike Dittmar...........7 Player - Triples
Peter Getchell


  Dan Nixon...............6 Ernie Schanck......4
Rick Clifford




Greg Armbruster.......3

Pete Bisconte



Lane Lundberg.....3

 Shawn Pringle


  The "K" List- including foul outs
Brad Mauger


  1.  Pat Pyne..Slugs...3 5. Kevin Ross...R-Kill.....1
Chris Cavanaugh


  2. Brett Summerville- Doggz....-1 6.    Scott Morrow-TB.....1
Bill Aldridge


  3.   Chris Cavanaugh--Nic....-1 (FO) 7.  Chuck Batchelder .....1


  4.Mike Robinson-TB.....1 8. Aaron Harty- Doggz....1


    All-Star game 2002 pics...........


All-Star Game was well attended. 22 All-Stars came to play at Brooks.

Todd Taylor hit 2 HR's..while Bill Steffen added another long ball to win the game 15-7 against the "ones".  Pete Amodeo, the winning pitcher went 4-4 and received the games MVP award.  

 Medford Lakes Men's Softball League 2002 Award Winners   chillerdad50@gmail.com

All Star Award Winners 2002

Coaches: John Iadanza & Pete Amodeo 

2002 All-Star players- voted on by team coaches. 

StewDoggz:  Brian Kerstetter-3B, Jared Coughlin SS, Dan Schaeffer 2B
Nicklebee's: Chris Cavanaugh-SS, Rob Weber-1B, Shawn Pringle-1B, Jack Schaub
Flakes: Bill Steffen-2B, John Iadanza-P, Jim Tarzy-OF
ML-Fire: Gary McGeever-P, Chet Beaston-C, Rich Barnett-SS, Bill Duffy-OF
Slugs:  Gene Bisconte-SS, Pete Bisconte-OF, Rick Ross-OF, Ken Whittaker-OF
Brew Crew:  Dave Getchell-3B, Peter Getchell-SS, Greg Armbruster-P
After Hours: Todd Taylor-P,3B, Jason Braatz-OF, Adam Thomas-OF
RoadKill:- Kevin Ross-OF, Rusty Cahill-P, Fred Tucci-3B
Regulators:- Bill Aldridge, Ralph Vanaman  Dan Doolin
TrailBlazers:  P- Pete Amodeo,  OF- Justin Daley  2B- Brad Mauger

All-Star Game was well attended. 22 All-Stars came to play at Brooks.

Todd Taylor hit 2 HR's..while Bill Steffen added another long ball to win the game 15-7 against the "ones".  Pete Amodeo, the winning pitcher went 4-4 and received the games MVP award.   Pictures below...........

Hall of Fame inductee for 2002.....Bill Chappell..

2002 Golden Glove: Top 5 fielders in the league.

Player Team
1.  Kevin Ross RoadKill
2.  Jason Braatz After Hours
3.  Drew Wagner Flakes
4.  Adam Thomas  After Hours
5. Dave Getchell Brew Crew

2002 Golden glove and Award winners

Shown here:  L to R  Bryan Livingston -Cy Young, Kevin Ross- Golden Glove, Adam Thomas- Golden Glove, Drew Wagner- Golden Glove.  Not shown: Jason Braatz- Rookie of the Year and Golden Glove, Dave Getchell

2002 Cy Young: Top pitcher in the league

...Bryan Livingston is the 2002 Cy Young Award winner

2002 Cy Young award winner Bryan Livingston



Jason Braatz 2002 Rookie of the Year

Need a Picture............



2002 Season Hr Derby Contestants- 20 players will be in the HR Derby.

1. Tom Wiker 11. Mike Collins
2. Chris Cavanaugh 12. Bob Roth

3.  Kevin Ross-

13. Tom Roth
4.  Rick Clifford- 14. Alan Anton
5. Jack Schaub- 15. Bryan Anton
6. Todd Taylor 16. Bryan Livingston 
7. Dan Schaeffer 17. Bill Steffen
8. Kevin Ross 18. 
9. Todd Taylor 19.
10. Drew Wagner 20.

First Round winners:

1.Todd Taylor-14  3. Dan Schaeffer-9   5. Bill Steffen-7
2. Jack Schaub-11 4. Chris Cavanaugh-8 6.  Kevin Ross-7 

Home Run Derby players final standings-after final round

1.Jack Schaub-2  3. Chris Cavanaugh-1   4. Dan Schaeffer 
2. Bill Steffen-1 (won tie vs Cav.) 4.  Todd Taylor 4. Kevin Ross

2002 HR Derby Winner- Jack Schaub



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Individual players: Top players in each category....This stats section will only work if the information is called in to Brian  or E-mailed to this site. If not it will be removed.


Highlights for weeks 1 and 2

Week # 1                    Weeks 3 & 4              Weeks 5 & 6             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9 & 10 

Opening Day !!!- was a wet one but everyone got the games in.  Lots of competition and many surprises.......

Talk to your coaches...to send "ink"  on the stats and games......if you don't see you or your game, it's up to them to send it in to the web site

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon (Trailblazers-W vs Slugs )  11-8

Pete Amodeo the Trailblazers newest addition ( coming off of heart by-pass surgery in July 2001) pitched a great opening day game. - Pete was given the game ball...... Some very shoddy out fielding by the slugs hurt their late inning comeback as they fell to the Trailblazers.  Tom Watters went 3-3 in the game for the Slugs and Gene Gerber had three RBI's. 

Game #2 Neeta  1:30  ( Slugs vs Brew Crew-W) 20-5

The Slugs were pounded by a strong hitting Brew Crew team.  Slugs highlights were a Homerun by Rick Ross and Tom Watters picking up two more hits to up his average to a team leading .800.   

The newly formed team The Brew Crew pounded the Slugs.  It was their
first official game in Medford Lakes Softball.  Mike Dittmar went 3 for 3knocking 5 RBI's including a three run home.  Ditty also pitch a gem of a game as he had the Slugs confused all day.  Frank Donnelly went 3 for 4 knocking in 3RBI'S.  Joe Cruz hit a bomb to right that still hasn't landed!!  Defensively:  Dave Getchell showed us why he belongs at 3rd bas as he made
the first six plays of the game...can anybody say gold glove????  Adrian Matteucci playing with a bad back made two diving catches as he robbed several Slug batters.


Game #3  Brooks:  12:00 Noon (Medford Lakes fire -W vs Regulators)

MLFC = 20  Regulators = 3

MLFC debuted with a solid effort from all.Offensively the sticks were busy highlighted by base clearing home runs by Right Fielder Eric Ryhd, Shortstop Rich Barnett (Congratulations DAD-7lb Boy -JAKE), and 3rd Baseman Troy Chenier.

Thank you also to the Fire Company for the refreshments - which will be on sale each week at Brooks Field!


Game #4:  Brooks: 1:30 pm (After Hours-W vs Flakes)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #5:  Brooks: 3:00 pm (Nicklebee's vs RoadKill -W)

The championship game all over again...and almost into extra innings one more time.  RoadKill came out hitting from the start gaining a 6-0 lead against Nicklebee's.  Nicklebee's came out of the runless stretch with a 5 run 4th inning. Triples by Lane Lundberg and Shawn Pringle along with a solo HR by Jack Schaub added to the run total.  Returning star Jay Mercy from arrived back into Medford Lakes in style going  3 for 3 in his first game in 4 years........Roadkill answered with more offence and defense ( 3rd base) although on a 7th inning error ( by a player who will remain nameless since he types this stuff in- Jack)  Roadkill won by a 12-11 score........


Game #6:  Brooks: 4:30 pm (StewDoggz -W vs Brew Crew) 17-7

The StewDoggz started out the new season in fine fashion as they scored their first six batters of the game, capped off by a three-run homer to deep dead center by the elder Anton "Big Al".  Dan "WTP" Schaeffer had a steady day with four hits and five rbi's.  In a game with plenty of beer drinking and trash talking, it was the StewDoggz who proved to be the seasoned veterans. 


Week # 2Rain out this weekend...reschedule as soon as possible

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon (  Regulators vs Flakes-W)   


Game #1  Brooks:  12:00 Noon (ML Fire vs Slugs )Rain out


Game #2:  Brooks: 1:30 pm (StewDoggz vs Road Kill)Rain outmade up 5-19-02


Game #3:  Brooks: 3:00 pm (Flakes vs Nicklebees )Rain out


Game #4:  Brooks: 4:30 pm ( After Hours vs Brew Crew-W-18-11)Rain out- made up

 In the battle of the newly formed teams the Brew Crew prevailed hammering After Hours 18-10. Dave Getchell who now leads the league in lead off homeruns with 1 started the game off with a deep shot into left field.  Greg Armbruster lead the team with 5 RBI'S.  After giving up 6 runs in the first Greg settled down and only allowed 4 more runs. Mike Cahill went 3 for 4 with 4 RBI's including a bases loaded triple. Defensive standouts:  Jeff "Swets" Swetland made some unbelievable catches in left center as ran down everything.  Once again Peter Getchell showing that he is worthy of the gold glove help turned two double plays. After the game The Brew Crew drank all of After Hours beer and then proceeded to steal their women.


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Highlights for weeks 3 and 4

Week # 3                  Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 5 & 6             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9 & 10 

Bye week for 

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon ( ML fire -vs Trailblazers )   

The new look fire dept (any ml residents?) had a 6 run 2nd inning and held off a 7th inning rally to post a 9-4 win at Neeta.  Justin Daley hit his 2nd HR in as many games.  Scott Morrow struck out looking with 2 outs and two on. Scott and Mike Robinson both live on cochise circle, both play for the Tblazers and have both struck out this year.  The cochise curse is good for the beer budget but bad for the average.


Game #1  Brooks:  12:00 Noon (RoadKill vs ML Fire  )

( No information sent to web page)


Game #2:  Brooks: 1:30 pm (Stewdoggz - vs Nicklebee's) 20-7

The StewDoggz got out of the gates early plating their first seven batters and eight overall in the first.  That proved to be all that was needed in a game that wasn't nearly as competitive as advertised.  Schaeff led the charge for the 'Doggz with 3 HRs, a triple and 9 RBIs and getting support from the 3-Hit games turned in by Brian Anton, "J-Rod" Coughlin, and Mike "Larry" Collins.  Bryan "Gone Fishing" Livingston pitched his usual gem and added a double and a HR at the plate.


Game #3:  Brooks: 3:00 pm ( Regulators vs Brew Crew-W)

   The newly formed Brew Crew still building team chemistry squeaked out a
close game with the Regulators 8-6.  Pitcher Greg Armbruster despite feeling
a little under the weather pitch the last three innings without giving up
any runs.  He also help the team with 3 RBI'S.
  Defensively standouts for the game: Frank Donnelly made several miraculous
catches in right field that left the Regulators guessing.  At shortstop
Peter Getchell awed the crowd on the sideline as he help turn 4 double

Game #4:  Brooks: 4:30 pm ( Slugs vs After Hours )

( No information sent to web page)- To be rescheduled June 23


Week # 4 

Bye week for 

Game #1:  12:00 Neeta: Noon (  Nicklebee's vs ML fire- Make up at some future time)


Game #2:  1:30 Neeta:  ( Slugs-W vs Regulators) 14-5

Brian Samuelson gained his first win on the mound in a surprise start in front of an equally surprising solid defense.  The Slugs were full of surprises as Pete Bisconte, Geno Bisconte and Ken Whittaker hit back to back to back home runs with two outs in the 2nd inning. At 1-2 the Slugs are off to their best start in the last five years and look to continue to play solid defense and continue to improve.   Even with Dan Reardon and Bill Aldridge having solo Hr's the Regulators fell the the Slugs 14-5

Game #3  Brooks:  12:00 Noon (Trailblazers vs After Hours-W 18-17 )

An action packed game of many runs, hits and plays...showed just how compeditive the Trailbazers have become and that After hours are a team not to be taken lightly.  After Hours pulled out a 7th inning win with a key hit by Bob Schuck.


Game #4:  Brooks: 1:30 pm )Flakes vs Doggz-W 16-8

The first inning saw the Flakes jump out to a seven run lead thanks to some timely hits and defensive miscues by the 'Doggz.  But the StewDoggz showed some mettle and were able to climb out of that hole and win going away.  Brian "stuck in quicksand" Kerstetter showed no rust in his first game of the year going 4 for 4 with 4 RBI's.  Home runs were turned in by Schaeff, Rick "Freakshow" Clifford, "Larry" Collins, and Brett "power surge" Summerville.


Game #5:  Brooks: 3:00 pm ( Doggz -W 23-2 vs RoadKill)

Where to start?  The defending champs got mercied as the StewDoggz gave them a good old fashioned butt-whooping.  Bryan "gone fishing" Livingston pitched a stellar game with a stifling defense behind him.  It was a total team effort at the plate going a combined 33 for 48 including eight different players with at least three hits.  "J-Rod" Coughlin went 5 for 5 and Danny "Iceman" Nixon led the team in extra base hits for the second straight game.  Home runs were turned in by the "Freakshow", "Big Al" Anton, and Summerville.


Game #6:  Brooks: 4:30 pm (RoadKill -W vs Brew Crew)

( No information sent to web page)



Highlights for weeks 5 and 6

Week # 5                    Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9 & 10 

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon (After Hours -W vs Road Kill )   7-4

The wind and heat kept the runs to a minimum, with After Hours hanging on to
pull out a win, 7 to 4.  Shaun McGray's 2-run HR and Mark Matteson's
lead-off hitting were key to the win.  Road Kill were still heavily hung
over from the Ross Olympic games, but had a great "where the hell is the
ball" basket catch by Cheapo.


Game #2:  Neeta: 1:30  (Regulators vs Doggz-W )

StewDoggz 18 Regulators 11
The StewDoggz continued their winning ways by knocking off the Regulators at Neeta field.  "Iceman" Nixon notched the victory in his first start on the mound this season.  Offensive highlights for the 'Doggz included "quicksand" Kerstetter's HR and 4 RBI's, and "Big Al" Anton added a double, triple, and 3 RBI's.


Game #3  Brooks:  12:00 Noon (Slugs 10 vs Nicklebee's-26 - W)

Nicklebee's returned to winning style by gathering 38 hits in a 25 to 10 win over the Slugs.  The Slugs had several Hr's including a Grand Slam by Ken Whittaker in the early innings. The Slugs left fielder gave the crowd quite a show catching many "un-gettable"  hits.  Rob Weber started the game with 2 Hr's ( 5 of 6 for the day), one of which was a centerfield bomb that nearly hit the home plate of the next field.  Tom Wiker also kept his HR streak alive hitting another long ball in left field to add to the RBI total.  The Slugs in another franchise first go 7 full innings with Nickel bees and Ken Whittaker hit a Grand Slam. However they still lost 26-10.


Game #4:  Brooks: 1:30 pm ( Flakes -W vs Trailblazers)17-14

( No information sent to web page)


Game #5:  Brooks: 3:00 pm ( ML Fire vs Brew Crew)

The ML Fire lost a hard fought game to the Brew-Crew 18-12 at Brooks Field on June 2nd at the 3pm game. ML Fire 3rd basemen Rich Barnett had one home run bringing in two runs in the first. Rich has two (2) HM runs this season. The ML Fire made its strongest run in the top of the fifth with six runs bringing the ML Fire within 1 point of the Brew Crew.

The Brew Crew squashed the  Firemen 18-12 last week.  The Firemen who looked more like a Chinese fire drill had some trouble handling the ball defensively . Offensive Standouts:  Frank Donnelly and Mike Dittmar both went 4 for 4.  But it was our cagey veteran Ross Stearns who squashed the Firemen with any hopes of winning when hit a 3 run home in the 5th.  Defensive Standouts:  Mike Clark made several great grabs at 1st that would end any  5th and 6th innings rallies.  Matt Donnelly playing in left showed the crowd on the sidelines his blazing 4.2 -40 speed as shag down everything that came his way.  An as usual Peter Getchell shut down everything that came his way at short.  ............Onto to the Corn Flakes for next week.


Game #6:  Brooks: 4:30 pm (Doggz -W vs Trailblazers )

StewDoggz 14 Trailblazers 5
The StewDoggz remained undefeated by winning their second game of the day.  Dan "shot put" Schaeffer started on the hill for the 'Doggz and paved the way for Brett "this is just like throwing horseshoes" Summerville to get the victory in a combined effort.  Leadoff man Greg "best softball player in the family" Githens went 4 for 5, "quicksand" Kerstetter was 4 for 4, and Aaron Harty had 3 RBI's on a stat sheet that included his first "K" of the year.


Week # 6

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon (Slugs vs Flakes-W 11-3 )

( No information sent to web page)


Game #2:  Neeta: 1:30 (Doggz -W vs Slugs )

StewDoggz 12 Slugs 2
The StewDoggz came out flat Sunday, but a listless performance resulted in a win anyway against the Slugs.  "Iceman" Nixon picked up his second win of the season.  Also for the 'Doggz, 3-Hit games were turned in by "J-Rod" Coughlin and "power surge" Summerville.  The power at the plate was supplied by "Larry" Collins' double and triple, and the "Freakshow" Rick Clifford had a double and a HR.  Meathead Schaeffer, by the way, had to take two walks just to get on base.


Game #3  Brooks:  12:00 Noon (Regulators vs RoadKill -W)

Roadkill beat the Regulators 12-6. Rusty Cahill was 3-3 and had a walk to
go with a well pitched game. Roadkill is still trying to find their offense
as they seem to be in a little mid season slump. Coach Miller, back at the
helm, has been juggling his lineup. Some players were a little upset at
their place in the lineup-Wayno, who is hitting the ball very well was in
the 7th hole after batting in the 2 hole most of the year. Jim, I am
retiring at the end of the season, Shinskie batted DEAD last in the lineup.
Coach Miller told his team "I like it when you guys are mumbling about me
under your breath, it means I am doing my job!!."


Game #4:  Brooks: 1:30 pm (Trailblazers-W vs Nicklebee's )

HR's by Lane and Rob Weber put NBees up 10-0 after 3 innings.  They didn't score again.  Trailblazers only scored in 2 innings, 2 in the 4th and 9 in the 5th. The 11 runs held up for a thrilling 11-10 win.  Pete Amodeo recorded a 2nd foul ball strikeout with the tying run on third and the winning run on first to end the game.  Game Ball Pete. Bill Hedendorf had a key 2RBI sacrifice fly for the second game in a row.

Make up game- Trailblazers vs Regulators- make up from week 2

In a make up game from week 2, The Trailblazers came back again and put a 9 spot on the Regulators in the 6th inning to break open a close game. The score was 19-13.  The comeback was highlighted by HR'S by Brad Mauger and Justin Daley.  Mike Robinson,  Mark Sullivan and Ernie Schanck had 3 hits each.  Robert Ferenz scored 3 runs on a walk and 2 hits.  HE ALSO TOOK ALL THE GARBAGE FROM NEETA FIELD, WE HAVE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!


Game #5:  Brooks: 3:00 pm (Brew Crew vs Flakes-W)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #6:  Brooks: 4:30 pm After Hours vs ML Fire-W

On Sunday June 9th at the 4:30pm game held at Brooks Field the ML Fire defeated the After- Hours team with a score of 14 to 7.  The ML Fire Team was down six runs as they entered the bottom of the third and rallied back with 8 runs heading into the top of the fourth.  One major contributor to the win was third basemen Troy Chenier with two (2) triples and one (1) homerun in the fourth.  Troy has two homeruns on the season and (3) triples in four games.  Another big play was made by catcher Chet "come on! " Beaston in a running and stumbling play for the third out in the top of the fifth.


Highlights for weeks 7 and 8

Week # 7                   Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 5 & 6            Weeks 9 & 10 


Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon (Brew Crew vs Trailblazers-W )


Game #2:  Neeta: 1:30 Noon ( Flakes-W vs ML Fire)

Flakes 28 - Fireman 8

Bill Steffen hit his 5th home run.


Game #3  Brooks:  12:00 Noon (Nicklebee's -W vs Regulators 

Nicklebee's came out hitting.  Rob Weber went 4 for 4 with 2 HR's and 5 RBI's to lead the "now alive"  Nicklebee's to a long awaited win. Tom Wiker also went 4 for 4 with a "Tomahawk" HR in the upper decks of left field.


Game #4:  Brooks: 1:30 pm (Road Kill-W vs Slugs )

Despite the first four hitters combining to go 16 for 20 and an 18 run fathers day output the slugs fell to Road Kill 21-18. Ken Whittaker hit his 3rd Homerun of the season and Geno Bisconte went 5-5 for the Slugs.

6/16-Roadkill beat the Slugs 21-18 in a hitfest for both teams. Paul "Fly
Boy" Colombus went 4-4, Cheapo with a HR, Kevin Ross with a Grand Slam.



Game #3:  Brooks: 3:00 pm (Nicklebee's-W vs Brew Crew)

Chris Cavanaugh and Ernie Ley led Nicklebee's to a 23-10 win over Brew Crew. Cav hit to right field tree trimming shots to gather up 7 RBI's for the game.  Shawn "New Dad"  Pringle also went 5 for 5 with a HR in the street.  Coach Weber is now on a 2 game win streak.


Game #4:  Brooks: 4:30 pm (Stew Doggz -W vs After Hours )

"A slow start by the Doggz had After Hours holding 4 into the 4th inning,
but with a 6-run inning and a six pack of home runs, the Doggz pulled one
out to win 18-13.  Coach Kentrus was reportedly overheard saying 'we planned
it that way'."

Has anyone seen the StewDoggz team of a month ago?  If so, please give them directions to Brooks Field.  A few chinks in the StewDoggz' armor were exposed this Sunday, as they got into a big early hole due to some defensive miscues and timely After Hours hits.  However, with the help of the long ball, the 'Doggz were able to mount a comeback and win going away.  Their five homers were hit by "J-Rod" Coughlin, "Freakshow" Clifford, "Larry" Collins, "shot put" Schaeffer, and "Big Al" Anton.  Also contributing was "BA" Anton who got on base every time and turned a single into a double with some sly base running.  Also of note, this Sunday's game marked the return of the "LivDogg" to the mound after a bit of a health check had him on the DL.  Glad you're back and feeling better big dogg.


Week # 8

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon (RoadKill -W vs Trailblazers )

After being shut for 5 innings in a 18-8 loss to road kill the bats woke up against the slugs.  Billy Hedendorf had 3 hits including his team leading 5th double.  Ernie Schank had 3 hits and his team leading 3rd triple.  Brad Mauger hit his 3 HR of the year.  Chris the Count returned from the DL to hit a triple and a double.  The score was 27-14.  Trailblazers are 5-5.

Bill Hedendorf leads in hitting at .548, followed by Brad Mauger at .542

6/23-Roadkill beat the Trailblazers 18-8, Kevin Ross with an HR, Rusty
Cahill with a strong pitching game and 3 runs scored. Jim Shinskie with  a
defensive gem in turning a double play----you wont feel that great feeling
next year Shinnie mowing your lawn.


Game #2:  Neeta: 1:30  (Trailblazers-W vs Slugs )

( No information sent to web page)


Game #3  Brooks:  12:00 Noon (Flakes -W vs After Hours)

The Flakes..Bill Steffen hit his league leading 6th Home Run


Game #4:  Brooks: 1:30 pm (StewDoggz -W vs Brew Crew)

StewDoggz 19 Brew Crew 2
Another ho-hum victory for the 'Doggz as they mercied the "Pepsi" Crew in 4 1/2 innings.  "J-Rod" Coughlin had a nice stat sheet going 3 for 3 with 4 runs, 5 RBI's, 1 BB, 1 HR.  Also for the StewDoggz, Brian "quicksand" Kerstetter knocked in four runs with a double and a HR; and 3-Hit games were turned in by "Larry" Collins and "BA" Anton.  Also, "shot put" Schaeffer would like everyone to know and recognize that he turned a double play the week before.  Congratulations Dan.  Just keep that spot warm for me.


Game #5:  Brooks: 3:00 pm (Nicklebee's -W Vs. RoadKill)

Last years 2001 final was played again.  This time Nicklebee's extended their winning streak to 3 games beating RoadKill 15-5.  Chris "yard"  Cavanaugh  sent 2 Hr's against Rusty Cahill..one was a Grand Slam. Chris finished the day with 6 RBI's.  Nicklebee's defense with Scott "backup" Kelly" helped keep RoadKill to only 5 runs.  Jay "hernia"  Mercy came back after being on the DL for the last 3 games.  


Game #5:   Brooks: 4:30 pm (Regulators -W vs ML Fire)

The Regulators are officially "on the board"..beating the Fireman 15 to 14 with the go ahead runs scored in the top of the seventh inning. Two quick outs were to come before a two out rally brought them with in one before the final out was recorded. Some believe the softball gods let us will becuase I brought a 1/2 kegs to the softball field for all to consume. It may also be the fact that everyone hit the ball we don't usually do that all together. It may also have been do to the fact that either Bill Aldridge or Dan Reardon were not there they will never live that down.


Highlights for week 9 and 10

Week # 9                  Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 5 & 6            Weeks 7 & 8 

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon (Brew Crew-W vs After Hours)

Brew Crew pounded After Hours 25-10

       After Hours got their snots knocked out of them by The Brew Crew 25-10.  For the first time in 5 weeks the crew had it's full lineup intact as it unleashed its arsenal of power, speed and stellar defense.   Greg Armbruster pitched his usual stellar game only allowing 6 runs as 4 of their 10 were unearned.  Greg also went 4-5 with 6 rbi's including a bomb to left that even he could of ran the bases twice. OTHER OFFENSIVE STANDOUTS: Back from the Betty Ford Clinic, Joe Cruz went 3-4 including a homer, and a triple.  Lou "pimp-daddy" Salvatore went 1-1 as he played half inning because he needed to check on his ho's for this 4th of July weekend.  Lou was replaced at second base by Matt " I thought the game was at 12:30" Donnelly.  Karl Bambuagh went 3-4 including a triple as he legged it out in just under a half hour.  Then Karl ask for a runner. DEFENSIVE STANDOUT( No information sent to web page)


Game #2 Neeta:  1:30 Noon (After Hours vs Regulators -W)

Not to mess with the winning MOJO the regulators brought another keg to the game and followed suit with a seventh inning home run by Bill Aldridge to score Mike O Brien for the winning run in the bottom of the seventh After hours 12 regulators 13.


Game #3:   Brooks: 12:00 pm (Slugs vs ML Fire-W)

ML Fire and the slugs played a close game thru the seventh.  Both teams played only nine in the field.  Excellent pitching by Gary McGeever helped with the "W".


Game #4:   Brooks: 1:30 pm (Flakes vs Nicklebee's-W)

Shawn Pringle sparked Nicklebee's with his first 3 run homer of the season over the glove of Bob Roth in left centerfield. Rich Lyon added a great 3-3 day along with stealing a run from third in the 6th inning.  Ernie Ley held the quiet Flakes to only 6 runs and a paid BBQ at Wikers' Nicklebee's are in second place and will face off against the Stewdoggz next week.


Game #5:   Brooks:3:00 pm (StewDoggz -W vs RoadKill)

StewDoggz 15 Road Kill 5
Barely breaking a sweat, the StewDoggz clinched their second straight #1 seed by sweeping another opponent this past Sunday.  Their latest victim, Road Kill, was outscored a combined 38 - 7 in two games with the 'Doggz this year.  This game saw the 'Doggz score their first eight runs on clutch two-out hitting, demoralizing the Kill in the process.  Knocking in most of the runs for the StewDoggz were "Big Al" Anton, "Larry" Collins, "surge" Summerville, and "Animal" Harty with 3 RBI's each.  "Larry" also thrilled the crowd in the first inning with a throw home from left field that cleared the backstop.  This prompted Coach K to remind his players that in their three years as a team, they have yet to throw a runner out at the plate from the outfield.  One day fellas.  One day.


Game #6:  Brooks: 4:30 pm (Trailblazers vs Regulators-W )

Protesting could occur in this 21-22 game.  Book keeping records are causing trouble .-Ruling for this game is:The Regulators and The Trailblazers should continue the game in protest, starting with the top of the 8th inning, with the score tied 21-21.  The respective 'books' of both teams should be used to have the same lineups and batting orders as were in place last Sunday at the conclusion of the 7th inning.  The time and date of the continued game can be worked out about between the two teams and should be completed on or before next Sunday....


Week #10

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon (Brew Crew-W vs Regulators- forfeit)

     There won't be any discrepancies this week with the score book as the Regulators had to forfeit to the Brew Crew.  The Crew won it's last two games to finish up the season 6-6.  This brought a smile to Mike Dittmar and was the first time all year that Mike didn't have to yell at anybody.  Maybe now Mike will give us those state police stickers for our car windows.

     Still wanting to play The Crew and the Regulators played a game that could have some insight for both teams heading into the playoffs.  Here they are:

     For the first time all year Peter Getchell finally hit a ball to right field.  Hey Pete, we always knew you went both ways it was just a matter of time before you came out of the closet.

    Defensively:  These two guys showed us why they won't be playing in the field during the playoffs.  Playing in right field, Frank Donnelly still reminiscing about his glory days as a male cheerleader for the Shawnee men's basketball team had some trouble determining whether the ball  was fair or foul.  And Frank, when the ball lands 10 ft. left of the foul line it is a fair ball.......okay!

     Trash-talking catcher Joe Schlindwein showed us why he only plays behind the plate.  Joe had six errors in a inning and then later in the game Coach Bennet pinch hit for Joe with a eight year old kid.  Keep talking Joe.


Game #2 Neeta:  1:30 Noon (After Hours-W vs Slugs )

12-7 win


Game #3:   Brooks: 12:00 pm (ML Fire -Wvs Trailblazers) 9-0

The Firemen were feeling at home in the smoke from Quebec scoring in six of the seven innings highlighted by another triple by third baseman Troy Chenier and a home run by right center Mike Moraglia.  Once again another Cy Young performance turned in by Gary McGeever.  A fundamentally sound performance by all.


Game #4:   Brooks: 1:30 pm (StewDoggz vs ML Fire-W)13-7

After relinquishing an early three run lead the Firemen remained focused and battled back to take the lead once again in the fifth and played with the lead through the rest of the game.  Patience at the plate along with timely hitting highlighted by a triple by Cy Young candidate Gary McGeever and home run by third baseman Troy Chenier gave the Firemen the offensive edge.  The A-game was brought on defense with a text book performance by the infielders coupled with an aggressive outfield with Bill Duffy turning in his normal highlight reel game.

ML Firemen 13 StewDoggz 7
The StewDoggz came crashing down to Earth on Sunday losing their first regular season game since the 2000 season.  The Firemen took advantage of many defensive miscues committed by the 'Doggz, including another throw over the backstop by "Larry" Collins.  The StewDoggz didn't do any better at the plate going a combined 12 for 34.  Their only offense came from the four home runs hit by "Freakshow" Clifford (2), "quicksand" Kerstetter, and "shot put" Schaeffer.  The 'Doggz' outfield did manage to end a three year streak of never throwing a runner out at the plate.  The real story here though, is that the Firemen are for real and proved it by winning this game in the later innings.


Game #5:   Brooks:3:00 pm (StewDoggz -W vs Nicklebee's)

StewDoggz 10 Nicklebee's 7
The StewDoggz rebounded from their first loss of the season by outlasting Nicklebee's in a game that was a bit of a snooze fest.  A six-run fifth inning for the 'Doggz blew this game open after both teams started slow.  The only significant offense to report for the StewDoggz was the "Freakshow" hitting his seventh home run of the season.  The "LivDogg" finished his second straight undefeated season on the mound.  He hasn't lost a game for the StewDoggz since the 2000 playoffs.  As for this lackluster game that was played on Sunday, my guess is these two teams are saving their best for the playoffs.


Game #6:  Brooks: 4:30 pm (Flakes vs RoadKill-W )

Also, Flakes lost to Road Kill yesterday by a score of 20-19.  I'm sure that
Road Kill will be sending in the highlights, if they haven't already.  They
took advantage of some bad walks and timely hitting in the bottom of the 7th
to overcome an 8 run deficit.

Playoff changes have been made please check the new times...playoffs begin this Sunday..Click here for the playoff schedule...