Medford Lakes Men's Softball Award Guidelines for:  HR Derby, All-Star voting, Golden Glove, Rookie, and Cy Young.

2018 Home Run Derby - rules and regulations.  

1998 was the 1st Annual- organized by Tom Wiker  


(Rules and regulations approved by Commissioner Kentrus…any gripes, complaints or SIVS see him)

1.  Each participant picks a number out of a hat to determine hitting order in the first round.  $10 per man; see the Pine Barron’s Eric Brady to register.

BALLS/BATS:  swing whatever double wall you want; no composites/painted Ultras etc.  Most will probably use PST’s so you’re good.  The league will not be buying brand new balls for this like in past years.  The balls will be used, but sorted prior to the event to ensure an even playing field.

2. The first 10 players to register are in; must cap the participation at 10 as the derby will be limited to about an hour in length.  PARTICPANTS MUST SUPPLY THEIR OWN PITCHER and provide their name upon registering (NOTE: Past HR derby champs get first who register are automatically in if there are more than 12…after that it is first come first served.

3. Group One ( hat picks #1 -5) will hit first // Group Two (hat picks 6 - 10 ) will take the field and collect balls

4. After Group One is finished each group will rotate to Group 2 batting and one will take field.  PLEASE TAKE THE FIELD AND ASSIST YOUR FELLOW PLAYERS.

5. If you don't qualify for remaining rounds you still have the responsibility to collect the balls in the field or street- so don't disappear.

First Round:

1. Into the street in the air in Left/ Left Center / Straight-away center- is a Home  Run  (Note: One judge will be placed in left field and have a pre-determined mark ( Same height as normal Home Run) that if a ball hits any of the trees at this location or higher will be deemed a Home Run.)

2. Into the woods in Right Field or over the drawn distance line in Straight Away Center or  Right Center field is a Home Run

3. Any Ground Ball, Foul Ball, Swing and Miss, Pop-up that does not reach either #1 or #2 above is an OUT.

4. We are using the foul poles to determine the baseline.

5. Each man gets 10 outs for the first round. There will not be a time limit; again, trying to limit it to only one hour.

7. Top 4 (Most Home Runs) advance to final round.  See tie breaker rules.

8. Due to time constraints, there will not be a second round. 

Final Round

1. Same as above No's 1,2,3,4 & 5.

2. Each player gets 5 outs.  Again, supply your own pitcher.

3. Person with the most runs in First Round can go either first or last. This will decide the order in the round. If he wants to bat first then order will follow by next highest total: first, second, third, fourth, & fifth, or vice versa if he wants to bat last then least amount of Home Runs first to most amount last.

4. Most Home Runs Wins. If there is a tie among the Finalists then each person alternates batting until a winner is determined.


1. Advancement to second/final round: If there is a tie in any of the top five spots, only the top five people advance.  (e.g. If you rank five but there are more than five people tied with more HR's ahead of you, YOUR OUT…no complaining will be tolerated!)

2. If top four people advance and there is a tie for fifth, the top four plus fifth place ties advance to second/final round.

3. Placement in the second/final round: If two people are tied with the same amount of Home Runs and definitely are confirmed to have qualified for the next round then a coin toss decides their respective placement.


All-Star, Cy Young and Golden Glove...etc. Award  Guidelines-2018

All-Star voting: -Each coach will be asked to give the Commissioner a list of their 3 best players.  7 teams will each have 3 players ( 11-12 players per team)- Coaches- the list needs to be completed and to the Commissioner by July 10th of the 2016 season.

Golden Glove, Rookie of the year, Cy Young and other awards for 2016

1. Handouts are E-mailed to each coach for all the players to chose: 1 Pitcher 1 Rookie and 2 Golden Glovers ( then a list for the golden glove winners will be handed out again to pick from- 5 winners will be picked from that list

2.  Coaches e-mail in the ballots by 2nd Sunday in July

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2018 Commissioner is Zach Crane