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RoadKill wins it all in 2001- defeating Nicklebee's in the best championship game..going 9 full innings...

Roadkill wins an all-time classic!!! Roadkill making their 4th finals appearance in their 7th year as a squad won two big games to win the title. The "Kill" who won the first game 8-5 had to regroup and beat a seasoned Nicklebee's squad a second time to win the title. Game two was a extra inning classic! It went 9 innings with key hits and defensive gems for both squads. Many club box fans along the left field sidelines called this the best finals in ML-softball history. Rusty Cahill pitched a great game holding the powerful offense of Nickel bees to 9 runs. Roadkill got plenty of big hits including a two run homerun from Mark "Cheapo" Petine and a triple from Steve Jones. In a classic 7th inning Roadkill scored two runs to take  the lead. In the bottom of the 7th Nicklebee's needed 1 run to tie the game. They had second and third with no outs and it looked like the Kill was in trouble, until a play that will be known only as the "throw". Tim Dean caught a fly ball in left and unleashed a bullet to home to just get a diving "Kells" for a double play. A clutch two out single tied the game. In the 9th inning Bob Miller and Fred Tucci led off with back to back singles and Coach Miller hit a ball deep to right center for a triple. Miller later scored on a sac fly from Bif Githens. Nicklebee's scored one in the bottom of the inning and the game finally ended with a 11-9 final. Kevin Ross was named the tournaments MVP and hosted a victory party long into the night.  Click here to see the expanded "kids" version............
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 2001 League Stats ( Teams and Players)    

2001 Standings

2001   Team   Record Season place Playoff record Overall record Final Standings
    StewDoggz   10-0 


2-0 12-2 3rd
    Lakes Flakes   7-3


1-1 9-5 4th
    Nicklebee's    7-3


2-0 10-5 2nd
    Road Kill    7-3 


1-1 11-4 1st








    Regulators   3-7 


2-1 5-9 6th
    Power Star    3-7  


0-2 3-9 8th
    Trailblazers   2-8


0-2 2-10 9th 
    Slugs   2-8 


1-2 3-10 7th

Individual players: Top players in each category....This stats section will only work if the information is called in to Brian  or E-mailed to this site. If not it will be removed.

2001 Player Stats-Season...playoffs not included

Players Bat. Avg.   Player.........Home Runs Player ......Home Runs
AB min of 23
1.  Brian Kerstetter 


  1. Dan Schaeffer...........5 2. Lane Lundberg........1
2. Dan Schaeffer        


  1. Alan Anton................3 2. Sean Pringle.............1
3. Greg Githens     


  2.  John Burger..............2 2. Kevin Ross..............1
4. Rob Weber          


  2. Chris Cavanaugh....1 2. Bob Roth.................1
5. Alan Anton            


  2. Mike Collins.......1 2. Jack Schaub...........1
6. Ernie Ley               


  2. Brian Kerstetter.....1 2. Ken Whittaker........1
7. Bryan Livingston 


  2. Bryan Livingston.......1 2. Tom Wiker..............1
8. Tom Cahill  


  Player - Doubles Player - Triples
9.  Tom Wiker            


  Lane Lundberg..............5 Many tied with 1
10. Brian Anton 


  Brian Anton.......3  
11. Lane Lundberg 


  The "K" List- including foul outs
12.Mike Collins         


  1.  Scott Kelly- Nicklebee's-1  


  2.  Wayne Wetterau-RoadKill-1  


  3.  Jim Githens-RoadKill-1  


  4.  Tom Wiker- Nicklebee's -1  


Highlights for weeks 1 and 2

Week # 1                    Weeks 3 & 4              Weeks 5 & 6             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9 & 10 

Opening Day !!!

Bye week for the Power Star

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon ( Slugs 14 vs. Regulators 10)

Ed Davis with strong pitching performance and key defensive plays late in game led Slugs to opening day victory.


Game #1  Brooks:  12:00 Noon ( Nicklebee's-6 vs. Lakes Flakes-5)- was postponed until a more  "sober" Flakes 4:00 PM start

After the first loss since 1999 Nicklebee's decided to win one against last years 2nd place team the Flakes.  The Flakes showed a full team including the new...T.J Long and John Savon.  Coach John Iadanza was heard saying that the Flakes had a Bob Roth wedding on Saturday night against them.  Tom "Coach"  Wiker  led the offence going 3-3 and scoring 2 of the 6 runs needed to beat the Flakes 6-5.  The Medford Lakes/Indiana relocation program brought in John Donahue who also hit well going 2-3 a run and a RBI.  Scott Kelly fresh off of the league's first "foul out" K- came back strong going 2-2.


Game #2:  Brooks: 1:30 pm ( RoadKill-8 vs. Nicklebee's-7)

Roadkill opened with an 8-7 victory over Nicklebee's. RK got a great pitched game from Rusty "ground rules" Cahill and some timely hitting to go with their solid defense. "Any time you can hold Nicklebee's to 7 runs you have a chance" coach Miller said after the game. It was an emotional day for Roadkill as one of the originals Dan "KOOK" Ross was not in the lineup for the first time in about 15 years. Dan decided to retire this year to spend more time with himself.

Tom Cahill and John Burger accounted for most of the hitting in a Nicklebee's opening season loss to Roadkill.  Although Roadkill went on to win a 7 inning thriller, fans were concerned about veteran pitcher Rusty Cahill's repeated outbursts after surrendering a towering Grand Slam home run to Nicklebee's' John "Nightstick" Burger.  Whiner Cahill, crying and throwing temper tantrums throughout the game, was able to gain his composure after Coach Miller gave Cahill his ba-ba and blanky.


Game #3:  Brooks: 3:00 pm (  Operators-2 vs. StewDoggz-17)

The StewDoggz came out hitting as they mercy-ruled the Operators on Opening Day 17-3.  The 'Doggz pounded out 21 hits and a team batting average of .656, despite zero (as in "schneid") production from the top two spots in the line-up.  Afterwards, the team got together and presented "J-Bones" Coughlin and Captain Kentrus each with a new pair of eyeglasses and gift certificates for three rounds in the cages at Grand Slam USA.  There was also serious talk of solving the problem by inverting the line-up.


Game #4:  Brooks: 4:30 pm (Trailblazers vs. Operators-Won)

( No information sent to web page)


Week # 2

Bye week for the Slugs

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon (  Operators vs. Regulators)   

( No information sent to web page)


Game #1  Brooks:  12:00 Noon ( Lakes Flakes 17 vs. RoadKill 7)

The Flakes beat Road Kill 17-7 Both games were total team efforts, however, the Road Kill game marked the debut of Bill Steffen, who responded with a 2 for 4 game and some solid score keeping.  


Game #2:  Brooks: 1:30 pm ( Power Star 4 vs. Lakes Flakes 14)

Also, for this weekend, the Flakes beat  Power Start 14-4.  Both games were total team efforts, The second game of the double header also marked the potential re-emergence of Tommy Roth as a premier hitter as he belted out 5 line drive hits on the day.


Game #3:  Brooks: 3:00 pm ( Nicklebee's vs. StewDoggz)

This game has been rescheduled for the July 15th weekend


Game #4:  Brooks: 4:30 pm ( StewDoggz vs. Trailblazers

The StewDoggz hit parade continued this week, as they beat the TrailBlazers 17-7.   Greg Githens and Brian "Bad Ass" Anton led the way each going 3 for 3, with Githens hitting a late triple (which would have been more impressive if he hadn't had to stop for an O2 break rounding second).  Bryan Livingston also pitched in (get it?) with four RBI's.  The 'Blazers showed some offensive spark by scoring four runs in the seventh against ace closer Dan "Where the hell's the plate??" Nixon.  After a rocky start, the Iceman settled in and shut the T-men down 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 etc. etc.


Highlights for weeks 3 and 4

Week # 3                  Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 5 & 6             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9 & 10 

Bye week for Operators

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon (  Lakes Flakes -15    vs. Regulators-3)   

( No information sent to web page)


Game #1  Brooks:  12:00 Noon RoadKill -11 vs. Power Star-5 )

RoadKill 11      Power Star 5


Game #2:  Brooks: 1:30 pm (  Trailblazers-6 vs. RoadKill 22)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #3:  Brooks: 3:00 pm ( Trailblazers 0 vs. StewDoggz 16)

The StewDoggz made it 3 in a row this week, beating the TrailBlazers for the second time in a row by the score of 16-0.   Bryan Livingston and "Freakshow" Clifford led the offensive juggernaut, Clifford going 3 for 3 with a double and Livingston going 2 for 3 with a home run and 4 RBIs. Brian "Bad Ass" Anton maintained his team-leading 4-digit batting average (of course, the slug took two walks to do it).  Team captain Scott Kentrus continues to stuggle at the plate;  we won't embarass the "K" man by saying just how bad, but does anybody have change for a buck and a quarter??


Game #4:  Brooks: 4:30 pm (  Nicklebee's -19  vs. Slugs-9)

Ernie Ley lead Nicklebee's to a 21-9 victory over the Slugs.  Nicklebee's returned in the 3rd week hitting Ernie Rob Weber and Lane combined for a combined 13-13 and 10 RBI's.  While George, the galloping ghost, Wiker continued his hitting streak. 


Week # 4 

Bye week for Trailblazers

Game #1:  12:00 Neeta: Noon (   RoadKill 7 vs. StewDoggz 8)

In what was probably the marquee game of the week, the StewDoggz remained undefeated by beating a tough RoadKill team by the score of 8-7 in eight innings.   Alan Anton tied the game with a clutch 3-run homer in the bottom of the seventh with two outs, beating Jimmy "BOIL" Githens to deep right-center field.  Craig Kenderdine delivered the game-winning hit in the bottom of the eighth with a single to left, driving in Aaron Harty from second with the winning run.  Harty also had a good game behind the plate, turning in two defensive gems, one of which saved a run by nailing a runner at home.
Brian "Bad Ass" Anton gave Dan "King of the Long Loud Out" Schaeffer some hope in their $500 bet to see who'll finish the season with a higher batting average.  Bad Ass (whose nickname, I'm told, has more to do with how it smells than anything else) took the collar in three trips to the plate.  He started the game batting 1.000, but since he only had six hits on the year, this week's schneid dropped his average lower than the Dow after a Wall Street bloodbath.  BA remains confident, though.  He figures that as long as the 'Doggz continue to play at Neeta, opposing outfielders will have plenty of room to camp under Schaeff's rainmaker pop-ups.


Game #1  Brooks:  12:00 Noon ( Nicklebee's 15 vs. Power Star 1)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #2:  Brooks: 1:30 pm ( Regulators 11 vs. Power Star 8)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #3:  Brooks: 3:00 pm ( Regulators 8 vs. Slugs 9)

Playing with a full compliment of 11 for the first time this season the Slugs edged the Regulators 9-8 to move to 2-1.  A team veteran claimed this is the first time in quite a while this team has won 2 games in a season. Rick Ross went 3-4 to lead the offense. Great team defense behind the pitching of Ed Davis kept the Slugs in the game. Gene Gerber delivered the game winning hit with the bases loaded and 1 out in the bottom of the seventh.

( No information sent to web page)


Game #4:  Brooks: 4:30 pm (Operators-2 vs. Lakes Flakes -6)

( No information sent to web page)


Highlights for weeks 5 and 6

Week # 5                    Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9 & 10 

Bye week for the Regulators

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon ( Lakes Flakes -6 vs. StewDoggz-8)

The StewDoggz continued their winning ways this week by edging out the Lakes Flakes 8-6.  An all-around team effort was capped off by Mike Collins driving in Dan Nixon for the winning run with a long triple.  Despite BA's 2-for-3 day, "Bad Ass" Anton and "King" Schaeffer are dead-even in their $5000 bet for team average, both cruising at an altitude of .667.  More news-worthy though, is the fact that Captain "K" has finally climbed north of the Mendoza line.  The word on the street is that he's not going to push his luck and will sit himself for the rest of the regular season.


Game #1  Brooks:  12:00 Noon ( Power Star 15 vs. Trailblazers 16)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #2:  Brooks: 1:30 pm ( Operators -W vs. Trailblazers)

( No information sent to web page)



Game #3:  Brooks: 3:00 pm ( Slugs -2 vs. RoadKill-5)

RoadKill squeaked out a win over the Slugs, highlighted by Kevin Ross's 2 run Home Run.



Game #4:  Brooks: 4:30 pm ( Nicklebee's -5 vs. RoadKill-0)

Nicklebee's took Roadkill for a two hit shutout 5-0.  Roadkill was shutout for the first time in its franchise history.  This coming after a 8-6 win over the Slugs just a game before.  Nicklebee's Tom Donahue hit a two run double in the 6th to seal the win.  Ernie Ley batting a team high .692 also recorded a two hit shutout including a looking "K"  from Wayne Wetterau....

Week # 6    Rain Out weekend for all teams.  Please re-schedule ASAP and e-mail the site so that it can be posted.  This will reduce problems of available fields...and time slots.

Bye week for the StewDoggz

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon ( RoadKill 12 vs. Operators 6)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #1  Brooks:  12:00 Noon ( Power Star 6 vs. Slugs  3)

Powerstar finally gets the monkey off of their backs by winning their first game of the season.  In a well played game by both teams Powerstar emerged with a victory by a score of 6 to 3 partially due to a wonderful debut pitching performance by All-Star Candidate Gary McGeever. 


Game #2:  Brooks: 1:30 pm ( Trailblazers W vs. Slugs)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #3:  Brooks: 3:00 pm ( Lakes Flakes 11 vs. Nicklebee's 9)

Flakes came to play when they stopped Nicklebee's with a come from behind win.  Chris Cavanaugh and Bob Roth contributed the "long ball hits"  to complete the win. Flakes move into 2nd place and will hold that place if they win the remaining games.


Game #4:  Brooks: 4:30 pm (Regulators 10 vs. Nicklebee's 20)- Played Saturday night- July 14th

Lane Lundberg and John Berger led the offensive run with Nicklebee's coming out on top 20-10.  Lane went 4-4 and John Burger went 4-6 with a HR.  A special note that Joe Clementi returned to the line up after a lengthy overseas run with the Asian Wong Hung Lo softball All-Star team.


Highlights for weeks 7 and 8

Week # 7                   Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 5 & 6            Weeks 9 & 10 

Bye week for the Nicklebee's

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon ( Regulators vs. Trailblazers)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #1  Brooks:  12:00 Noon (  RoadKill  9 vs. Lakes Flakes 5)

Game Highlights- Roadkill with a big win against the Flakes 9-5. A very
good pitched game by R. Cahill, very solid defense and timely hitting got
Roadkill back on the winning side of a big ballgame. R. Cahill and Kevin
Ross both went 3-3 and Rusty had 3 runs scored. Coach Miller was very happy
with the effort. "We still are not hitting like we can, but we got hits at
the right time and played some very good defense." I am still moving the
lineup around, trying to get guys hot and to find the right combination. We
did keep our 4 game streak of at least a "case" fine alive as Tim Dean
popped out to the catcher.


Game #2:  Brooks: 1:30 pm ( Slugs 0 vs. Lakes Flakes 9)


Game #3:  Brooks: 3:00 pm ( StewDoggz Win by forfeit  vs. Operators)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #4:  Brooks: 4:30 pm ( StewDoggz 26 vs. Power Star  3 )

... except afterwards, when a certain unnamed captain of another team (who also happen to have orange and black in their team shirts) told several members of the StewDoggz not to get too excited over their win, and that they'd better save it for the playoffs.  All we've got to say is:  if you've got any doubts as to who the better team is, John (damn!), please refer to the web-site for Week 5 highlights.


Week # 8

Bye week for the RoadKill

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon ( StewDoggz  14 vs. Regulators 0)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #1  Brooks:  12:00 Noon (Operators  8 vs. Nicklebee's  22)

Rob Weber and Jack Schaub of Nicklebee's helped beat the Operators with the bat and glove..to a 22-8 victory.  Tom Wiker got some "Ink"  with a Home Run, while Scott Kelly and Tom Donahue hit in the RBI's.  Tony DiLoreto "Rookie of the Year"  candidate played an excellent 1st base.


Game #2:  Brooks: 1:30 pm ( Slugs vs. Operators)

( No information sent to web page)



Game #3:  Brooks: 3:00 pm (Slugs 8 vs. Power Star 9)

Powerstar started slow falling behind 8-0 to the Slugs through four innings.
Powerstar's bats finally came to life in the bottom of the fifth scoring
five runs.  Good defense in the top of the sixth allowing no runs put
Powerstar in the rally seat scoring four more runs leading to the come back


Game #4:   Brooks: 4:30 pm (Lakes Flakes vs. Trailblazers)

( No information sent to web page)


Highlights for week 9

Week # 9                  Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 5 & 6            Weeks 7 & 8 

Bye week for Lakes Flakes

Game #1:  Neeta: 12:00 Noon (StewDoggz  W vs. Slugs)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #1  Brooks:  12:00 Noon ( Trailblazers vs. Nicklebee's- W)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #2:   Brooks:1:30 pm (Power Star  18 vs. Operators 15)

Powerstar got off to a quick lead 11-5 through four innings but the
Operators rallied in the fifth to tie the game at 12.  Powerstar scored 6
more runs and allowed only 3 more to get the victory.


Game #3:   Brooks:3:00 pm (Power Star  1 vs. Regulators 8)

After fighting the good fight in game one Powerstar ran out of offensive
firepower against the Regulators.  Possibly we may get a chance at final
redemption in the playoffs against the team that formed by breaking away from
us two seasons ago.


Game #4:  Brooks: 4:30 pm ( Regulators vs. RoadKill)

( No information sent to web page)


The final weekend will be the following Saturday and Sunday July 28th and 29th...with the final game or games played on Sunday July 29th at 10:30 and 12:00 noon-if necessary.

   Sunday July 22- Completed     Saturday, July 28         Sunday, July 29   
  Time     Brooks     Neeta        Time     Brooks      Time    Brooks
 10:30   G-2 (#7-PowerStar vs #2-Flakes-W 18-10)    G-1 ( #9-Slugs-W 18-3 vs #8- Trailblazers )      10:30   Game 11 ( W9-Regulators vs L8-
RoadKill-W )
    10:30   Game 16 (Nicklebee's vs RoadKill -W)
 12:00   G-4 ( #5-Operators vs #4-RoadKill-W 22-5 )   G-3 (#6-Regulators vs # 3-Nicklebee's-W 8-7)      12:00   Game 12 ( L7-Flakes -W vs W10-Operators )      12:00   Game 17- (Nicklebee's vs RoadKill -W)
   1:30   G-5 ( W1-(Slugs) vs #1-StewDoggz W 20-5 )    G-6 (L1-Trailblazers vs L4-Operators-W )       1:30  Game 13 ( W8-StewDoggz vs W7-Nicklebee's-W )      
   3:00   G- 7 ( W2-Flakes vsW3-Nicklebee's-W 22-9)   G-8 ( W5StewDoggz-W vs W4-RoadKill )       3:00   Game 14  (RoadKill  W vs Flakes-)      
   4:30   G- 9 (L2-PowerStar vs L3-Regulators-W 12-3 )   G-10 ( W6-Operators -W vs L5 Slugs )       4:30   Game 15 ( Stewdoggz vs RoadKill -W )      

Home team is the team with the better record in the regular season...

NO back-door rule will apply.  The "Mercy rule" is not in effect during the playoffs.

This double elimination tournament bracketing came directly from a tournament playoff book....

 Medford Lakes Men's Softball League 2001 Award Winners  

All Star Award Winners 2001

Coaches: Rusty Cahill & Chris Cavanaugh  
Pitcher 1/B or Catcher Infield Infield Infield Infield Infield
Bryan Livingston  Shawn Pringle  Jim Shinski  Kevin Ross  Rob Weber   Frank Martinez Drew Wagner 
Rusty Cahill Dan Schaeffer  Brian Kerstetter Mark Christensen Ernie Ley/Pitcher Brian Coskery/Pitcher Tom Donahue
 Outfielders   Outfielders  Outfielders   Outfielders   Outfielders   Outfielders 
Ross Stearn Chris Cavanaugh  Brad Mauger Chris Shultz  Brian Anton   Gary McGeever /Pitcher
Rick Ross John Savon Alan Anton Ralph Vanaman 



* The captains should use the players on the alternates list only to replace a player on the regular roster who canít make the All-Star game. The captains are not expected to "work them in" throughout the course of the game.


The Alternate players are available if any of the above players are unable to make the game.  Captains...may want to obtain one or more of the other teams alternate players...If so... have fun...make a deal.

1. Tom Roth       Outfield
2. Bob Roth      Outfield
3.  Pete Amodeo       Pitcher
4.  Rich Ross      Infield
5.  Pete Bisconte      Outfield
6. Brian Samelson       1B/ C
7.  Gene Gerber      Outfield
8.  Wayne Wetterau       Infield
9.  Jack Schaub


10. Lane Lundberg



Hall of Fame inductee for 2001- R. Thomas Donahue 

Golden Glove: Top 5 fielders in the league.

Player Team
1.  Drew Wagner  Lakes Flakes
2.  Mike Collins Stew Doggz
3.  Jack Schaub Nicklebee's
4.  Brad Mauger  Trailblazers
5.  Kevin Ross RoadKill

Kevin Ross 2001 MVP


Golden Glove & Cy Young winners 2001

Shown here:  L to R  Kevin Ross, Drew Wagner, Mike Collins, Jack Schaub and Pete Amodeo..Not shown Ralph Vanaman (Rookie of the year) and Brad Mauger ( Golden Glover)

Cy Young: Top pitcher in the league

Pete Amodeo- Operators

more recent picture to follow....

2001 Cy Young winner is Pete Amodeo

2001 Rookie of the Year- Ralph Vanaman





2001 Season Hr Derby Contestants- 15 players will be in the HR Derby.

1. Tom Wiker-3 10. Chris Cavanaugh-10
2. Jack Schaub-4 11. Chet Beaston-3

3. Rick Clifford- 

12. Bill Hedendorf-2
4. Drew Wagner-2  13. Mike Collins-4
5. John Burger- 14. Dan Schaeffer-7
6. Bob Roth-7 15. Mark Pettine-3
7.  Tom Roth-1 16.  Steve Jones-2
8. Bill Steffan-2  
9. Mark Pettine-2  

First Round winners:

1.  Chris Cavanaugh-10  3. Dan Schaeffer-7  5. Jack Schaub-4
2. Bob Roth- 7 4. Mike Collins-4  

Home Run Derby players final standings-after final round

1. Jack Schaub-5  3. Dan Schaeffer-3  5. Chris Cavanaugh-2 
2. Bob Roth-4 4.  Mike Collins-3  

Jack Schaub is the 2001 Home Run Derby winner


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