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 2000 League Stats ( Teams and Players)-1    

Nicklebee's are the Champions of the Medford Lakes 2000 Season 



The Sunday match-up between Nicklebee's and the Lakes Flakes was welcomed by both teams for the finals.  The league MVP..Ernie Ley pitched excellent.. in a 9-2 win.  Coach Tom Wiker kept the team on an offensive track over the last games of the season and through the playoffs.  Both Tom Wiker and Jack Schaub led the offense matching  11-14 (.786) and each with 6 HR's.  Lane Lundberg added 2 Hr's and 8 RBI's in the playoff games.  John Donahue also came to play hitting .600 in his final weekend.  Nicklebee's went undefeated throughout the year and playoffs earning them a 12-0 record for the 2000 Season. (Click here for full page picture)
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2000 Final Standings

2000   Team   Record   Playoff record Overall record
1st Place   Nicklebee's   8-0   4-0 12-0
2nd Place   Lakes Flakes   6-2   3-2 9-4
3rd Place   Road Kill   7-1   3-2 10-3
4th Place   Operators    4-4    2-2 6-6
5th Place  







6th Place   Trailblazers   2-6   1-2 3-8
7th Place   Regulators    3-5   0-2 3-7
8th Place   Slugs   1-7   1-2 1-10
9th Place   Hot Shots   0-8   0-2 0-10

Individual players: Top players in each category....This stats section will only work if the information is called in to Dan  or E-mailed to this site. If not it will be removed/

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 Click here to see the Award winners for 2000   Click here to see All-Star pictures
Click here to see remaining pictures taken during the Sunday Party


2000 Player Stats-Season...playoffs not included

Player-not in order Bat. Avg.   Player.........Home Runs Player ......Home Runs
AB min of 16
1.  Bob Strathers


  1. John Burger............8 3.  Tom Wiker...............3
2. Dan Schaeffer 


  2. Dan Schaeffer...........5 4. Bob Roth.................3
3. Kevin Ross 


  2. Jack Schaub..............4 4. T.J Long.................3
4. Ernie Ley


  2.  Brett Summerville.....4  
5. Mark Petine


  2. Chris Cavanaugh...........4  
6. Dan Nixon


  Player - Doubles Player - Triples
7. Jared Caughlin


  1. Tom Donahue.......................5  Many tied with 1
8. Greg Githens


      Ray Mellady........................5  
9. Scott Kentrus 


     Ken Whittaker.....................5  
10. Mark Christensen


    6 others tied with 4 doubles  
10. Ed Davis


  The "K" List
11.  Jack Schaub


  1.  Bob Neckelmann ( Operators)....2 Don Ferry (Operators)......1
12. Mark Matteson


  2.  Rich Ross  ( Operators)..............1 Tom Wiker ( Nickelbee's)...1
13.  Tom Donahue


  3.  Mike Donnelly ( Hot Shots).......1  
14. Ken Whittaker


  4.  K-Mac ( RoadKill)......................1  

 Medford Lakes Men's Softball League 2000 Award Winners    

All Star Award Winners 2000

Coaches:  Tom Wiker and Brian Miller 
Teams Pitcher 1/B or Catcher 1/B or Catcher Infield Infield Infield Infield Infield
Odds Ernie Ley John Scullion Shawn Pringle Chris Cavanaugh Lane Lundberg Drew Wagner Jim Sullivan Brad Mauger
Evens Bryan Livingston Mark Matteson Dan Schaeffer John Burger Kevin Ross Scott Kentrus Mike O'Brian Ken Whittaker
 Teams    Outfielders   Outfielders  Outfielders   Outfielders   Outfielders   Outfielders 
Odds Jim Tarzy  John Savon  T.J. Long  Mark Christiansen    Dennis Staples   Gary McGeever  
Evens  Jack Schaub   Rusty Cahill    Jeff Fitzpatrick   Eric Howarth

Rick Ross

Pete Bisconte

* The captains should use the players on the alternates list only to replace a player on the regular roster who canít make the All-Star game. The captains are not expected to "work them in" throughout the course of the game.


The Alternate players are available if any of the above players are unable to make the Sunday afternoon game.  Captains...may want to obtain one or more of the other teams alternate players...If so... have fun...make a deal.

 Odds    Position               Evens   Position  
1. John Betts      Outfield   1. Mark Pettine     Outfield
2. Bob Roth      Outfield   2. Jim Githens    Outfield
3. John Iadanza       Pitcher   3.  Rick Clifford        1B/ C
4. Ross Stearns       Outfield   4. Jared Coughlin      Infield
5. Pete Amodeo       Pitcher   5. Dan Reardon       1B/ C
6. Bob Strathers      1B/ C   6. Ken Shugars      Outfield
7. Robert Ferenz       Outfield   7. Frank Martine       Infield
8. Mike Donelly       Pitcher   8. Ray Melleady      Infield
9. Dave Wasson       Pitcher      

Golden Glove: Top 5 fielders in the league.

2000 Golden Glove Winners

Player Team  
1. Tom Donahue   Nicklebee's   
2. Jack Schaub   Nicklebee's  
3. Chris Cavanaugh   Lakes Flakes   
4. Mark Christiansen   Trailblazers  
5. Mike Collins  Stew Doggz  

Cy Young: Top pitcher in the league

2000 Cy Young Winner is Dan Ross


2000 Rookie of the Year is Dan Schaeffer





2000 Season Hr Derby Contestants- 18 players were in the HR Derby

1. Brian Anton -1 10. Chris Cavanaugh-9 
2. Alan Anton  11. Tom Roth-4

3. Aaron Harty

12. Dan Reardon-5
4. Rick Clifford-3 13. Mark Pettine -2
5.  Lane Lundberg-1  14. Mike Collins -2
6.  Bob Roth-3 15. Dan Schaeffer -5
7. Brian Livingston-2  16. Jack Schaub-11
8. Tom Wiker -2 17. John Burger-3
9. Mark Matteson-1 18.  Kevin Ross -3

First Round winners:

1.  Jack Schaub-11  3. Dan Reardon-5  5.  Tom Roth-4
2. Chris Cavanaugh-9  4. Dan Schaeffer-5  

Home Run Derby players final standings-after final round

1. Chris Cavanaugh-6  3. Dan Reardon-3  5. Tom Roth-1
2.  Jack Schaub-4 3. Dan Schaeffer-3   

2000 Home Run Derby winner is Chris Cavanaugh


Schedule for 2000    

  April 30 May 7   May 21   June 4 June 11 June 18 June 25   July 9 July 16
Noon Nicklebee's-12 Regulators   Lakes Flakes 18   Operators 13 Nicklebee's 6 Nicklebee's 37 Slugs 9   RoadKill 23 Trailblazers-W
  RoadKill-11 Slugs   Trailblazers 14    Slugs 4 Lakes Flakes 3 Hot Shots 6 Lakes Flakes 21   Trailblazers 11 Regulators-L
1:30 Hot Shots Operators-5   Hot Shots-1   RoadKill 13 Trailblazers 10 Slugs 25 Operators   Regulators 7 Slugs-W
  Regulators Nicklebee's-20   Operators -14   StewDoggz 12 Operators 21 Trailblazers 26 Regulators   StewDoggz 22 Hot Shots-L
3:00 Trailblazers-12 RoadKill-25   StewDoggz 28   Regulators 9 StewDoggz 31 RoadKill 6 StewDoggz 8   Nicklebee's 15 Lakes Flakes-12
  StewDoggz-27 Lakes Flakes-10   Slugs 2   Lakes Flakes 19 Hot Shots 9 Regulators 3 Nicklebee's 19   Slugs 10 StewDoggz-5
4:30 Lakes Flakes-21 Hot Shots-4   Nicklebee's 13   Trailblazers 4 RoadKill 14 StewDoggz -W Hot Shots 1   Lakes Flakes 23 Operators-L
  Operators-5 Trailblazers-10   Regulators 5   Nicklebee's 19 Slugs 8 Operators-L RoadKill 18   Hot Shots 3 RoadKill-W






Hot Shots


Lakes Flakes






Highlights for weeks 1 and 2

Week # 1                    Weeks 3 & 4              Weeks 5 & 6             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9 & 10 

Opening Day !!!

Bye week for the Slugs

Game #1:  12:00 Noon ( Nicklebee's-12 vs. RoadKill-11)

Game one of the season had the current champs Road Kill and Nicklebee's ( formally Sorino's).  Both teams were sporting new uniforms.  RoadKill jumped to an early 5-0 lead but Nicklebee's came back to win a close game 12-11. George "Gert"  Wiker, back from playing in a high profile league in Ireland, came up with key RBI hits to put Nicklebee's back on track.  Bob Schuck led the team in hits going 3 for 4.  Lane Lundberg and Tom Wiker hit Hr's.


Game #2:  1:30 pm ( Hot Shots vs. Regulators)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #3:  3:00 pm ( Trailblazers vs. StewDoggz)

( No information sent to web page)        StewDoggz beat the 'Blazers 27-12.


Game #4:  4:30 pm (Lakes Flakes vs. Operators)

The Operators couldn't have beaten the Firemen Sunday. The Flakes 15 runned  the Operator's in the sixth inning. No player had more than 2 at bats and Bob Neckelmann, getting the league's first of the year, will be buying the first case of beer with a backward "K".


Week # 2

Bye week for the StewDoggz

Game #1:  12:00 Noon ( Regulators vs. Slugs)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #2:  1:30 pm ( Operators vs. Nicklebee's)

Nicklebee's dominated the offensively troubled Operator's 20-5.  Nicklebee's young 28 year old "Rookie"  Scott Kelly went 4-4 as did John ( head first slide) Donahue.  Lane "Bam Bam" Lundberg and John "Night Stick" Burger ( Grand -Slam),   both went yard.  The Operator's Captain Rich Ross had a difficult time at the plate on Sunday leaving with a "K"


Game #3:  3:00 pm ( RoadKill vs. Lakes Flakes)

Road Kill beat the Flakes 25-10 yesterday. Bob Roth hit 2 Hr's one a grand slam. The Flakes were so undermanned that I got to catch for them for a few innings.  Apparently J. Iadanza had Flyers tickets and a couple of their other guys pulled a no-show.
Road Kill got production from Rusty Cahill (3 for 4), Kevin Ross (5 for 5), Mark Matteson (4 for 5) and Steve Jones (4 for 5 with a HR).


Game #4:  4:30 pm (Hot Shots vs. Trailblazers)

Trailblazers beat the Hot Shots 10-4.  Bob Stathers was 3-3 2 doubles, 1 triple. Batting.883.  Mark Christensen 2-3 1 triple .714. Umpire Jim Sullivan prevented an inside the park HR by Dennis Gregory by impersonating a tree.  He blocked the path and the plate. To make matters worse he then blew the next play calling Dennis out at the plate.  All TB opponents should beg for Jim to UMP.


Highlights for weeks 3 and 4

Week # 3                  Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 5 & 6             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9 & 10 

Bye week for RoadKill

Game #1:  12:00 Noon ( Lakes Flakes vs. Trailblazers)   

Rainout- All rainout games are the teams responsibility to re-schedule

( No information sent to web page)


Game #2:  1:30 pm ( Hot Shots vs. Operators)

Rainout- All rainout games are the teams responsibility to re-schedule

( No information sent to web page)


Game #3:  3:00 pm ( StewDoggz vs. Slugs)

Dan Nixon and Jared Coughlin went 5 for 5, Dan Schaeffer went 4 for 4 and Brian Livingston went 3 for 3.  Coughlin has 2 doubles and a triple; Dan Nixon had 5 RBI's while the Doggz beat the Slugs 28-2


Game #4:  4:30 pm (Nicklebee's vs. Regulators)

Nicklebee's finally got together to play the make-up game against the Regulators on Friday night July 7th.  Nickelbee's came out strong in the first two innings to a 11-1 lead.  Joe Clementi was the defensive star of the game with three put outs at the plate.  Nicklebee's were held to only 13 runs against the Regulators great pitching by Brian Coskrey.  John Burger continued his HR per game rate with his league leading 6th HR.


Week # 4 

Bye week for Hot Shots

Game #1:  12:00 Noon ( Operators vs. Slugs)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #2:  1:30 pm ( RoadKill vs. StewDoggz)

RoadKill  beat a good Stew Doggz team 14-11. Kevin Ross went 4-4(on a 9-9 streak). Mark Matteson went 3-4 and Wayne Wetterau went 3-4 despite taking a bad hop ground ball off his nose. K-mac got
caught looking at a called 3rd strike (cant wait for the cold ones next week).


Game #3:  3:00 pm ( Regulators vs. Lakes Flakes)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #4:  4:30 pm (Trailblazers vs. Nicklebee's)

Nicklebee's continued their un-beaten streak  notching another win over the Trailblazers 19-4.  Ernie " Rag Top" Ley started the game with a well long placed HR into right center.  Rookie Tom Cahill showed he could hit the ball getting 2 key hits against the Blazers as the right field crowd chanted "Ca-hill".  John Burger and Jack Schaub both contributed to the runs hitting 2HR's each.  Nickelbee's strict team rules have again voted beer fines of over 3 cases.  Iron-man John Betts going 4-4 was found soon after the win shooting hoops with the boyz.


Highlights for weeks 5 and 6

Week # 5                    Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 7 & 8            Weeks 9 & 10 

Bye week for the Regulators

Game #1:  12:00 Noon ( Nicklebee's vs. Lakes Flakes)

George Wiker leads off with a single to start a seventh inning rally  breaking a three/three tie.  Iadanza, frustrated with another loss to his nemesis resorts to vulgarities directed at the coach of Nicklebee's.  Ernie Ley continues his push for his first batting title.  Tomahawk guns down Scott from the Flakes, at third to end a potential Flakes sixth inning rally.  Bob Roth keeps the Flakes in the game with outstanding defensive plays in the outfield.  Bob Roth made the game interesting with an at-bat in the bottom of the 7th , 2 outs and bases loaded-down 3 runs.  1st swing was...long enough to win...but foul.  Game ended on a pop up to third base.


Game #2:  1:30 pm ( Trailblazers vs. Operators)

The Operators dominated the trailblazers in a 21-10 victory ( exact numbers are not confirmed)

Operators led by T.J Long ( 2 H.R.s- highlighted on the main page-see picture) ran away with an offensive showing. The Operators came out of their shell for the first time this season.  Don Ferry- also highlighted on the main page- please see picture, hit ...and missed the ball.  Rumor was that the three missed swings were heat related.


Game #3:  3:00 pm ( StewDoggz vs. Hot Shots)

StewDoggz 31  Hot Shots 9  (four innings)
The Stew Doggz dominated the game from the long first 16 run inning. The Hot Shots kept their usually good moral and pressed on.  In the second inning a anonymous player was asked to play ( by both teams to even the lopsided game) The player was able to add some life to the Hot shots game going 2-2 with 2 HR's -one a grand slam-before having to leave ) Dan Schaeffer and Rick Clifford went 4 for 4, Scott Kentrus and Jared Coughlin went 3 for 3.  HR's by Dan Schaeffer, Brett Summerville and Rick Clifford.


Game #4:  4:30 pm ( RoadKill vs. Slugs)

Roadkill beat the Slugs 14-8 in a sloppy game. Coach Miller is not sure if it
was the extreme heat or the pregame picnic at the Matteson household. R. Cahill
went 3-3, Kevin Ross stayed hot going 2-3 with his 1st home run of the year and
Biff still has his speed going 2-2 with 2 doubles.

Week # 6

Bye week for the Lakes Flakes

Game #1:  12:00 Noon (Nicklebee's vs. Hot Shots)

Nicklebee's came out hitting in a 37-6 win over the Hot Shots. John Burger, Tom Donahue and Tom Wiker lead the team each going 5-6.  Tom Wiker, John Burger and Jack Schaub contributed for 5 HR's.  Bob Schuck and Rob Weber played great defense in the infield. Nicklebee's are looking forward to next weeks game against the Stew Doggz. 


Game #2:  1:30 pm ( Slugs vs. Trailblazers)

The TBlazers did beat the Slugs 26-25 with Bob Stathers recording his 6th hit
of the game, a bases loaded double in the bottom of the 7th.  He also had a
HR.  Dennis Gregory and Brad Mauger were stellar at 3B and SS.


Game #3:  3:00 pm (RoadKill vs. Regulators)

Road Kill posted a 6-3 win in a 6 inning game against the Regulators


Game #4:  4:30 pm (StewDoggz vs. Operators)

The StewDoggz halted an early game in the bottom of the fourth due to rain and lightning  The game will be resumed at another time  Game was StewDoggz 12 Operators 6.


Highlights for weeks 7 and 8

Week # 7                   Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 5 & 6            Weeks 9 & 10 

Bye week for the Trailblazers

Game #1:  12:00 Noon ( Slugs vs. Lakes Flakes)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #2:  1:30 pm (Operators vs. Regulators)

( No information sent to web page)


Game #3:  3:00 pm ( StewDoggz vs. Nicklebee's)

In a game in which six cases of beer  were at stake, Nicklebee's and the young, but courageous Stew Doggz played a close three innings until Nicklebee's blew the game open.  Although Tom Wiker, Lane Lundberg and Scott Kelly took the clutch for the day (combined 0 for 11), the rest of the team picked up the slack and stuck it to the self-proclaimed "Orange-Crush". Clearly, Sunday's performance by the Doggz reaffirms that athleticism and talk don't win you big  ball games.  The Gritty Veteran Nicklebee's team, most of whom were feeling no pain due to a two hour, pregame stint at the Coach's house, pounded out hit after hit while the Crush looked on in amazement.   After the loss, the Doggz came up short on the bet, and did not come through with the cases.  The Doggz then dug themselves into a deeper hole losing a double or nothing bet to Nicklebee's of match play golf at Brooks Field late into Sunday evening.  They're now in the hole for 12 cases to their heroes!  Dan Schaeffer was the lone bright spot for the "Doggz", going 3 for 3 with two Monster HR's and 3 RBI's


Game #4:  4:30 pm ( Hot Shots vs. RoadKill)

RoadKill beat the Hot Shots 18-1


Week # 8

Bye week for the Operators

Game #1:  12:00 Noon ( RoadKill vs. Trailblazers)

Today we beat the Trailblazers 23-11. Jim Shinskie, Bob Miller, Steve Jones and Jim Githens all went 3-4. Roadkill played with a brand new infield Kevin Ross and Wayne Wetterau were on a leave of absence. Mark Matteson and Ray Pancoast held down third base, Jim Shinskie played a stellar shortstop and Coach Miller came out from behind the dish to play second.


Game #2:  1:30 pm ( Regulators vs. StewDoggz)

StewDoggz 22  Regulators 7 (five innings)
The Brothers Anton provided the offensive spark for the 'Doggz, both posting a perfect 4 for 4 day. Alan had two doubles and a HR (just missing a second one by inches out in right field), while Brian kicked in 3 RBI's.  Also banging out dingers were Dan Schaeffer and Mike Collins.


( No information sent to web page)


Game #3:  3:00 pm (Nicklebee's vs. Slugs)

Slugs had a good game today against Nicklebee's today but lost 15-10.  I don't think they were ever really worried, they knew we were on the field at least. Slugs are gearing up for the playoffs... "Bring it on!" ...  
For the Slugs... Mark Ansberry had a good day  3/3  2runs  1 RBI  and Brian Samelson was 2/2   1 run 2rbi.
 Bill Rentel 2/3  1 run 3 RBI's  hit a 3 run homer in the 2nd to give us the lead (temporarily).  Coach  Tom Wiker struck out (looking) and went 0 for 4.  Nickelbee's is developing a formula to quantify the amount of beer Wiker will owe for this performance.

Nicklebee's Tom "30 pack" Cahill won a tightly contested game MVP race with top notch defense and clutch hits throughout the game. Johnny Burger added to his league leading HR race with two long balls, while
Richy Lyon played his second game of the season with strong defense in right. 

Nicklebee's won a close, hard fought game against the Slugs who will likely be trouble for somebody in the playoffs. Johnny Betts was the second MVP after bringing out another round of his famous "chainsaw sandwiches" for his team mates who wrapped up the regular season with an undefeated record.


Game #4:  4:30 pm (Lakes Flakes vs. Hot Shots)

( No information sent to web page)


Highlights for week 9

Week # 9                  Weeks 1 & 2              Weeks 3 & 4             Weeks 5 & 6            Weeks 7 & 8 

Bye week for Nicklebee's

Game #1:  12:00 Noon ( Trailblazers vs. Regulators)

Tailblazers lost to the Regulators in a well played game.  The Regulators came to play.


Game #2:  1:30 pm ( Slugs vs. Hot Shots)

The game of the Titans---Slugs came out ahead


Game #3:  3:00 pm (Lakes Flakes vs. StewDoggz)

This game was the battle for 3rd place in the league.  The game was close until the 6th inning when the Flakes pulled away in a 12-5 win


Game #4:  4:30 pm (Operators vs. RoadKill)

The last game of the regular season found the Operators defeated by RoadKill.  The Operators had a busy day playing two other games before the 4:30 match up.


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